Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program Review

Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program, also called the Click Empire Mastermind, is a Done For You online business and mentoring program. A proven model is used to set up websites to make money, with SEO content that is ready to go. Start a highly profitable online business and make money from clicking on ads on your website.

If you want to know how to get paid when people are clicking on ads on your website, then please read my honest thoughts about the program and the pros and cons. Find out for yourself if Joel Paterson’s program is overpriced or not.

I will start by reassuring you that this is a legal and legitimate source to make a passive income, and all the strategies that are advocated and used, are indeed legitimate.

Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program Review.

  • Product Name: Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program (The Click Empire Mastermind)
  • Owner / creator: Joel Peterson
  • Official Website:
  • Review Rating: 9.7 / 10
  • Price: $1,997 once off plus $197 per month

So it is an expensive program, but you are guaranteed to start earning money quickly and make a passive income. After all, success is an option for those that take action.

Product Overview The Click Empire Mastermind vision

Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program is a high quality product with a stylish design. It is a Done For You online business solution, with two websites that are set up to make money in proven profitable niches. The idea is with the core niche website that traffic is driven to, that people will click on ads, and then you make money from clicking on ads.

Some great features are the ease of downloading and the ability to produce instant results. It has a long shelf life, so it is a program that you can continue to benefit and earn from for many years.

You will be getting real value if you buy the Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program. It is the ideal option for somebody looking for excellent quality and you don’t need to be tech savvy.

Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program is a legitimate service and product and you will make a passive income with the Click Empire Mastermind program. It will cost you a fair amount of money, but for that you get two ready websites, from which you can earn money. You also get training and ongoing support.

Who is Joel Peterson?

Joel Peterson is a very real person who has a wife and six kids, yes six kids, and live in Utah and is know for his “Your escape the Rat Race Guide”.

Joel first discovered online marketing in 2004 and since then has taught thousands of people to escape the rate race. He has a very down to earth style and is very proud of his wife and their six kids and the time that they can spend together as a family.

The well respected marketing guru, Jim Cockrum, is praising his mini site formula.

The Thinking Behind Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program

Instant Publisher Biz model is also called Click Empire Mastermind. You must have a high value destination website and targeted traffic, to earn from it. Therefore, you must have profitable offers to be able to get results fast. Joel Peterson has a 4 step click money formula:

  1. High value destination website means they build a niche website. They pick the niche as it is super important that it must be a profitable niche. It needs to look good on computer, tablet, mobile phone as well. You need to be aware of trends in the market, and they know all about it.
  2. Drive traffic to your website and there are different ways:
    1. SEO and keywords – it takes time to get ranked, so it’s a long term solution.
    2. Social media traffic – viral type FB, Instagram, You Tube, twitter etc.
    3. Paid advertising from Google, Bing, Yahoo – so use arbitrage, you spend $1 to make back $2, $3, $5, $10 etc. so spend money to make money back.
  3. People click on ads on the website, so the position of ads are very important.
  4. As a result you make money from clicking on ads.

So this is the basic thinking behind the model. This is where you can watch the webinar about Instant Publisher Biz to see Joel Peterson explain it all to you about how he came up with the idea and developed the model.

How Does the Program Work?

Reliability and ease of use sets Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program apart from their competition. The design is simple and attractive, with regular email updates and 24/7 technical support, making it one of the best deals.

One of the most reliable ways to make a passive income online, is through a website. The approach of Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program is to target earning revenue through a website. So if you want to create a website and earn money through it, then Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program would be a good fit for you.

Start getting amazing results with Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program in a short period of time.

Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program reviewWhat Comes with the Program and What is Included?

The program has a lot to offer and this is what you will be getting.

1. Done For You Core Website

  • You will be provided with a core website in a proven profitable niche, that has been picked by Joel Peterson and his team. It takes Joel and his Click Empire Mastermind team 7 to 14 days to put together your core website.
  • The core website includes the domain name, design and layout. You are the owner of the domain name and the website.
  • To get you started, you will get 10 professionally written articles, with images, ready on the website. The ready-made content is written by professional copywriters.
  • The website is ready and AdSense and SEO compliant.
  • You get the core website 10 to 14 days after joining the Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program.
  • The core website is valued at $3,997.

