What is a Niche for Affiliate Marketing?

Do you feel stuck because you are not sure what is niche picking, or what is a niche for affiliate marketing? Maybe you want to know how to narrow down a niche? or perhaps you want to find out how to define a niche market?

The foundation of any website, is the niche. A big benefit of a niche website is that it is easier to stay focused on the topic. The fear of selecting a wrong niche often results in analysis paralysis, but remember, it is still better to choose the wrong niche, than no niche at all. Even if you choose the wrong niche, at least you are taking action and moving forward and it will then point you in the right direction.

Finding a niche can be confusing and many beginners quit then. Don’t quit! Trial and error is part of the process and you will be learning and gaining experience.

The first step that is needed to start as an affiliate marketer, and to build an affiliate marketing business, is to pick a niche. So let’s have a look at what is niche picking all about.

What is a Niche for Affiliate Marketing?

A niche is the topic of a website and it is what the website will focus on for content and the audience. A niche creates an immediate connection with the reader and followers. What is a niche for affiliate marketing

A niche refers to a group of people with a common interest. It is a segment or subcategory of a market and it focuses on providing solutions for a particular need. It could be a product or a service or even a digital course.

Every niche represents a want or a need that somebody has, and you become the one that provides the solution.

Niche marketing is a targeted marketing strategy that is aimed at a small, specific and well-defined portion of the population. Marketing efforts are channeled towards this niche. Niche marketing is also known as targeted or focused marketing.

How to Define a Niche Market

You need to be specific if you want people to regard you as an expert in your niche. So establish which area of your overall market, is your specialty. The clearer you are about your expertise and your niche, the easier it will be for your audience to make a decision. Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What are you interested in or passionate about? What do you truly love working on.
  2. Do people spend money in that niche? or are lots of people interested in that niche?
  3. Are there products in that niche that you can promote?

Why is picking a niche important for your website?

How to Find an Affiliate Marketing Niche

An essential part of building a successful business, is to pick a niche. If you know who your audience is, you will be able to speak to them and provide them with valuable content and offers that they cannot refuse.

Choosing your niche is your first step to become a successful affiliate marketer. These are the steps you can use to find your niche:

  • Identify your interests and passions.
  • How to narrow down a niche and get specific.
  • Identify problems you can solve.
  • Check out the competition and do market research.
  • Can you monetize your niche.

The higher the demand for a niche, the more competition there will be, but the more profitable the niche will be.

Choosing a niche can be scary and might make you feel confused, so let’s have a closer look at what is a niche for affiliate marketing and what is niche picking and the steps involved.

1. Identify Your Passions and Interests

It is best to choose a niche that you have an interest in, or are passionate about, then writing content will not feel like a chore that you have to do. If you have knowledge about your niche, then you can sound authoritative about your topic.

If you have not yet done this, then make a list of at least ten hobbies, topical interests and passion areas. Start off by going through your list of hobbies and interests and what you are good at, and pick the one that you can tirelessly write about and promote on a long term basis.

You want a niche that you love, feel passionate about, or at least care about and are interested in. What is niche picking

  • Hobbies – could be sewing, fishing, gardening, reading etc. basically what you do during your spare time.
  • Interests – is a topic that you are knowledgeable about and can talk about at length. It could be the same as your hobbies, but often different, so for instance geography, politics, astronomy etc.

Look at your list and decide which one are you feeling the most excited about.

When you are starting off with how to define a niche market, you need to identify your overall market. The overall market would be the broad spectrum or field. Examples of these would be Health, Wellness and Beauty, Lifestyle, Arts and Crafts, Education etc. These would be examples:

  • If you are an interior designer, your overall market would be lifestyle.
  • If you are a university lecturer, your overall market would be education.
  • If you are a mortgage adviser, then your overall market would be finance.

2. How to Narrow Down a Niche and get Specific

You need to narrow down your area of interest within your niche. If you are too general and try to attract everyone, you end up attracting no one. If you are more specific with a niche, it will reduce your competition and make it easier to reach a specific audience.

If your overall market is lifestyle, then gardening, fashion, architecture are all niches that will fall under that. With your list of topics, you are ready to narrow down your options. A niche should not be confused with a field. A field can still be broken down into sub-categories.

Take insurance for instance, which can be broken down into car insurance, house or property insurance, health insurance, pet insurance, travel insurance and many more.

