Wealthy Affiliate: an honest review from the inside

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in April 2019 as I wanted to know how to make a passive income. It is an awesome community to be part of and in this review I will give you my honest opinion after my first six months with Wealthy Affiliate. I do think it is the smartest way to make a passive income. Wealthy Affiliate

These are the areas that I will cover:

  • Who and what is Wealthy Affiliate (WA) you might often see me just using the WA abbreviation
  • How I found Wealthy Affiliate and why I joined them
  • A look inside Wealthy Affiliate – training, support, tools and much more
  • Membership options and costs.
    • What you get with your free membership
    • What you get with Premium membership (paid )
  • Why join Wealthy Affiliate – the benefits
  • What I like about Wealthy Affiliate
  • What I don’t like about Wealthy Affiliate
  • Who should join and who shouldn’t
  • What is the risk?
  • Get started today

Join Wealthy Affiliate here and I’ll see you on the inside.

Who and what is Wealthy Affiliate?

  • Owners: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim
  • WA is an online training community to create and grow an on-line business, with great resources for learning affiliate marketing.
  • They have existed since 2005. Kyle is the main presenter with Carson involved in the back office.
  • WA is an interactive community, with more than 2 million members, that help each other.
  • Series of lessons so that you can understand how all the components fit together.
  • Learn about niche market, researching keywords, where to find free images and much more

Like with any business, it does take time to build up. You won’t make money overnight, but if you follow the training, you will learn how to make a passive income and the freedom to work for yourself.

How I found Wealthy Affiliate and why I joined them How to make passive income

I came across Wealthy Affiliate when I was actually researching a networking company, that sounded very dubious to me. I wanted to know how to make a passive income, without getting drawn into a scam.

It was also the fact that I could join Wealthy Affiliate for free and felt there was no risk involved. I didn’t have to pull out my credit card or worry that I was doing something wrong by joining them.

And I am so pleased that I followed my instinct (after doing the due diligence research) and joined them, because I had nothing to lose and so much to gain. I have been learning loads since joining them.

A look Inside Wealthy Affiliate: an honest review

Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or familiar with it, Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to start and grow your online business. There is a HUGE amount of training content and resources available within WA.

Training: There are 5 levels within the first Online Entrepreneur Certification, each containing 10 lessons.

This is what will be covered in each level and the outlines of what you will learn:

  • Level 1: Getting Started: Getting started with Wealthy Affiliate

    Choose your Niche for your business

    • Build your own website in your niche
    • Get involved and immerse in the awesome WA community
    • Discover the process of earning revenue online
    • Create and start working towards a list of new financial and non-financial goals
    • Gain instant access to over 590,000 niches
    • Learn how to optimize your website using WordPress
    • Getting your site ready for search engines
    • Understanding the process of keyword research
    • Create your own low competition keyword lists
    • Learn how to create quality content that gets ranked for your website
  • Level 2: Building Your own traffic producing website:
    • Understanding the principles of SEO and website traffic
    • Choosing a domain that is ready for success
    • Transfer your website to your own domain, including a website that might not be on the WA platform
    • Setting up your email address that is specific to your domain
    • Building a website that is user-friendly
    • Low hanging fruit (keywords) and getting unlimited traffic from them
    • Make your content beautiful with images
    • Content creation that converts
    • Becoming proficient in using the WordPress Editor
    • Creating content that targets Affiliate Programs
    • Product reviews and how it leads to lots of traffic
  • Level 3: Making Money! Wealthy Affiliate Training