2. Done For You Monthly Content

  • Every month you get 5 new professionally written articles for your website.
  • Access to monthly new social media posts to promote your site.
  • Training to create your own content, but also to outsource content writing.
  • Value is $397 / month. Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program review

3. Jumpstart Traffic

  • You get guaranteed traffic to your site to help you get started the right way.
  • Guaranteed monthly traffic.
  • Traffic is targeted to your niche, so it converts to clicks and profits.
  • Valued at $497 / month

4. Guaranteed Acceptance to Ad Accounts

  • Over the past more than twelve years, Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program has a 100% acceptance in the mastermind program to AdSense and Make money from clicking on adsThey have a special formula that will get your site accepted.
  • They guarantee that regardless of where you live, you will get an AdSense and / or account.
  • Even if you were turned down in the past or banned.
  • If you are not accepted the first time around, they will work with you until you do get approved.
  • Valued at $2,997

5. Additional Quick Method Mini Website

  • You get a Done For You Mini Site in addition to your core website for the quick method.
  • In this website you get a list of recommended niches and you select the niche yourself.
  • You get professionally written articles and everything is ready for you.
  • This site is delivered 7 to 10 days after your core website.
  • You receive training for generating traffic to the “mini site”.
  • Each mini site has the potential to become a profitable full-blown website on its own.
  • Value at $597
  • Additional mini sites can also be bought at $597, once you are up and running.

6. 8 Week Core Training Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program review

  • You will be walked through each step in the training sessions in an “over the shoulder” manner, so that you can make a passive income and profit as quickly as possible.
  • Designed to be run through an eight week period, but you can complete the 27 core components at your own speed, so you could complete it quicker.
  • The red-hot niches that you should be targeting, will be shared with you. This will vary according to the demographics of your area.
  • You will learn how to drive highly focused traffic to your website, at fractions of a cent.
  • In addition, you will also learn free traffic strategies.
  • You will be taught where to place your ads and affiliate offers to maximize your profits, as the positioning makes a huge difference.
  • This is your blueprint to success.
  • The value of this is $4,997.

7. Done For You Set-up and Management

  • Joel and his Click Empire Mastermind team take care of all the technical stuff.
  • The site will be managed by the team, so they keep it secure and backed up and do the troubleshooting.
  • The team will help you to position your offers and ads in the right places to maximize your profits.
  • They purchase all the software and plugins that you require.
  • Value of this is $1,997

8. Tools and Templates

  • Content tools that are trending,Make money from clicking on ads so you always find the most profitable content to share on your site.
  • Red Light / Green Light tracker is a system whereby Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program will know if a potential profit stream is going to be a winner and therefor should you scale it or not.
  • You are supplied with social media posts that are ready for you to publish.
  • You also get videos that are ready for you to use and drive traffic to your site and build an audience. These videos are already proven winners, so will save you a lot of time and money.
  • Valued at $1,997

9. Live Mastermind Sessions

  • You will have access to webinars that are held 2 or 3 times per month, and sometimes more, which are live mastermind sessions. The webinars focus on site strategies and current traffic.
  • In case you cannot attend the live session, the sessions are all recorded so you can watch it again.
  • This is an opportunity to submit questions and all the questions are always answered.
  • Share and learn from other mastermind members. Some of the biggest breakthroughs have come from these mastermind sessions.
  • Valued at $1,997

10. Private Mastermind Forums

  • Experts are available in the private mastermind forums to answer any questions.
  • Share and learn from others who are doing the same thing and making money.
  • It is a real forum, so it is organized, unlike a Facebook group. The Click Empire Mastermind support
  • Valued at $997.

11. Ongoing Coaching and Support

  • Joel Peterson will personally provide you with coaching and support, together with his team.
  • If you get stuck, they are there to help and support you.
  • Value is $2,997

12. Guarantee to sell your site for 5 Times the Amount

  • Your website, from the time that you get them, is worth a lot of money. Once a site is generating income, the normal selling price is five times the annual profit.
  • If after one year, your site has a profit of at least $10,000, Joel Peterson will personally buy your site for five times the annual profit, so $50,000.
  • Alternatively, if he does not buy it himself, he will help you find someone who will buy the site.

Glowing testimonial are available on this site and this is where you can see them all, just scroll to the bottom of the page.

How the Partner Profit Sharing Works

Joel Peterson and his team will set up your two websites and jump-start your traffic. They help you to get an AdSense account and teach you how to drive more traffic to your sites. Once your site starts to make money, you share the profits with Joel Peterson and the team.

