9 Best Free Shopify Themes Templates

Are you starting an eCommerce site or already have one, but need free Shopify themes templates? Free Shopify website themes will help turn website visitors into customers.

Shopify themes for free will cut down on the design time, while also keeping the costs low. You will be able to construct a modern, beautiful and professional site, without the cost associated with a customer design.

Using a free Shopify theme is a great way to access beautiful designs and intuitive functionality. A paid theme will not necessarily mean more conversions. Each theme comes in a different layout and style. Download Shopify themes free, and then customize them by changing things like the colors and fonts, to match your brand.

This could be saving anything from $500 to $10,000. Free Shopify themes templates is thus the way to go when you start your eCommerce store.

But before we look at the best Shopify themes for free, let’s look at what is Shopify for.

What Is Shopify For

If you have an online store, or need to create one, then I am sure you have heard of Shopify.

Shopify is the leading eCommerce platform. It is the best online store building platform, enabling entrepreneurs to create their own online stores, or drop-shipping business.

Shopify is very easy to use, so you can create your own online store, even if you do not have any experience. Shopify is the perfect solution for anyone that wants to run their own online store, without high financial costs and hassles.

One of the advantages of Shopify is the ready-made, beautiful free Shopify themes templates, that are available. You can download Shopify themes free, and we will look at the best Shopify themes for free below. Although you want an aesthetically pleasing site, you also want to sell your products. Therefore, it is important to choose a theme that is designed to convert and sell.

You want to convert your website visitors into customers.

The face of your brand is you online store. Your visitors should be encouraged to explore your products, while also feeling welcome. Before choosing your Shopify theme, let’s have a look at the features that free Shopify themes should have.

Checklist When Choosing Free Shopify Website Themes Templates

To help you find the best Shopify theme for your brand, you need to know what experience you would like to offer, the features you will need and understand who your target audience is.

The best Shopify themes for free, would suit the needs and aesthetics of you business, without breaking the bank.Debutify free Shopify themes templates

  • When choosing a theme, it has to be mobile friendly.
  • Check what your eCommerce store will look like on your mobile and tablet, before you launch your store.
  • Make sure your theme is SEO friendly. Most Shopify themes come with built-in SEO features that will help you to rank better.
  • Related product section works very well to lead visitors to other relevant products in your store.
  • Make sure your theme will look familiar to your shoppers.
  • Select a theme based on your budget.
  • Look for a lightweight Shopify theme that will load very quickly.
  • Validate your decision by looking at reviews about the theme.

Free themes can feel slightly limiting in terms of functionalities and design, but they offer good optimization options to create the look and feel for your online store. Let’s have a look at the best free Shopify website themes.

1. Debutify

Debutify is a free Shopify theme, specifically designed to boost conversions and therefore increase your sales. It has a clean and user-friendly interface and does not require any coding. Shopify a one-click theme, meaning you can install this theme without the need to be a coding pro.

Set up you eCommerce store with Debutify

Debutify calls itself the “highest converting free Shopify theme”. It has clean code, fast page loading speed and features that matter and make a difference.

Debutify is one of the best options for anyone that wants to start an online store without any hassles. The theme is fast, mobile friendly and responsive, and compatible with different browsers.

The theme comes with a dashboard that allows you to customize the site appearance of your store in real time. So download Shopify themes free and then personalize them.

Debutify is available in 20 languages and the built-in features include these:

  • Customizable layouts: you have full control over how your store looks and feels. There are many options in the dashboard to personalize your store, including 29 color palettes to choose from. You can create and edit your theme from the dashboard. Debutify will simultaneously show you what your store will look like on desktop and on mobile. That is pretty impressive.
  • A currency converter automatically detects the country of the buyer and converts your prices into the customer’s currency. Currency converter also has a multi-currency checkout, so your customers will have a choice of currencies in which to pay.
  • Product sliders to showcase featured products and help redirect customers to the desired pages. You can choose the number of products to show and decide if you want the auto play option or not, or arrows or dots. Debutify customizable slideshow The product slider will adapt itself to both desktop and mobile swipe.
  • Customizable slideshow: animations and videos are replacing traditional image galleries. Customize your product sliders with the fade-in animation feature and change how they appear on your site.
  • Customizable header and footer: choose between different variations, such as a sticky or transparent header, and how the interface changes when scrolling down the page. Your header can really impact the rest of your web page. The footer also has many options to customize it. You can include contact details, newsletter, links to social media, blogs or other menus.
  • Guarantee Bar: customers like to see if you offer any guarantees on your products or services. These could be offers on free shipping, your returns policy, or other promotions. There are more than a 1,000 icons to choose from, change the text and decide how they appear.
  • Product displays and descriptions. Debutify ensures that your products are displayed in the best possible way. To showcase your product collections, there are numerous layout and slider options. Product grids are also interactive, and you can choose between several modes of displaying images.
  • Product filters: Your customers can sort through products based on different filters. While searching, a row of related products can be featured to encourage them to browse more. Dynamic product recommendations and options to customize make the feature more lively.
  • Product testimonials: the best way to promote your products, is through reviews. The typical review section can be replaced with unique product testimonials. You can add icons and images and feature testimonials through sliders.

Using Debutify will guarantee that your online store stands out from a typical Shopify free theme. Debutify is the smart way to launch your eCommerce business. Create a conversion friendly store with Debutify high converting Shopify theme.

Many Shopify themes target one of two specific niches, whereas Debutify blends seamlessly with different business categories.

Whether you have a pet store or are selling organic clothing, Debutify can be your easiest choice. It allows users to customize settings, according to branding needs and the business. Debutify is also the perfect theme for building stores with huge inventories.

Try Debutify free

Debutify is a good-looking theme and the base version is free. For a free theme, it looks better than the free Shopify themes templates that are offered by Shopify themselves. Debutify theme immediately adds a professional look to your Shopify store.

You can read the full review on what is Debutify and the different plans that are available, in this post.

2. Minimal

Minimal is one of the free Shopify website themes with a simple and clean design. The mobile friendly design is endorsed by Shopify. The design is product focused, making it perfect for displaying high end merchandise.

There is a choice of 3 styles in the free version, Vintage, Modern and Style. Shopify a great theme for clothing and accessories, home and garden, or art and entertainment.

Free Shopify theme Minimal

All 3 themes have several features namely:

  • Slideshow: showcase multiple products with a slideshow on our home page. The beautiful slideshow supports large images of your best products. The slideshow on your home page gives your website visitors a solid introduction to your products, and also improves conversion.
  • Filtering: customers can filter by type, price and collection, through the products they are interested in. Thus, users can select to see a certain category, or only look at new releases or bestsellers for instance.
  • Image slider
  • Product image zoom: this is a brilliant tool to show detailed products, such as clothing. The zoom tool allows customers to look at fabric types and design details.
  • Homepage Video: add a video to your home page to explain the story and vision of your brand. High converting sites should have a video as standard. Homepage video connects to with either YouTube or Vimeo and introduces a new product or can tell a story.
  • Product recommendations: display products that you want to recommend, like new products, discounted products, etc.
  • Related products: this feature shows customers a list of upsells at the bottom of the page. It guides the customer through the buying process and helps with conversions.

Minimal is a clean and very simple design, so if you want something more elaborate, this theme is not for you. Not many style choices and some users prefer Shopify themes with more choices than just the 3 styles.

Shopify aimed at small inventory.

3. Debut

Debut is the perfect theme if you have a small product catalog. The website template is light, super fast and flows smoothly. Shopify for both mobile and desktop, which is better for user experience.

The beautifully designed Debut theme has a somewhat minimal design. It has an almost retro configuration, that looks similar to a regular website or blog.

The theme is completely responsive and customizable, with the option to move some modules around. So, download Shopify themes free and then customize it. Thus, you can either talk about your brand, or display your best products at the top of your homepage.