    • Understanding the MONEY in How to Make a Passive Income
    • Understanding the benefits of Affiliate networks and programs
    • Adding Affiliate links to your content
    • Leveraging promotional materials like banners and images from affiliates
    • Where to get access to millions of products that you can promote within every niche imaginable
    • How to add “shopping” widgets to your website
    • Product reviews and how to monetize them
    • How to get INSTANT access to product news within your industry
    • Google Adsense and how to benefit from it on your site
    • Using publishing network alternatives to your advantage
    • Understanding the difference between earning big commissions or working for pennies on your site
    • How to make a passive income through singular product reviews
    • A tricky advertising technique that very few people know about
  • Level 4: Mastering Social Engagement:
    • What does social marketing mean to your business
    • Making your website a place to engage
    • Using Facebook the right way
    • Pinterest and the visual social sphere
    • Incorporating Twitter and how you can benefit
    • Why social engagement is more important than social marketing
    • Using visuals to attract a following
    • Using the WA social community
    • Leveraging Google
  • Level 5: Achieving Maximum Success through Content Creation:
    • Content production and how to do so effectively
    • Setting up Google Webmaster Tools
    • Improving indexing speeds and times
    • Getting people to read and engage in your content
    • A long term strategy for a brilliant website
    • Injecting comments with intent
    • Writing within a devised plan
    • Writing your content with the intent of conversion
    • Getting ranked in Bing and Yahoo, the other big search engines.

Bootcamp Training will take you through another 7 levels of training. Some of these are very similar to the Online Entrepeneur Certification.

How to get started: You’ll be setting up your own website within the first 7 days. Even if you have already started a website and don’t know how to move forward, WA will coach you all the way. You can even move your existing website to the WA platform.

Membership Options and Costs Wealthy Affiliate membership options

  • Free Membership:
    • Beginner training course – gives you access to the first level of training with 10 modules. They are video walk throughs and each module has different tasks that you complete before moving onto the next task.
    • Host 1 website for free and have website backup and support.
    • Keyword research tool with Jaaxy – allows you thirty free searches.
    • Two training classrooms
    • Live help through the live chat and ask a question tool. (For the first 7 days)
    • Access to personal affiliate blog
    • 1 on 1 coaching (for the first 7 days)
    • Affiliate Bootcamp Training (only first level)
  • Premium Membership: Apart from all the benefits of Free membership, these are the additional benefits
    • $19 for the first month, then $49 / month or $495 / annum
    • host up to 10 websites with website security and backup
    • Weekly live interactive classes
    • More than 300 hours of expert education
    • All 50 lessons of training
    • All 70 lessons of Affiliate Bootcamp training
    • Catalogue of industry training
    • Access to 12 classrooms of training
    • You can earn revenue by creating your own training
    • Can have your own WA blog

You can certainly run a successful business on the free membership. An average of about 12.5% (1 in 8) members upgrade to Premium. Only YOU can judge for yourself if Wealthy Affiliate is right for you, but you have nothing to lose in joining for free. The lessons you learn inside the Premium membership will save you a lot of money.

Heaps more training and features are being added on a weekly basis.

Why join Wealthy Affiliates? The Benefits

  • There is no cost to start you account with Wealthy Affiliates, so there is no risk that you will lose something.
  • Wealthy Affiliate university provides you with the best training with thousands of training resources. You will learn about sustainable methods of how to make passive income for years to come
  • Website builder and website hosting is included in your membership.
  • Ask fellow members for feedback on your website and comments on your posts as you build out your website.
  • Research platform where you can search for keywords, brainstorm ideas, find niches and domains and much more to support you.
  • Get instant helps and support through Live Chat or post a question.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is continuously adding training and updating features without charging you anything extra.
  • Hundreds of thousands of useful resources – search for additional training modules, answers to your questions and much more.
  • You can search Affiliate Programs and find affiliate programs in your niche.
  • Promote the Wealthy Affiliate Program and get rewarded very handsomely.
  • The opportunity to network with like-minded people and successful entrepreneurs.

