What Is Social Media Lead Machine? Is Blake Nubar A Scam?

Most people these days have at least one social media account, so you have probably seen the advertisements for Social Media Lead Machine Blake Nubar Partner Program. But what is Social Media Lead Machine? And is Blake Nubar a scam?

Blake Nubar Partner Program reviews will see if the Social Media Lead Machine masterclass delivers what it promises. Have you seen the advertisements for marketing guru Blake Nubar and his Social Media Lead Machine? Will Blake bring you the financial abundance you desire?

Blake Nubar Partner Program Reviews

  • Name: Social Media Lead Machine logo for Blake Nubar partner program reviews
  • Website: www.socialmedialeadmachine.com
  • Founder: Blake Nubar
  • Product Type: ebook + Masterclass
  • Price: $7 for PDF blueprint + $37 for DFY templates + $197 for the masterclass.
  • Quick Summary: Social Media Lead Machine is a course created by Blake Nubar that shows you how to use social media to produce endless leads. The course talks about optimizing your Facebook profile to attract potential clients and convert them into paying customers.

There are online courses that can help you convert followers into loyal customers. One of these courses is Social Media Lead Machine by Blake Nubar. Blake claims that his system will help you get free and unlimited leads.

However, is this completely over hyped, or will it actually help you?

Is Social Media Lead Machine, the social media marketing software from Blake Nubar, worth it?

You might not realize it, but every time you are commenting, sharing and posting on Facebook, you are generating organic traffic back to your profile page.

However, if your profile is not optimized to capture and convert traffic, then you are missing out on free potential online sales. And this is what Blake Nubar is converting to leads and sales.

You might find this post on Missinglettr, What is the best social media marketing software, helpful if you want access to a free plan for social sharing.

Social Media Lead Machine Blake Nubar Partner Program

Social Media Lead Machine partner program gives you the tools to build a social media lead generation business with Blake Nubar. But, can you really use it to generate unlimited leads and sales on social media?

The program claims to show you how to generate unlimited leads using social media. According to some publicity material, it only takes 90 minutes to set up, with zero complicated tech.

The advertisement also claims you can make $25,000 in the first 9 days. However, this system will not set up in 90 minutes and earn you $25K in 9 days. advertisement for Social Media Lead Machine Blake Nubar partner programThe sales page on the website have statements like:

  • Get unlimited free traffic,
  • Perfect for both beginners and experts,
  • Works for any type of business.

Blake claims you can get free traffic, implying that he will teach you organic ways to get more followers. Organic methods mean not using paid advertising. However, it is not as easy as it claims to be.

These over the top claims are huge red flags to me.

So, is Blake Nubar’s Done For You system legit? Is Social Media Lead Machine a legitimate program and who is Blake Nubar?

Is Blake Nubar A Scam?

Blake Nubar is the creator of Social Media Lead Machine. He is a very successful entrepreneur and internet marketer. photo of Blake Nubar, creator of Social Media Lead Machine Blake Nubar partner programHe specializes in creating funnels and funnel training and is a recipient of Clickfunnels’ Two Comma Club. This means he has earned millions in Clickfunnel sales.

Social Media Lead Machine is not a scam. It is a legitimate program that offers training on social media marketing and generating leads. The program has been designed to help online businesses who are struggling to set up the right funnels, and attract leads.

Blake Nubar Partner Program is a ready-to-run business model, which is easy to clone and run. It allows you to rebrand the digital product and sales funnel, that works for any business and any niche.

Blake Nubar boasts that the system is put together in such a way, that you can plug into it and then succeed on auto pilot.

Now to me, any program that says you can run it on auto pilot and only needs 90 minutes of work, has alarm bells ringing for me. So, what is Social Media Lead Machine Blake Nubar Partner Program?

What Is Social Media Lead Machine?

Social Media Lead Machine is a course created by Blake Nubar that shows you how to use social media to produce never ending leads. It is basically a 2-part program consisting of a 79-page blueprint PDF and a masterclass.

Blake outlines 3 steps to strategically use your social media profile to generate organic leads and sales. These are the 3 simple steps, that according to Blake, the program can be broken down into:

  • Optimize your profile.
  • Connect your funnel.
  • Drive free traffic to it by joining and interacting in different Facebook groups.

The PDF blueprint explains in great detail how to convert your Facebook profile into a squeeze page.

This blueprint PDF (ebook) is what Blake calls “Hack Your Facebook Profile” blueprint. The 79-page ebook teaches you how to transform your social media profile and sell your products and services online. It also discusses how to build a massive following.

Basically, what the blueprint tells you, is how to transform your Facebook profile into a squeeze page. A squeeze page is the first part of a funnel, where you are ultimately directing your audience to the product or service you want them to buy.

The PDF document introduces you to lead traps, lead magnets, squeeze pages, funnels, email sequences, messenger chat bots, split testing and more. There is a lot of information and resources here.

This will supposedly transform your Facebook profile into a never ending lead generator that will run on autopilot. Now to be frank, I do not believe any program that claims to run on autopilot. landing page for what is Social Media Lead Machine Blake Nubar partner program

Inside Social Media Lead Machine PDF

After you have paid $7 and created your account, you can download the Social Media Lead Machine blueprint. This is a well written ebook that is divided into 7 chapters. These are the chapters:

  • Your ideal lead magnet.
  • Write a persuasive Call-to-Action (CTA).
  • Improve and optimize the performance of your Facebook landing page.
  • Create simple and effective landing pages.
  • Money making email sequences.
  • Engage on social media.
  • Unlimited free leads and sales.