  • Once you have earned your first $20,000 in profits, they take 5% of the net monthly profit.
  • After you have earned $50,000 in profit, they take 4% of the net monthly profit.
  • After you have earned $100,000 in profit, the net monthly profits that are taken drops to 3%.

So you can see that it is in Joel Peterson’s best interest to get you earning money as quickly as possible, because that is the only way that he and his Click Empire Mastermind team will also make a passive income.

Pros – What I Like about Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program

  • The Done For You online business is suitable for all levels, from beginners to intermediate to advanced professional, so can be used by anyone.
  • Because it is a digital product, it can be accessed from anywhere
  • 60 days money back guarantee (provided by Clickbank)
  • Easy to use and great if you are not tech savvy.
  • You have a real business and you are the owner of the domain name and site.
  • Training is up to date with up to date and current strategies
  • Don’t need any experience.
  • You don’t need a physical product that you sell.
  • You can start even if you don’t have a list.
  • Excellent customer support from Joel Peterson and the team.
  • You can make a passive income 24/7.
  • There is an unlimited earning potential.
  • You can do it in your own time.
  • AdSense approval for your websites.
  • You don’t have to talk to people and convince them to buy anything.
  • You are creating a long term list.
  • If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can outsource almost all of it. Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program

Cons – What I Don’t Like about Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program

It is an expensive program, but it is guaranteeing you results. Of course, you can do things on your own, but it will take you time and effort, which also costs money.

Questions and Answers

  • How much will it cost me? The price: $1,997 plus ongoing of $197 / month
  • What if I don’t know how to create a website? You do not need to be techie as the websites are developed and maintained by Joel Peterson and his team.
  • Do I need to know how to create content and write articles? No, you can outsource content writing to professional copywriters.
  • What if I don’t want to do it anymore? No problems, you sell your site, as long as you have done the work that was required and it is making money.

Please sign up for the webinar if you would like to have Joel Peterson answers any additional questions.

90 Day performance Guarantee – of course, you will have to do your part of working hard, attending the training and the live sessions. Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program review guaranteeIf you don’t make money after 90 days, contact Joel Peterson and show him that you have done everything that you should have done. So there is a 100% performance guarantee that you will make money with Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program.

Joel Peterson will only partner with people that are serious. If you buy and join the Instant Publisher Biz Partner program, you become a partner of Joel Peterson in generating revenue. If you don’t make money, he will give you your money back, plus an extra $500 for taking action and trying it out.

The total value, of all the programs, is $23,467. To get the massive discount and buy for only $1,997, take action today and click below to join the program. Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program review

Is Joel Peterson’s Click Empire Mastermind Program Overpriced?

  • It might come with a high sales ticket, but I do not think it is overpriced. They provide you with two websites, but you are the owner and will be managing and adding to it through the training you will be getting. Once your websites rank higher on search engines, you will see an increase in your website traffic.
  • You earn money through website traffic and the amount will depend on various factors. These include keywords and niches, cost per click (CPC), the country where the traffic is coming from and some other factors.
  • You do not need to worry about the technical side of setting up and maintaining a website. Yes you can do it all yourself, but it will cost you a heck of a lot more time, effort and money, than what you are getting with Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program .
  • Sharing the profits only kick in after you have made your first $20,000 of net profit.
  • It costs money to build websites, which is why they offer a guarantee of success, rather than your money back. Through Click Bank there is a money back guarantee though.
  • Joel will invest his personal time and resources to make sure that this works for you. After all, he and the Click Empire Mastermind team, will only start making money from your sites once you have a net profit of $20,000.

“How To Start An Ultra Profitable Publishing Business And Get Paid When People Simply Click On Ads” Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program Review

I hope this Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program Review has answered all your questions about the Done For You online business and how you make money from clicking on ads, but if you do have any comments or questions, please leave them below and I will get back to you.

If a DFY program is not for you, and you would rather start you own FREE website, then please read this post on SiteRubix and start your own website for free.

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  1. What a great article on Instant Publisher Biz Partner. 

    I agree that the prices are high, but when the program guarantees to help you achieve your goals, then the investment is to be made for sure. I honestly invest in all the programs which are checked, secure, and reviewed by the people I follow and trust to. 

    As per your thorough review, I can see a lot of value in the program, I love that they have an online live programs, so basically you have an interaction with actual people helping you achieve your goals. 

    The PROS are making me go for it 🙂 

    Let’s see what happens. 