What I personally like about Wealthy Affiliate

  • Wealthy Affiliate provides absolutely everything you need under one roof. For one consistent monthly cost (or annual fee to save even more) everything you need is in one place. From buying your domain name, to hosting your website, to getting all the training you need, Wealthy Affiliate provides it all.
  • So no need to set up different payments to different providers – which invariably will cost you FAR more than Wealthy Affiliate – it is all available in one convenient location.
  • You also have the additional advantage that they provide you with all the tools, and the step-by-step instructions during the training, to properly use all the tools. What you learn is all actionable information.
  • I personally feel part of a bigger extended family.
  • It can be very lonely to work online, just you and your computer. Where do you go when you get stuck? where do you ask questions? Sure you can go and ask “Dr Google” and hope to find what you are looking for. At WA you have the community that will always help you out.
  • I’ve had firsthand experience with getting help from fellow WA members.
  • From keyword search to SEO to ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing and social media, you will learn all about it.
  • You will learn how to promote almost any product or service, it doesn’t have to be WA. They do offer a fantastic affiliate program (of which I am part yes) but you can promote thousands of other products and services, all within your niche.
  • Additional training is available for topics like Pinterest, Instagram, how to make You Tube videos and many more.
  • Get more rewards from your online business.
  • WA has an fantastic annual incentive scheme which is an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas. So a reward is available as well through Las Vegas.

Wealthy Affiliate is truly a unique community. How to make passive income

What I don’t like about Wealthy Affiliate

There is not much that I don’t like!

I sometime find it difficult to search for training that I have completed that I want to go back to, but through the options of Live Chat and Ask Questions now, I have always received help and answers from the community within minutes.

Some training modules are outdated like Google+ which doesn’t exist anymore. It did give me some problems in the training, but thankfully because of Live Chat and ask questions, I was directed to new tutorials that could help me. So ongoing weekly tutorial will cover most of these issues, rather than in the main training.

Who should join and who shouldn’t join Wealthy Affiliate?

Anybody who wants to learn how to make a passive income, should join. Whether you are a newbie or have experience, WA is the best platform to get training and to host your website

Don’t join if you think this is a “get-rich-quick scheme”. It takes time and effort to build any business, whether online or a “real place”. Affiliate marketing is not for everybody and WA will remind you that it takes time to build a sustainable business.

What is the Risk?

It is free to join, so there is NO RISK.Wealthy Affiliate You have got nothing to lose when you join them. Just give it a try and join here.

What are you waiting for – get started today and Claim your Bonus

At the end of the day, YOU are the only one that can make it work for yourself. Join them for free and it will allow you to see if it a good fit for you.

If you sign up using my personal link, I will give you my personal support. If you do use my personal link for your free account, then I get a notification and it enables us to have 1-on-1 conversations within the WA community.

These eight countries are currently excluded from free starter membership: Egypt, Morocco, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Pakistan.

If you are currently living in a country where the free starter membership is not available, please contact me and I will sign you up. Simply send me an email at linecowley@gmail.com, or leave a comment below with your full name an email address. Also choose a username that you would like to have, consisting of letters and numbers and a maximum of 13 characters.

Please also select a second username, just in case your first choice is not available.

Within 24 hours I will then email you with all the details to log into your free account. This way you will have me as your mentor to help and support you on your Wealthy Affiliate journey.

Claim your Bonus

If you decide to upgrade and become a Premium member within 7 days of joining, I will give you some personal bonuses. So what are you waiting for?

This is a huge additional benefit. At the end of the day it is only someone that is on the inside, that can give you an honest review.

I hope this review about Wealthy Affiliate and how to make a passive income has answered your questions. If you still have any queries about joining Wealthy Affiliate, or if I can be of any more help, please let me know. Please leave you comments or questions below and I will get back to you.

34 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate: an honest review from the inside”

  1. Thank you for reviewing Wealthy Affiliate. I joined Wealthy Affiliate last year. I really like the training provided by WA. It is very helpful for newcomers who have just started to join WA, so that you can quickly become familiar with and understand that WA is What and guide you on the road to success, WA offers a lot of tools, which makes it even better.

  2. As of the time of writing this I have been a member of the awesome wealthyaffiliate community for I think about 10months. The platform is amazing but it is not without its faults. One of the complaints I have about the platform is that the lessons are more for the newbies online and not geared towards the more experienced online affiliates. The experienced online affiliates would still benefit from the community but only by the videos, the successful members create. There are live training which teach skills that the experienced affiliate can benefit from which is a good thing.

