What is ARIIX? The ARIIX Opportunity Review

Multi level marketing (MLM) companies are very attractive to people who want to earn extra money or are looking for more flexibility in their work life. MLM’s make it seem mindless to do and as if there is little risk, and that you will make a lot of money in a very short period of time. But the reality is quite different. ARIIX MLM is one such company, but I wouldn’t just yet start counting your commission checks.

What is ARIIX?

ARIIX reviews consider them a well respected brand in the health industry. In this ARIIX MLM review, I’ll explain how it works and if the ARIIX opportunity is really a viable option for you. This review is not about the ARIIX products, but about the business opportunity. These are the aspects that I will cover in this review : ARIIX brand logo

  • Overview of ARIIX
  • ARIIX Product Lines
  • ARIIX Opportunity
  • How much does it cost to join ARIIX?
  • ARIIX Activ 8 Compensation Plan
  • How much can you earn with ARIIX?
  • Do I get training with ARIIX?
  • What I like about ARIIX
  • What I don’t like about ARIIX
  • Is ARIIX a good way to make money?
  • Final thoughts and my #1 Recommendation – click here if you want to see it now

ARIIX, like all MLM’s, require that you make sales and recruit members. MLM’s are notoriously high pressure and there is no base pay. You only earn through commissions on your sales, and the sales of your recruits. Not to mention that in order to stay active, you have to purchase a minimum amount of products every month. So it’s possible that you could spend a lot of money to get started, and end up with nothing to show for it.


Overview of ARIIX MLM

ARIIX is a multi level marketing (MLM) company that is located in Bountiful, Utah, USA and was founded in 2011. It was created by seven founders, who saw an opportunity to create an environment where people could win. It was started by Fred W. Cooper, who is a network marketing veteran and well-known in the industry, together with Mark Wilson, Jeff Yates, Ian Chandler, Riley Timmer, Deanna Latson and Wenhan Harry Zhang.Ariix brand family

Ariix comes from the Latin root for the word gold. Their mission is to become the “gold” standard in the health and wellness industry. They want to achieve this by exceeding the industry standards and setting the highest benchmarks for quality in the industry.

ARIIX operates in around 23 different countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, China, Japan, European Union, Australia and more. Their main focus is on nutritional supplements, but their range of products also include other health products. The products are considered very high quality, due to the rigorous testing the products go through before they are released to the marketplace.

It is a worldwide business, a global opportunity company, but you can only build your global network in your country or region. So I have to ask myself, how global is that? When it comes to joining any company, whether Multi Level Marketing or different, it is important to know more about the history and leadership of the company.

Companies often fail, even if they have great products, because of poor leadership, but Ariix reviews show they have a good leadership structure.

ARIIX Product Lines

Ariix has a brand strategy that has multiple independent brands that gives you the possibility to diversify your business. They don’t always produce their own products but instead use outside products. Their products are then rebranded. The products include nutritional supplements and drinks, skincare products, weight management solutions, and air and water filtration systems.

Each brand was designed to stand alone, but they also work together with the other brands. With trends and shifts in market needs, the different brands allow you to remain relevant and competitive in the changing market.

  • Nutrifii: This is a nutritional range and the collection of premium supplements is aimed to give your body nutritional support for your optimal overall health. It uses ingredients from natural sources and the formulas are carefully blended to have maximum absorption and potency to increase the benefits of the ingredients to your body. Slenderiiz weight management system
  • Slenderiiz is a safe long term weight loss solution. It is a unique weight management system which is a combination of diet and exercise, not just taking supplements. The program is a healthy and natural weight management system. The scientifically advanced Slenderiiz products assist in controlling appetite and it increases your metabolism to help you maximize your efforts. The results are superior to when only diet and exercise are used.
  • Reviive is a range of personal care products that will cleanse away impurities without introducing new ones. The organic personal care products are for head to toe cleaning.
  • Priime is a range of essential oils with a unique blend of ingredients from all around the world. Each unique formula of Priime combines the best of ancient tradition and modern scientific knowledge.
  • Lucim skincare range is based on your favorite skincare attributes and your desired results. From ingredients and technology, to product experience and lasting effects, the safe and powerful ingredients in the skincare products will provide you with the highest quality results.
  • Puritii is an air and water purifying system. This is a product to protect your home environment by helping to get rid of harmful pathogens and toxins in the water and air. It protects you from pollutants in the water and air that directly impacts your daily health.
  • Limu is a range of ultra premium nutritional drinks. It features the seaweed super nutrient, Fucoidan, to promote optimal health.