    • There are many benefits to the Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program and to make money from clicking on ads is very possible. I am sure you will benefit from joining the program. All the best, Liné

      • I personally paid for this by an affiliate for this program; Joel, Niel & Lindsay the “team”. If you have are a google publisher; don’t stick with AdSense get google admanager. It’s comes with the publishing account. Lastly, it’s better to create a blog of your passions with a podcast, content marketing, social media marketing & wait for the sponsers to come to you. The eyes viewing your blog, podcast is sufficient for sponsers to pay you upfront instead of per click. I learned this through experience necessity.

  2. Hi thanks for one more great review. 

    I agree with you. I don’t think that Joel Peterson’s click empire mastermind program is overpriced. It has it’s valued and that’s what it is more important. 

    One of my trainers in business and sales once told me, people will buy everything from you when they feel, see, think that the value of the product is bigger than the money they invest. And that is so true. All the benefits you listed here are saying that it is very good to go for. 

    Thanks for a great review, and yes you answered my questions about the Done For You online business and making money from clicking on adds. 

    • It is very true that one will buy something if you trust a brand and the value you will get from the product, is worth the price you are paying. It is good to know that all your questions were answered about the Click Empire Mastermind and how to make money from clicking on ads. Liné

  3. Hi!

    Thanks for such an interesting article! Since I’m a beginner and I don’t really have to much money to spend on sites like this, chances are I won’t be able to buy something like that…

    However, I really liked that programm and in the future I might as well go for it!


    • The Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program is suitable for a beginner, but does come with quite a high price ticket. I do think it is a program where it is a case of money makes money and as you grow, you might be able to join them. All the best, Liné

  4. Thanks for this great review. However personally I don’t think I would of given it as good of a rating as you did simply because I’ve never believed a “business in a box “ can really help someone make a lot of money online.

    I have a question though.

    How are you supposed to generate traffic through seo if all they do is give you And everyone else only 5 pre written articles a month?

    I’ve send people create 20 plus articles a month and not get any traffic.

    Thanks again for this great review. 

    • Hi Michael, Apart from the 5 new articles that you get every month, you also get new social media posts that you can share on your social media sites to drive more traffic to your site. The Click Empire Mastermind team also provides you with targeted traffic for your niche, to help you get started. Ongoing training and support also helps you to grown your sites. I hope this helps, Liné

  5. This sounds like an interesting program for people who have the money to drop on it and don’t want to do the website building or marketing themselves. I like that they pretty much offer a guarantee of success, this makes the potential customer feel safer in spending the money in the first place. I do think it is a pretty hefty price tag, especially the monthly fee, but if the return and value is what you claim in your article it is likely worth the cost.

    • I do think it is a case of money makes money and although Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program with the Click Empire Mastermind team comes with a high price tag, they do guarantee success. So I think it is worth the cost.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing with us a beautiful and informative article. The main content of this article is Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program Review. It is truly remarkable that you have presented this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of knowledge about Joel Peterson. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like Private Mastermind Forums. Although I am new to this platform relationship, I will be joining you soon as it has security and the opportunity to make passive income.

    Finally I enjoyed reading your article and enjoyed it so I’d like to share your article in my Facebook group if you give me permission.

    • I am pleased to hear that you enjoyed the review about Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program and the Click Empire Mastermind and you are welcome to share it on your social media. Liné

  7. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I believe this honest post will help other readers who come across it as it has helped me at the moment. cause i have tried so many online business plattforms but all to no no avail but i really have a good feeling about Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program, thanks for sharing this with me 

    • Good to hear that Instant Publisher Biz Partner Review has helped you and it is possible to make money from clicking on ads.

  8. Hello there I am really intrigued by what I have seen here about this business and I just have to say it’s really amazing to give such business a trial and I am sure it will pay off at the end if it all. I really like a done for you business especially when it’s coming from a trusted source. However, with the service they offer and that really high price I expect nothing less. 

    • I am sure you will benefit from joining the Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program and make money from clicking on ads.

  9. A great and thorough review of Instant Publisher Biz which I did enjoy reading.

    You do get a lot included which is obviously why it comes at quite a high investment price. What I do like is that there is websites and marketing that comes all ready made plus you also get 8 weeks training included which is brilliant value. 

    I really like the fact that they give you a 90 day guarantee to earn money so they want you to earn so it is definitely worth giving ago.

    I think I would be happy to try it out once I make a little bit of money to invest in.

    Thank you  

    • I certainly think it is possible to make money from clicking on ads with Joel Peterson and the Click Empire Mastermind team. The fact that they don’t make any money until you have made $20,000 profit, is also a form of guarantee and gives me peace of mind.  