    So in a way, the platform is for everyone but the lessons by the founders of the platform are more for the newbies just starting out online.

    • As a newbie I find Wealthy Affiliate the best platform to learn to make a passive income. The ongoing videos and tutorials also benefit those with more experience. Hope you’ll enjoy your journey.

  3. Hi,
    Absolutely love this review. It for sure seems to me like a fairy tale to earn cool cash online, but from what I’ve read before now, it is a lots of hard work (part of which I believe is taking lots of training as much as possible, which WA has provided in tons). Grinding and learning non stop. I really love how you covered everything and you went into such a detail that all the questions were answered.
    Will share this amazing article.
    Best regards

  4. Truly, there’s no risk in joining wealthy affiliate because when I first joined a few months ago, I joined the free membership and it was really cool for me because there was so much they offered there but I wanted the full package and I went up a few days later. The tools are really great. One thing that might be a downside for me is the overwhelming information on it but again, thanks to live chat and the helpful community, I was able to find my way around. Your review is very detailed. Keep up the good work here.

    • Thank you, I do feel slightly overwhelmed at times as well, but thanks to the support and help I can get from the community and site support, it is worthwhile.

  5. What an excellent review. Wealthy affiliate is one of the best affiliate platforms I know and I am proud to be a product of there honesty and excellence. They have taught me a lot about affiliate business from the scratch and I’m still learning. They always help there members to grow and develop each other through lectures and webinars… I have never regretted joining this platform and any person willing to work and make money should try it.

  6. I can concur that Wealthy Affiliate, is one of the best companies to join,there are so many benefits, and the sky is the limit,as to how,far you can progress.

    I joined W.A. about ten months ago,as my daughter had searched the internet, and said she had joined them, and was thrilled about all the training,videos,and support,that she had found,and persuaded me to join as well. 

    I joined on the Black Friday special,and saved a lot of money, on the Premium level,I found much the same support and training,as she did,except that I have battled a bit, as I have no background in I.T. work, however I have pressed on, and found it good.

    To cut a long story short,with my daughter’s help, I am building my website,which is registered,and has been indexed by Google.

  7. It is gratifying to know that legitimate and forthright affiliate programmes such as Wealthy Affiliate do exist. The cost of premium membership is modest for all the offerings; a huge amount of training and resources as you have described. Of greater importance is the value of tenacity, hard work and patience that members develop as they grow their online business. This value potentially builds a long-lasting business.

    • Hi Debbie, Wealthy Affiliate offers very good training and very good value for money when you look at everything that is included with the subscription. With hard work and perseverance you will succeed. 

  8. Great and amazing review on Wealthy Affiliate. I know that there are many Affiliate Universities but from their reviews, it is very obvious that Wealthy Affiliate is a friendly and fully comprehensive Network for Passive Income. The Online Certification Course is also very comprehensive as it touches every factor leading to making money online. Thanks and looking forward to other amazing reviews from you.

    • Hi there, Wealthy Affiliate offers an awesome platform for building your own website and making a passive income online through affiliate marketing. 

  9. Hello dear, thanks for sharing such wonderful review about wealthy affiliate, I believe these article has enlightened me alot as to know more about its program, I really do fancy these post, I am Really glad I got to see it, wealthy affiliate is truly amazing, thanks for the info I’ll surely do some recommendations

    • Hi there, Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome platform to train you to build your own website and earn passive income through affiliate marketing. All the best in your journey, Liné

  10. Awesome and quite intriguing review you have on wealthy affiliate, with keen interest I couldn’t agree more with you on everything mentioned here about wealthy affiliate, I too joined wealthy affiliate on February 2020, though am still going through so lessons but I have really achieved a lot with the help of Kyle and Carson, u have been able to build my own website, own a domain and I know as time goes am definitely going to be my own boss too…
    Thanks for the awesome review..

    • Hi there, Wealthy Affiliate offers you great training to build your own website and become your own boss. All the best, Liné

  11. Hi there Liné, 

    You have a really thorough and helpful review. I am a member of wealthy affiliate myself and have been there for more than 5 years now. My personal experience has been awesome and I was able to create a full time income within a few months of joining. I had to put a lot of effort though and be consistent. But it has all been worth it. I hope my experience will help people understand how valuable WA is for someone who is looking for make money online that is passive.