Then take health insurance and you have health insurance for ex-pats, health insurance for the elderly, health insurance for families, health insurance for students etc. Each of these would be a niche.

In the same way take gardening, it is a very broad field, which can be split into many sub-categories like gardening for beginners, container gardening, gardening on a budget, suburban gardening, gardening in the tropics etc.

When it comes down to picking a niche, it needs to be evergreen, so don’t choose a current fad. Ask yourself if it will still be around in five, or ten or twenty years time. You also need demand throughout the year, so avoid a seasonal niche like jackets for dogs, as these would only sell during the winter months.

I am sure this gives you a good idea of what is niche picking and how to narrow down a niche. So narrow down your niche!

3. Identify Problems you can solve

Affiliate marketing is about identifying the need of your audience and offering solutions. If you can solve their problems and fulfill a need, you will gain the trust of your audience.

So think about the areas that people ask you questions about or want your advice. Write down a list of specific things that friends and family ask your guidance on. You can also use Google Trends to see what is trending in searches. Google trends and how to narrow down a nicheHere I used gardening for beginners and you can see some of the related topics and queries.

  • Find related topics and queries – you can use Google Trends to see what people are searching for.
  • Get ideas from social media like Pinterest or Facebook where people ask questions in groups.

Newbie affiliate marketers often have a fear of competition. They are afraid of entering a niche because of the stiff competition that they might face. They are afraid that there are too many other marketers already in the niche. But in fact, it is actually a good thing, as it often means it is a profitable niche and you should therefore go for it.

So do not be afraid of competition, it invariably means that there is a need in that niche, that you can help in solving problems for people in that niche. Remember that competition is healthy.

4. Check out the Competition and do Market Research

Doing market research will show you if there is a demand for your niche or not. You can get an idea of how profitable a niche can be, by doing keyword research. Use some of the words and phrases that you find to determine what your niche will be. So go to Google and type in your niche specification into the search bar and make a note of what comes up.

I used the keyword “best eco friendly fashion brands” and these are some of the results. Market research for your nicheYou will also see a section that is related to the search that you have just done. Market research for your niche

So make a note of the words and patterns that you see and that are repeated. Here you can see that sustainable and ethical are two words that also come up a lot, together with environmentally friendly.

Popular trends and profitable niches where you can get an idea on what is trending, can be found on Twitter, Google Trends, Clickbank, Yahoo’s “Trending”. You can also check out the competition on Ahrefs and SEMrush.

Do you research and also brainstorm, as it will all help with deciding what is a niche for affiliate marketing and how to narrow down a niche. You can brainstorm on Quantcast.

In Google Trends you change Geo location if you want a specific region, or you can also go for worldwide. You can compare niches and other keywords, which all helps with how to define a niche market.

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5. Monetizing your Niche

When you start a blog, you need to check that you can monetize your niche. So is it profitable and are there a variety of products and services that you can promote. You want high and low ticket products. Finding affiliate programs Are there affiliate programs you can join

There are many affiliate programs to join like Amazon Affiliates, ShareASale, Clickbank, which is good for digital products, Rakuten or Wealthy Affiliate. Affiliate search on Wealthy Affiliate

Look for affiliate programs that have software, courses or eBooks within your niche as these pay a higher percentage commission. Ideally, you want recurring commissions and you would get those from a monthly or annual renewal or subscription fee.

An easy way of finding affiliate programs within your niche, is to search Google. Type in [your niche] + affiliate programs, and it should come up with options of affiliate programs that you can join.

Features of a Well Established Niche

  • Good competition with a variety of products that are for sale.
  • Several social media groups and forums with a large audience that are talking about the niche.
  • If there is a high demand, there will a track record of patronage.

Trying to find something that no one else is already doing, is almost impossible. It could be that if there are only a few people in a niche, that there is not really a demand or need for it.

A niche at the end of the day is a group of people that share an interest in a particular topic.

Final Thoughts on What is a Niche for Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer, you will on a regular basis be involved in these activities:

  • Write content about the products or services of a niche for your website.
  • Do research and select products or services to promote.
  • Answer questions in the niche that your audience might have.
  • Provide recommendations and suggestions about products or services that will assist your audience.

If you can easily and happily do these activities for a topic or niche that you have selected as your favorite, then dive in.

Remember, you don’t have to be stuck with your niche and you do not need to know it all before you start. You do not need to be an expert in a niche, you just need to know more about it than your target audience.