Free Shopify theme Debut

These are the main features:

  • Promotional banner at the top of your home page can promote discounts, latest sales or promotions.
  • Slideshow on the homepage also supports video, so you can switch between images and video when you create a story with your slideshow.
  • Home page video: you can feature a YouTube or Vimeo video to tell your story.
  • Product filtering to lead customers to specific product types or collections.
  • Predictive search: display live search results and quick links for products and store pages.
  • Product recommendations: on product pages you can showcase recommended products to increase exposure.
  • Debut theme includes customer testimonials. This can be used to increase conversions.
  • Pickup availability can show local customers where they can collect purchases

Debut is a super fast theme and easy to navigate. Shopify flexible enough to suit a broad range of stores, built for small catalogues.

4. Brooklyn

The Brooklyn theme has a mobile-first, responsive design approach, so you get good navigation even on a mobile device. Brooklyn is the perfect theme for a general web store. It has 2 styles: classic and playful.

  • Classic is more serious and ideal for modern apparel stores or any fashion store.
  • The playful style is more vibrant and colorful. Shopify more a niche version of Classic and great for kids and baby clothing or food retailers and bakeries.

The theme is very customizable and you can easily change the free Shopify themes templates to accommodate your personal needs and requirements. Shopify very fast, lightweight, optimized for mobile use and supported by the Shopify support team.

Free Shopify theme BrooklynFeatures include:

  • Header slideshow allows you to showcase multiple products towards the top of your homepage. The top full-screen slideshow is an eye-catching area to show product images.
  • Homepage video is included in the Brooklyn theme. Once a visitor arrives on your website, the video starts playing. This can help you to talk about your brand, or go through new products.
  • Dynamic product grid acts as a gallery for your most popular products.
  • Slide-out cart reminds the customer of the products they currently have in their cart. Customers also don’t have to go through numerous clicks to get to their shopping cart, thus improving the shopping experience. This could potentially give you higher conversion rates.

Brooklyn is perfect for smaller inventories and tailored for modern apparel stores with a focus on imagery.

5. Narrative

The name of the theme is a hint as to what the theme does best, namely showcasing single products through storytelling.

Narrative has multiple styles with different colors and is ideal for brand and product storytelling. Shopify ideal for small companies and startups, who are planning on having a small catalog. Shopify also a good solution for inventors who are only selling 1 or 2 products. Free Shopify theme NarrativeFeatures of the Shopify themes for free include:

  • Vertical slideshow give you the opportunity to showcase your products, regular images of blog posts.
  • The video feature has an auto replay function, and for those that want a better view, there is a full screen button.
  • Fixed navigation means the menu pops up when a visitor scrolls around the page. This leads them to the right buttons when they want to go elsewhere on your site.
  • Image blocks can be customized.
  • Full width layout means you can make the best use of large, high resolution product images.

Narrative is a very good theme for visual storytelling. You can customize everything from block quotes to images, to lead customers through your brand story.

This is a very good theme if you are only selling a small selection of products. Narrative works best for single products, where the features, benefits and highlights of a product can be displayed on a single page.

6. Simple

Simple is one of the minimalist free Shopify themes template which is clean and beautiful. It works for any niche or company that does not want a cluttered looking website. Shopify easy to set up, while offering basic functionalities.

There are 3 styles, light, beauty and toy. They all have lots of white space and a simple navigation experience.

Free Shopify theme SimpleFeatures include:

  • Sidebar menu features an accordion menu, so that customers can see all your products. A wide range of products can be consolidated into your sidebar, without taking up too much space. It can easily display items and collections.
  • Product image zoom gives customers a better view of the detail of your products.
  • Image animation function is a handy feature.
  • Product recommendations showcase recommended products on product pages, to increase the possibility of being found by shoppers.

Simple is a minimal clean design that puts your catalog at the center. It does not have a rich eye-catching color palette, but because of the simplicity, it looks good on all devices.

Useful theme if you have a “shop” page on your website, as it provides a huge product image display area.

7. Supply

Supply is made for online stores that sell a very large range of products. This Shopify theme is best for large inventory and multiple collections with over 5 collections, more than 50 products, or large menus.

Supply is similar to sites like Amazon, where you don’t have creative banner images, but go straight into product information. So, the homepage goes straight into the selling process with large galleries and collections.