    All the best,


    • Hi Dave, thank you for your encouraging comments. Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform and community and I am learning new things every day. All the best, Liné

  12. Thank you for your post. It is useful for anyone who is interested in making passive income. Your review on Wealthy Affiliate is honest and straightforward.

    I read a lot of reviews on Wealthy Affiliate. All give positive comments and seldom have negative comments. I particularly like your description on What I don’t like about Wealthy Affiliate. It is nice that you point out that some training modules are outdated, such as Google+ which doesn’t exist anymore. This is important information. Since I have no any idea about Google+, if I see this, I will carry out my training on Google+. Now I know that Google+ doesn’t exist and I will skip such training. 

    • Hi Anthony, The community within Wealthy Affiliate is very helpful and easily directs one to more up to date training when neccessary. The internet changes on such a regular basis that it often takes time to catch up and redo training modules. But we do have access to alternatives within the platform. All the best, Liné

  13. Hello there,  thank you for this very detailed and informative review in wealthy affiliate,  if I had seen a review like this some five years ago i would have been doing so much better,  but good news is I’m no longer where I used to be since i joined wealthy affiliate son six month ago, my business has taken a new look an I have a wider audience my website is working perfectly well with the desired traffic all because of the wonderful people in wealthy affiliate community that are always there to provide help,  I will highly recommend wealthy affiliate for anyone and at anytime.

    • Hi there, thank for your great feedback. Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome community to be part of. Wishing you success on your journey, Liné

  14. Hi. I have read several reviews but I’m still a bit skeptical about Wealthy Affiliate. I’m glad I came across your review because I like the approach you have taken. You have been on this platform over a year and you already have so much knowledge about all this affiliate marketing thing. I’ll give this a try.

  15. Hello There, I Absolutely love this review. It is for sure seems to me like a fairy tale to earn cool cash online is truly impressive that you covered this subject so well in your post. I’ve learned a lot from reading your article and developed a lot of knowledge about the Wealthy Affiliate. So in a way, the platform is for everyone but the lessons by the founders of the platform are more for the newbies just starting out online.

    Keep up the good work

    • The training and lessons are awesome for beginners, but those with experience can also benefit from it. After being with them for 15 months, I often refer back to lessons that I completed several months ago. So it is perfect for all levels and the ongoing training that is posted weekly, certainly helps me to keep up with new developments.

  16. ok so i joined WA around a month ago and i have 2 observations – one is that their knowledge base is phenomenal, especially if you are new in the field (well true, I am a nerd and I find tools and resources available @WA aboslutely fantastic!).. second thing is something i don’t particularly enjoy (it may be a personal preference though) – i am bombarded with communication, and I really mean bombarded.. dozens of platform messages, blog posts, private emails etc.. all asking me if i am ok and if i need anything.. you may think this is fantastic, and that this is a wonderfully caring community (i have no doubt it is) but at times it is just overwhelming and driving me nuts! other than that i really like it (note: i am a newbie in the affiliate business)..

    • You can turn off the email notifications, which I personally did as there are just too many. And you do not have to get involved in every blog post, I also sometimes find it distracts me so I only visit them when I have completed my other tasks for the day.

      Hope that helps.

  17. Hello everyone, I join Wealthy Affiliate (WA) three months ago, it is a busy place I know, However, I love it. I went on Facebook looking for a affiliate marketing program, huge amounts came up, I was bombarded with affiliates program but when I saw Wealthy Affiliate the name caught me, and I began to take a look, I saw to join cost nothing, so I decided to take a further look I saw all the classed and video all the tools that was available, I joined I am happy I did lots of support with the Community I am so amazed at the help and all the activities that are available, I am thrilled I am a newbie I have learned a lot, this program inspires me to be better to want to do more than I have before, The opportunity is here, I am proud to be part of Wealthy Affiliate.


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