ARIIX MLM is not the only way of making money from home, so don’t be limited by only looking at MLM. With any MLM business, you are limited to selling the range of products that the company produce and offer. With Affiliate marketing you can offer any product in the health and wellness industry, including vitamins and nutritional supplements, weight management, lifestyle, skin care, and body care. .

What is ARIIX Opportunity?

Membership with ARIIX begins when you sign up as a new representative. You can sign up in two ways:

  • Through the website by selecting your language and country of residence and completing the online enrollment form.
  • Through an ARIIX representative, where you become part of their “down line.” Ariix products have personal volumes attached to them

There are a few different levels to choose from. Levels include Member, Business, Elite and Ultimate. Each level has a corresponding purchase requirement that is indicated by Personal Value (PV). For the basic membership, you must purchase a minimum of 200 PV / $296 USD.

Making money with Ariix is very much the same as with other multi level marketing (MLM) companies in that you are selling the products, and you are also recruiting more people to join your team.

  • Selling – you earn retail commission on the products that you sell.
  • Recruiting – you earn commission or bonuses from what your team sells and you encourage them to build a team as well, as you will also earn from their recruits.

The Ariix opportunity provides you with a compensation plan that has 8 different ways of making money. This includes retail profits, residual income, matching bonuses and a luxury car bonus. It is a unique remix of the MLM business model.

How Much Does it Cost to Join ARIIX?

To get started with ARIIX MLM, you will need to make a minimum purchase of an enrollment package. Each product has a Personal Volume (PV) and you choose the package that is at the business level that you want.

To keep your membership active, you will also need to purchase or sell $148 worth of products every four weeks.

Once your membership is in place, you can set up a personal e-store to advertise products and make retail sales. You can also sell products directly or you can sell on Amazon.

You are also required to attend a full day of training for a fee.

What is ARIIX Activ8 Compensation Plan?

Ariix calls their compensation plan Activ8 and says the compensation plan is “patent pending”, with unlimited width and unlimited depth. (only applicable to marketers in the USA and Canada) How do you maximize the ARIIX Activ8 Compensation Plan?Ariix multiline compensation plan

  • Launch business: there are 2 ways to activate your income position:
    • You only once sell, use or purchase an enrollment pack at 200 PV / $296 USD, or
    • Every 4 weeks you sell, use or buy an Enrollment Pack at 150 PV / $148 USD to maintain your eligible income position.
    • Choose from many packs. Ariix launch your business
  • Business level is based on your accumulative sales within the first 4 weeks. The more sales you have in the first 4 weeks, the higher your business level. It includes personal and retail sales. Ariix reach your business level
  • IIX Membership: this gives you a 15% lifetime discount on all future purchase and double all bonuses in the ACTIV8 Compensation Plan. This includes purchases of Business, Elite and Ultimate Packs.
  • Go for Gold: when you enroll 4 new ARIIX representatives within your first 8 weeks after joining, you unlock exclusive, lifetime GOLD member benefits (this is a major incentive to recruit, pointing to a biased MLM business)
  • Team Lead Bonus: you earn a percentage from the member sales and customers in their first 4 weeks. The higher your business level, the more is your Team Lead Bonus, and the more you sell, the higher is the percentage that you receive. Ariix team lead bonus
  • Base Commission: You can earn 15% of base commissionable volume on all pay lines. All volume pays, but some pay in team lead bonus, and some in base commissions. This is very confusing to understand which one is paid, and the when and why of each commission. Ariix base commission
  • Matching Bonus: you can earn a percentage of base commission on all the people that you sponsor, also known as your direct recruits, plus a percentage on those that your recruits sponsor. The percentages depend on the generation level, but varies from 15% for first generation, to 10% on second generation and 5% on subsequent generations down to 7 generations. Ariix matching bonus

How Much can You Earn with ARIIX MLM?

As long as you are continuously selling products and recruiting others to join your team, you can expect a weekly commission check. Base commissions are 15% up to $2,000 USD. But, the real money is in recruitment. The more people you can recruit and sign up, the more commissions you can make.

You will earn commissions on all the sales of your recruits. You can also achieve higher business levels based on the volume of products sold. So the more you or your recruits sell, the higher the business level.Ariix compensation planAriix lifestyle perks gives you exclusive access to beneficial rewards. For every dollar that you spend on Ariix products, you can earn Rewards dollars. You can cash in your reward dollars on Lifestyle perks, or use them to earn commission and grow your business.