  10. Wow, I have to say this is an incredible business model Joel Peterson has put together!  It is a win-win for the investor getting the website and for Joel’s team.  I absolutely love how they will walk you through and train you on how to monetize your website.  Plus, they provide you content too for your website including social media!  I believe that’s a game changer for those looking to build a profitable website but don’t have the time or would like to leverage others to build out their content.

    One of the biggest downfalls I’ve seen in the turnkey niche arena (that sells affiliate marketing websites) is there isn’t a lot of support or training on how to build out your content properly to generate traffic.  Joel has taken this problem and created a solution.

    The information you provided in this review was so helpful!  Thanks for sharing such valuable information.

    • I agree with you that it is a win-win situation. The fact that Joel and the Click Empire Mastermind team only start earning passive income from your website once you have made $20,000 profit, also give me reassurance that you can make money from clicking on ads.

  11. When I first saw the price that you attached to this one, it was a bit worrisome and sometimes paying such high amounts are usually an event that leads to another sad event but in this case, it seems to me that this instant publisher biz partner really has so much to offer and one will be able to make money in no time. I like this and I will kick off with it as well.

    • It is certainly possible to make money from clicking on ads and Joel Peterson and his Click Empire Mastermind team will help you to make a success, as long as you go through the training and do what you have to do. Hope this helps.

  12. Thanks for the review. I’m in mixed minds about this although it seems quite tempting. Getting started with actually creating an initial website can be a huge hurdle for someone who’s inexperienced. However, I’m not sure how it can take experienced team 7-14 days and be valued so high as a core website with no content. I’m guessing it’s a really good core site. 

    • Hi there, the core website starts off with ten posts, so it does have content when you get it. After that the team will supply you with five more posts per month, and you also go through the training to create content yourself. So there is content. Hope this helps.

  13. Great review and thanks for sharing your thoughts on Instant Publisher Biz. Would be interesting to know if you joined the program and are seeing the results? I agree the entry price is steep, but if success is guaranteed then as the saying goes: “money makes money”! Though a personal experience would be great to get.

    • Hi there, it is indeed possible to make money from clicking on ads. The Click Empire Mastermind team will set you up and help you to start earning from your websites. They will not get any reward until you have made $20,000 profit, so it is in their interest to get you going as quickly as possible.

  14. Wow!  This looks amazing!  I would like to invest in something like this in the future.  Right now my blog makes $0 so even if it started making a few $100 a month then I could budget for something like this…something amazing to keep in mind.  I do have a question about the article creation…do you not write your own articles then if you use this program?  I guess I would feel like I am letting my readers down by not writing something myself…perhaps that is just me though! 



    • Hi Kara, You will be getting the five monthly blogs, but you can still write your own blogs and build out your website with your own content at the same time. I hope this helps, Liné

  15. Hi,

    You did a really great job with this review. My concern is Joel won’t be able to get me approved for Google Adsense, even though he guarantees that. Without that, this business model won’t work. Even if it does, nobody will probably be able to reach the income claims he is stating. Most people don’t make alot of income with Google Adsense. Google has enough websites they can put their ads on. People need Google, more than Google needs them.

    • Thank you for your kind comments and to be approved by Google Adsense might be a challenge for some, so the fact that Joel guarantees approval, is a big thing.

      • Hi Liné, I´ve heard from this Joel Peterson´s business model since perhaps 2 years ago, and I tell you that from the beginning it looked promising, but given that the price is pretty hight for me, I wanted to see the product live before making such an investment. So, I have many times asked Petersons administrative staff to send me a link to a working live site of this same model to see the final product, but no one ever sends me the link. could you?

        Thanks a lot Liné

        • Thank you for reaching out to me. I am not sure exactly what you mean by a working live site, but I guess it is a link to a website that has been developed for another user. This is the link where you can see the webinar and please remember that there is a full money back guarantee. I do hope this answers your question but please let me know if you need additional information.

  16. Thanks for an in-depth review of Instant Publisher Biz Partner! Going by its pros, I would love to go for this program. Though the prices may be on the high side, I always consider quality and value in whatever I opt for. So, I don’t mind the pricing. I’ve searched for many get-paid-to-click-ads programs and couldn’t find any genuine program that really pays. So I lost hope in such too-good-to-be-true programs. But the Instant Publisher Biz Partner program sounds to be genuine, and I’m going to give it a try this time. Thanks for the useful review!