There is a slideshow, so you can share some of your promotions. Colors include blue and light, which both look elegant and clean. Free Shopify theme Supply

Features include:

  • One of the features that stand out, is the multi-column menu. With this feature you can organize your website, while making it easy for visitors to navigate all the categories. You can also use the multi-column feature to feature specific products that you want to endorse with categories.
  • Lets you activate filters. Filtering is a huge part of the strategy, because of the large inventory. The filtering collection means anything from brand to price, can be filtered. Based on the uniqueness of your own brand, you can customize your filters. So, when you download shopify themes free, you can still personalize them.
  • Homepage includes several modules for building featured collections. So customers might only want to see men’s or women’s fashion, or a collection of your most popular products.
  • Slideshow runs automatically, flipping through banners. It supports high resolution images.

If you have a very large inventory and have a limited budget, then Supply could be a good choice.

8. Venture

Venture is a minimalist theme that has a clear outdoorsy vibe. The Venture theme is ideal for adventure sports and outdoor clothing and activities. The header module includes a large image, with overlaying text. So, you can talk about your brand or a promotion. This leads into your product categories or promotional and popular products.

The theme is for large product categories and is organized in beautiful image galleries and links. This free Shopify website themes are ideal for stores that frequently run promotions, discounts or sales on their products.

Free Shopify theme Venture

Venture is one of the free Shopify themes templates with the most features, and include these:

  • The navigation menu has the unique multi-column menu. The great thing about the multi-column menu is that with the links, you have much more product detail in the drop-down area. So, right from the menu, you can give customers more information about your products and images.
  • Slideshow is available on the homepage. Shopify a powerful tool where you can display all your promotions, and it also improves on the amount of product exposure you have. The slideshow can only be displayed on the homepage.
  • Solid product filtering, as well as a single featured product view.
  • Promotional banner is shown towards the top of your homepage. Shopify specifically designed for offering discounts to customers and promoting certain products. It highlights which products are on sale and the discounts that are available, through the promotional banner. So visitors are immediately prompted to buy.
  • Single featured products: promote a single product by featuring it in front and center on your home page.

Venture theme was built for Shopify drop shipping with large inventories. This is not a good theme if you have a small catalog with a few products.

9. Thalia

Thalia is a visually appealing free theme from Athemes. The minimalist design is perfect if you want a stylish fashion and apparel eCommerce store. It can though be customized to suit any type of eCommerce online store. Free Shopify theme Thalia

Thalia offers enough features without becoming overwhelming, and include these:

  • Responsive design to fit devices with different screen sizes. It includes a responsive slideshow.
  • Highly customizable and can easily control layout options, colors and typography.
  • Advance product filters: customize according to features and specifications of the product.
  • Navigation elements are flexible and include a top menu and as well as a side bar.
  • Clean code with a SEO optimized back end to drive organic traffic to your site.
  • Swatches for displaying product colors on a specific product page.
  • Supports a slide-out cart, powered by Ajax, so shoppers can always quickly access their cart, without leaving their page.

Thalia has a simple and straightforward design, so content can easily be skimmed through. Shopify very professional looking for a free theme, with many more features than any other Shopify themes for free.

Best Free Shopify Themes Templates

If you are just starting out and running your store on a tight budget, then Shopify themes for free are worth considering. Once you are making money, you can always upgrade to a paid theme to add more features.

  • Debutify is one of the most versatile free Shopify website themes. It has the most features and is suitable for any niche and catalog size.
  • Thalia has more features than many of the other free themes.
  • If you have a small inventory, then also look at Minimal, Debut and Brooklyn.
  • For very large catalogs, Supply and Venture could be good.

If you have any experience or questions about free Shopify themes templates, then please leave them below, and I will get back to you.

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  1. Right now I am thinking of starting an online store, and I know someone who might be interested. Starting out without that much money can be hard, so a free theme template is much helpful.

    I have not really read on Shopify that much but I have heard is on of the leading online stores out there. I hope to recommend it. 

    • Shopify is an eCommerce platform where you can host your online store. There are several themes that you can use to make your store look good, and these are some of the free Shopify website themes that you can choose. I hope it helps. 

  2. Hi, I had heard of Shopify before but had no idea what it stood for. But now I see that Shopify will greatly assist me in realizing my dream of opening an online store. I like how you said that it’s extremely simple to use and doesn’t require any prior knowledge.
    However, I would choose “Minimal.”Because it is a simple, clean, and mobile-friendly theme. As a newbie, I think this is the smartest thing I can do.