As with all MLM companies, what is ARIIX compensation scheme, is very complicated and you can explore it more here.

What I like about ARIIX

  • There are several brands to promote. ARIIX sells many kinds of products and you can mix and match them to customize your business. With Affiliate marketing though you are not limited to the products of only one company.
  • ARIIX has Scientific Advisory Boards that examine each product before they put their stamp of approval on it to ensure that the products in their range are of top quality. This is the only MLM I’ve come across so far that has this safeguard. All the advisory board members have higher education in their area of expertise. ARIIX also has a Wellness Council that focuses on preventative health maintenance and an Athlete’s Council that focuses on effective nutritional supplements for athletes.
  • Cost of Living Increase ARIIX is the only MLM company that I know of, that offers a cost of living adjustment with respect to a Representative’s commissions. This adjustment normally occurs once a year to keep commission in line with inflation.

What I don’t like about ARIIX

  • You have to pay to join by buying an enrollment kit.
  • To keep your membership active, you have to place an order of at least $148 USD every 4 weeks.
  • Products are not FDA approved. Products promoted by MLM’s are normally not approved by the FDA and ARIIX is no exception. The FDA will step in to investigate when there’s a problem with a product.
  • When you accept the ARIIX opportunity as a representative, you will be responsible for paying all your expenses including food, lodging, travel, phone expenses, and office expenses.
  • According to the Terms and Conditions, you agree to allow ARIIX to use your name, photo and personal story in any advertising and/or promotional material as well as any remuneration claims, so be aware of it.

Is ARIIX MLM a Good Way to Make Money?What is ARIIX opportunity

Multi Level Marketing is an outdated business model, especially with so many other online opportunities available these days.

Operating a MLM business can be far more expensive and time consuming than most people anticipate and realize.

ARIIX is not a scam. It’s actually probably one of the better MLM models around. But there is a lot of work to be done in order to make this a financially viable option for you.

An alternative to the ARIIX opportunity, is to create your own free website and promote several products that you like.

Final Thoughts on What is ARIIX and My #1 Recommendation

The path to the top and success is booby trapped with all sorts of conditionalities that are almost impossible to meet or achieve. As with all MLM businesses, you have to buy an Enrollment kit or starter kit, so you pay to join. That means you are out-of-pocket even before you have started.

So escape the MLM rat race and join the Affiliate Network platform that marketers are switching to, from MLM to Affiliate Marketing. If you want to create your own business with a flexible work schedule, check out my #1 Recommendation on how to get started. You won’t have to part with any money to get started here and you’ll get tons of free stuff.

So stop wasting your time chasing MLM, they are not worth the effort. If you have any suggestions or experience with ARIIX reviews, then please leave your comments below and I will get back to you.

22 thoughts on “What is ARIIX? The ARIIX Opportunity Review”

  1. ARIIX looks interesting, but I was out at MLM.  I have tried so many of them, including other health company MLM opportunities, and it just doesn’t work out well for me.  I am not good at marketing.  For me I have to be using the product and seeing the benefit before I can honestly try to market it.  Seems that most MLM programs are really hard to optain the upper level payouts. 

    • I worked for Usborne Books at Home, a MLM company, for nearly 10 years, and the best thing I did was to leave them and start affiliate marketing. If you are not recruiting and building a team, then you will not get to the top levels in a MLM business.

  2. Hi Line
    Thanks for sharing your review on Ariix which literally means gold .but after going through the whole review I could sense that it is not even silver .the compensation plan is so confusing or I doubt that it is intentionally made confusing .complete claims to be a global but does not allow countries . In many countries making payment to join network marketing company is illegal. Hence I go with you and gives a total thumbs down.
    Thanks and regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • There are indeed certain countries where it is illegal to have to pay to join a company, which is why ARIIX MLM only operates in some countries. I do not recommend the ARIIX opportunity to join them. 

  3. I loved your ARIIX review. 

    Until reading your article I had never heard of ARIIX.

    It doesn’t sound like something that would interest me because as you mentioned the products are not FDA approved.

    As someone with sensitive skin, I would not use products or recommend products that were not FDA approved. That just doesn’t sit right with me.

    I also believe a website offering affiliate products or a Shopify store would be a much more viable option as a home-based business.