  17. Hi,
    It is a nice review and clarified many points.

    But do we have any real success stories with this program. Like, someone who bought this service and really got the stated results.

    It will be helpful if we can see some already published sites by this team. They haven’t mentioned any existing sites that are doing good business at the moment.


  18. Thank you for this great article and for explaining in-depth about the Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program. prices are a little on the high side but I can see why it’s considered an investment and how it can help you to achieve your goals. The online live programs I really like and gives a chance for some live interaction. This program is definitely something to consider. Great review, thanks again.

    • The Instant Publisher Biz Program can certainly help you to scale a business much quicker and provide you with a return on your investment. 

  19. Thanks for writing an in-depth review of Instant Publisher Biz Partner. It’s really a great platform to cover almost everything that I can think needed for starting an online business. I understand why the starting price is very high, and it still needs a monthly subscription payment. However, I’m afraid that I need to pass this one. Is there another cheaper alternative for a beginner?

    • Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program is suitable for beginners and is only available at the one price. I hope this helps. 

  20. Hi, thanks for this article about instant publisher biz partner program. this is one of the best way to make money online especially in this pandemic decade, were a side income is crucial. the program at $197 per month is a good bargain since you are sure to start earning as soon as you start. In my opinion no business is easy to start so making this investment is beneficial if you want a successful business quickly.

  21. Thanks for your very thorough review of Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program. It appears that they offer a lot for the money. 

    If I”m being honest though, my spidy senses went up just a bit. You pay one time fee of $1997 and then a monthly fee of $199. I’m okay with that part even if a bit pricey. 

    The part that I don’t like is that they take a percentage of your profits once your website begins making money.  If you completely own your website and you pay a monthly fee (not cheap) I don’t get why they need a percentage of your profits.  They’re already getting paid when you first sign up and then monthly. Then they make money if someone signs up under your link as well.

    I’m sure that people are making money. This format however, wouldn’t be ideal for someone like me.

    I actually signed up for another online partner program earlier this year and the costs of upsells that I needed to do what they were training was exuberant.  That’s why I’m cautious with Instant Publisher.

    I do like the other company link within your article at the bottom.  It’s the best.

    • Hi there, the reason why Joel Petersen and the team take a percentage of what your website makes, is a guarantee that they will help you to have a profitable website. If you are not profitable, they don’t get the cut either. The monthly fee will cover ongoing expenses like content creation, web hosting, coaching etc. 

      I hope this helps. All the best. Liné

  22. WOW.. If I could dream of a company this would be IT!!  How amazing would it be to take all the frustration and confusion out of starting your business and getting it off the ground.   I can’t tell you how many days I just had to walk away from the computer because I’d get so frustrated with just the set up part of it.  I couldn’t get to writing the content that I dreamed of writing because I was stuck doing the building of my business to focus on writing.   It is a hefty price tag, but with everything you’re getting that’s a STEAL! 

    Thanks for sharing!!! 

    • Instant Publisher Biz Partner program might have a higher price than some other programs, but it offers you a huge deal to get your business off the ground. I think it is value for money. 

  23. Wow The Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program looks fantastic. I am very impressed with the Core Website package.

    Having 10 professionally written articles, including the images, all done by professional copywriters is amazing. Search Engine Optimisation is so time consuming, another excellent feature along with being Adsense ready. The list of features is truely remarkable.

    I know the pricing might not suit everyone. However in terms of time and money you simply cannot beat it. Thoroughly enjoyed the read!

    Kind Regards 


    • Hi Shelley, The Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program might have a high price ticket, but it is value for money when you look at the features and tools offered with the program. All the best, Liné

  24. Thank you for this thorough and informational review article on Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program Liné, I am sure your honest insights will be helpful to many folks out there looking for how to get a head start in the Affiliate marketing but are coming in cold.

    I am curious about the whole setup the because the Done For You aspect of this program doesn’t ring true with the training and education that I have received regarding how to be successful with a search engine optimization strategy on a blog website.

    Can the price of this program be justified when there will still be so much work left for the website owners to do even after being setup by Publisher Biz?

    • I think you missed the fact that you get 5 new professionally written articles for your website every month. Something that saves you a huge amount of time and effort. 

      You also get guaranteed monthly traffic, as well as an Adsense and /or account. All huge factors to reduce your work and effort, which justifies the price of the program.


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