    Thank you very much.

    • Hi there, the themes are all suitable for beginners and to a certain extent your final choice will depend on the type of store and your catalog size. All the best, Liné

  3. Thanks for your article which comes at a perfect time! Honestly, I am currently wondering if I start an online business and here you come with Free Shopify Themes! Personally, I like Debutify, Thalia and Minimal. I like Minimal the most because it does not seem to take too much time to get a boutique ready-to-go. Thalia seems to be more adapted to fashion businesses to me. Anyway, I really like all these themes. Thanks.

    • Hi there, If you are looking at opening a fashion store, and all three themes that you mention will be good. Debutify is the most versatile and will still be good when you have grown your store into one with a large catalog. I hope it helps and all the best.

  4. This article provided valuable information on the versatility available from using free Shopify Themes.  If I had to choose a favourite it would be Debutify because of its Customizable Layouts as well as the Currency Converter feature given that I operate outside of the US.

    I have not actually set up a Shopify Store but it is something I am intending to do.  Reading your article gave me confidence that I could in fact have a high converting Store without the added upfront expense of purchasing a theme.  I like the option of being able to build cash reserves that can be used to reinvest into upgrades.

    I may have missed it but I don’t recall any mention of Debutify being able to display video or image animations.  Are these functions available with this particular theme?

  5. This a really great breakdown of Shopify themes. Very helpful. 

    I haven’t got experience with e-commerce sites at all but always wanted to give it a go. Maybe one day. Your article certainly makes the process of picking the right theme much easier. I know that themes change as time changes and new themes are released.

    I think the biggest con to using Shopify for me has always been the upfront cost. It would be better to be able to start for free and build a site to earn money before investing in the tool. Would you agree?

    • To be able to start with free Shopify website themes is the best way. Once your online store is generating income, you can invest in premium plans and more tools. 

  6. I have heard of Shopify but assumed it was something you added to your site like WooCommerce. I did not realise it was a set up that has its own themes.

    Perhaps that would be easier for an ecommerce store. I tried woocommerce but found it very complicated and ended up giving up on the whole idea. 

    Might be worth giving it another try with Shopify as I had found and signed up to a good UK supplier.

    Thank you for an interesting and informative post.

    • Shopify is for eCommerce and creating an online store, and indeed you can personalize your store with free Shopify themes. I am sure you will find it easy to customize your online store with these free themes. 

  7. Wow, these actually look pretty good. I was expecting a bit of a mediocre offerings, since it was free, but it seems like these will do just fine. Very attractive and professional looking.

    I’m very new to e-commerce, and shopify, so I’m needing all the help I can get. This went a long way.

    • There is certainly nothing mediocre with free Shopify themes templates, as I am sure you will find when you download Shopify themes free and customize them.

  8. Howdy Liné! Great post! The information in here has given me more reason to get this done as soon as possible! I have been considering getting A Theme template tho, just been a lil sluggish. Now I see the importance of themes cannot be over emphasized. They really do ensure automatic updates, so one can stay on top of best practices for technology, modern design standards, conversion, and SEO without even thinking about it or spending time on it.

    • The right theme can certainly make a big difference to the appearance of your online store. I am sure you will find the right one for your needs. All the best, Liné

  9. I’m thinking of starting an online store and I know someone who might be interested. Without so much money it can be hard so a free theme template is very helpful.

    I read about Shopify not so much, but I heard that it is one of the most important online stores. Now I can recommend it.
    It’s good that I came across something like this because I knew nothing more about online stores than generalities.
    Many times I have come across the term Shopify.
    As a beginner I would choose the Debutify theme, it is simple and clean.

    • Starting an online store with a free theme, is always good for the budget. I am sure you will like the Debutify theme and everything that it offers.

  10. Lovely themes there! I’ve drop shipped digital products and Debut has always been my go to theme. Venture could be something I’d consider if I try selling physical products related to outdoor gear. Hope business is going well for your shopify store Liné! Loved the tips you’ve given when it comes to choosing a theme too! 


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