    • I would not use a supplement or weight loss product if it is not FDA approved, otherwise you could be taking something that is harmful. ARIIX MLM is not for me and if you do want to promote health and well ness products, you can successfully do it with affiliate marketing. 

  4. Thanks for sharing this review of ARIIX with us. I do definitely agree that Multi-Level-Marketing is starting to become a bit of an outdated business model. Lots of MLMs require speaking to and marketing to lots of different people. Friends and family may be weary of your antics, strangers online think you’re just a spammer (depending on your marketing strategy you most certainly might be), and products offered by MLM companies can be quite pricey. I believe for MLM to survive, utilizing an affiliate marketing website and proper usage of social media outlets will be needed. 

    • Many products from MLM companies can be purchased at a lower price either on Amazon or on other websites, so I do not think it is worthwhile joining ARIIX MLM 

  5. I’m not surprised at all that this came from Utah. MLM programs thrive here. Everyone I know is either actively involved in several products selling to their friends and families or they had been involved in one in the past. It’s so much in that state it gets a little annoying but I’m glad to find something new i haven’t heard about before. 

  6. Hi, thanks for the review, although I have not heard of Ariix I am aware of similar MLM’s which once you are on the bandwagon it become very hard to know when to stop. Your review covers all the pro’s and Cons’s with recommendations on better alternatives which will be a great help for newbies wanting to make money online. 

    • MLM is an outdated business model and although ARIIX opportunity seems to be better that many, I think you have a better chance of making money selling health and wellness products through affiliate marketing. 

  7. Hi and thanks for sharing this. Looking at just the base matching commissions, all those commissions add up to 50% already. Then you have the team lead bonus which can be as high as 30%. Does all that mean that 80% of sales is going to commissions straight off the bat? It does look as if the products themselves are highly expensive and I am guessing this could be part of the explanation. Even if Ariix is one of the better MLM operations out there I agree with you, this is a somewhat outdated business model. In some respects, you could even say that MLM is a bit of a relic from pre-internet days. Thanks again, Andy

  8. I am very glad to have come across your ARIIX Opportunity review with all the details I need to evaluate the ARIIX program. I pretty much could have stopped reading when you mentioned it was an MLM. Ugh – they are everywhere! I’m not opposed to putting up capital / an investment to start a business, but MLM structures seem like nothing but a trap to take your money!

    • After having work for an MLM for 10 years, I cannot recommend the business model, and that includes the ARIXX opportunity. MLM is an outmoded business model that does not work. 

  9. Hi, 

    I have never heard of ARIIX but I have been involved in MLM companies before as a customer as well as independent consultant. It is interesting to see what other companies have to offer. 

    I do think it is a bit silly to pay to join the the company and seems even more crazy to commit to a certain order size every 3 months. You are right – seems like you are out of pocket before you even start. 

    Would you say that someone who has no interest on the products get involved with ARIIX? I find it that I change my taste in products quite a lot and there are not many that I like. Especially when it comes to nutrition and skincare.



    • If you are not interested in the product, then never get involved in the company that sells or produces them. And that goes for any product, not just ARIIX MLM. 

  10. Thank you for interesting review. I haven’t heard about ARIIX before but to be fair I’m not a big fan of multi level marketing in general. Entry costs are quite high for beginners and time needed to have decent return of investment is not worth effort. I believe there are much better opportunities to earn money online, especially related to affiliate marketing. And I would much more recommend invest money in wealthy affiliate platform then to focus on ARIIX or similar program..

  11. Hi Line’, 

    You have surely done your homework on ARIIX. This is a lot of information for the folks who are looking to get in on MLM it seems like a legit opportunity. From what you have presented it seems they actually care about the products they are putting out there and once you establish your membership level if promoted properly one could make a great deal of money. 

    I still have to agree with most of the folks out there and on this blog, I am down with affiliate marketing. I feel you have more of an opportunity to make your online business into anything you like. In my opinion, this makes it more enjoyable and easier to continue for long-term sustainability.

    I could see these platforms working together too. If one was already in the MLM for any product, why couldn’t you set up your own e-commerce store and sell the products you should be promoting for your MLM adventure? That’s not really affiliate marketing but is online marketing. Seems like an opportunity to diversify. 

    Thanks for sharing! My money is on Wealthy Affiliate, which is the platform I started all of my sites on.


    • I agree with you that affiliate marketing is the way to go and getting the training from Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to get started. 


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