You want moderate competition, so your niche must not be generic as it is too wide, but you also don’t want it to be too small that nobody looks for it. You can also double check your niche on Adwords.

When you create your value articulator statement, which Mel Abrahams created, it helps tremendously for you to identify your niche. It is just really a clear and concise statement and it will help you to state the problem you are solving, who you are serving and how you will help them to achieve the desired results.

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Please share this with somebody else that you think would benefit from the content. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about what is niche picking or how to narrow down a niche, then please leave them below and I will get back to you.

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  1. Hi,  

    I like your philosophy with regards to better choose the wrong niche than having no niche. 

    I do believe in providing a service or a product to a specific niche or a group of people. Through experience in my offline business I have realised a niche makes you an expert in the needs and requirements of the particular selection of people as you will learn from their queries, requests and feedback. 

    It is very important to select a niche you are passionate about as you are more confident in promoting your product or service and convincing the people to follow you or purchase of off you.

    Many thanks for the informative article. It is very complete. Marisa

    • Thank you Marisa, I have learnt that if you pick a niche that you are passionate about, then you can write about it all the time

  2. Yea. Finding a niche is the main foundation of an affiliate marketing business. That phase is very crucial because it even gives time and space for self introspection, know yourself and what you can do better because everything about your website have to flow from who you are and what you can do, It takes patience and sometimes trial and error like you said.

  3. Thank you for your article. I am new to Affiliate marketing and articles like this are a great help to supplement the training and resources found in Wealthy Affiliate. With regards to “Niche”, It is sometimes overlooked as something easy to find, but this detailed article is very helpful. I would suggest people take a close look at Wealthy Affiliate, You will not look back.

  4. helloo admin, thanks alot for sharing such an informative article with us all, i must say i have been searching online on how to make money with the interent, then i had an idea creating a blog, but i got stuck there because i had nothing to write about or should i say a niche, but after going through your article i believe i have been enlightened, i already saved these post so as to come back for future referencing

  5. Very well written article! I love such good tips related to affiliate marketing! Too many times, those who choose the path of affiliate marketers think that the broader the field, the higher the profit. Then they realize that competition is impressive and that it is the case to narrow the niche. In the meanwhile, they lost time and opportunities and have to adjust their business. So it is far better to know these things before starting, and it is for this reason that I really appreciate your content! Thank you!

    • Great to know that you have benefited from what is niche picking and you now know how to narrow down a niche so that you have a specific audience.

  6. Earning a Passive income after working hard to achieve it, is something I strive to do. Your advice on how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing is timely and really helpful for me.  I found it motivating and engaging. Particularly the part where you described it as being “trial and error”. And not to give up. I think you are so right, about selecting a niche where are passionate seems to be critical. Do you think there are niches that should be discounted or excluded from the very beginning?

    • If a niche can not be monetized, then I would avoid it. I would also stay away from fads and seasonal niches as it will not provide you with long term or year round income. If your niche is Christmas for instance, you might have a busy Festive season, but go hungry for the rest of the year. So rather incorporate a Christmas theme or product in your niche. I hope this helps you. 

  7. Niche selection is the one point where you have to do it right or else it would lead to disappointment and finally failure. You need to do your research, that’s part of finding the actual niche that people are looking for. There’s so much competition but there’s no lack of traffic. You just need to know what’s the Unique Selling Proposition that searchers are looking for. You as a marketer need to provide answers. 

    • Hi there, I agree with your comments. Niche selection is important and if you can provide answers and solutions to questions and problems, you will earn trust and that will lead to traffic and conversions. 

  8. This is a great article on niche selecting.  It rather amazes me how many people have trouble with this step of the process.  Then, on the other hand, when I chose my niche, I actually selected one that was too broad.  Have ended up keeping it because it has been easy to find topics to write about, but I’d have been better off in the beginning to be more specialized.

    I believe that it is very important to ensure that you are passionate about your subject, as you may need to create content about it for a very long time.  If it is something you love, that process will be much easier.  

    Hopefully your fine post will help people figure out how to answer that crucial question:  What shall I select for a niche?

    • I agree with you Fran, if you have a niche that you are passionate about, then it is easy to create content for years to come. My first niche was also too broad, but I have realized that. Once one knows what is niche picking, it makes how to narrow down a niche, also easier.  

  9. Well, this is the best article I’ve read about how to find a niche for an affiliate marketing website, it has helped me to understand why I need to find what niche I want to work on and why and how to narrow it down to get the best results from it!


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