So, essentially you are learning how to set up your Facebook profile to function as a landing page. Using the methods used in the ebook, you learn how to engage with people on Facebook. The aim is to get them to check out your profile, which then send them to a sales funnel.

But is purchasing the ebook enough to set up your online business?

Do remember, the reason the PDF is priced as low at only $7, is because Blake wants you to buy the Social Media Lead Machine Masterclass. As a beginner, you will not know where to begin with lead magnets, email captures, split testing etc.

So you will need the masterclass to start turning your Facebook page into a lead trap. To start churning out “unlimited” leads, you need to buy the masterclass package of tools and Done For You resources.

However, is the masterclass worth the investment?

Social Media Lead Machine Masterclass

The PDF blueprint is only a teaser of what Blake wants you to buy, namely the Social Media Lead Machine masterclass.

This is a very common marketing tactic that is used by many program creators. You are offered a product at a low price, and then entice you with an upsell of a high-ticket product. This could lead to many thinking is Blake Nubar a scam.

You are provided with just enough information to stimulate your interest, but without the details to see you all the way through. Social Media Lead Machine Blake Nubar Partner Program reviews

So, if you are a beginner internet marketer, the information in the PDF is inadequate to get you started. You have no idea as a beginner how lead magnets, landing pages etc. work, so you need to buy the masterclass to succeed.

What is inside Social Media Lead Machine Masterclass

These are all the tools and resources you are provided with when buying what is Social Media Lead Machine masterclass. It consists of 5 phases with 3 bonuses: what is Social Media Lead Machine Blake Nubar program

  • Phase 1: Create your traffic machine by utilizing Blake Nubar’s social media profile strategy. So, you build your traffic machine with templates using Blake Nubar’s social media profile system.
  • Phase 2: Making an irresistible lead trap that your visitors would find very hard to refuse.
  • Phase 3: Launch your sales funnel. You do this by linking a Done For You funnel that will draw new leads and customers.
  • Phase 4: 5 Profit maximizing emails to convert cold customers into loyal fans.
  • Phase 5: Join and participate in Facebook groups to get unlimited sales and leads. By joining Facebook groups and being active in them, you can draw visitors into your funnel.

These are the 3 bonuses you get with Social Media Lead Machine masterclass:

  • Bonus 1: Evergreen messenger chat bot.
  • Bonus 2: Underground split test secrets (10x your results).
  • Bonus 3: Supercharge your funnel with powerful add-ons.

As you find with so many similar type packages, it is given a rather random value of $4,573, which you can get for the incredibly low price of only $197.

Pros: What I like About What Is Social Media Lead Machine

  • The base product of the PDF ebook is affordable.
  • Setup is pretty straightforward and won’t take you long.
  • The ebook contains loads of information and lots of visual examples.
  • The masterclass doesn’t cost thousands to implement.
  • 14-day money back guarantee.

As with every program, there are areas where Social Media Lead Machine Blake Nubar partner program can be improved.

Cons: What I don’t like

  • The PDF is basically just a squeeze page to upsell to the masterclass.
  • The upsell of the $197 Social Media Lead Machine Masterclass, is very heavily pushed throughout the ebook.
  • Beginners or inexperienced marketers will have to buy the masterclass to be able to implement what is shown in the PDF.
  • The Done For You system has misleading claims, including unrealistic earning claims of making thousands in a matter of days.
  • You will be selling the same system to others.
  • Aim of the system is to turn your Facebook profile into a squeeze page, that is filled with lead traps and automation. This appears spammy to me.
  • To run the program, you need a domain and a funnel builder. This is not mentioned upfront in the webinar, or on the page, before you buy the program.
  • Claim in the video that it is easy, but it is not really the case. Not easy or quick money, so it is not a full autopilot money earning program. A lot of social media engagement is required.
  • Reading the small print, it is almost impossible for anybody to meet the refund conditions to get their money back.
  • Additional monthly cost of $97 for Clickfunnels.
  • Some Blake Nubar Partner Program reviews reports issues of getting refunds.

Blake Nubar Partner Program Reviews: Price

A 79-page ebook for $7, plus 2 upsells of $37 and $197:

  • $37 gives you 31 “viral post templates” that you can use to engage with people on Facebook.
  • $197 is a live demonstration of everything mentioned in the ebook, with a few extra things added.

You have to set up a Clickfunnels account, which is free for the first month, but $97 per month after your free trial.

Money back guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the program, you can send Blake an email with a copy of your receipt and the subject line as “Not For Me”. He promises you can get your money back without any hassles.

get access to what is Social Media Lead Machine

Who is Social Media Lead Machine For?

Social Media Lead Machine is suitable for entrepreneurs, business owners, course creators, coaches and consultants. The course is for you, if you want to learn how to sell your products and services online, by utilizing social media.

There is support through a private Facebook group.

Final Opinion

Blake Nubar is a successful marketer who claims that his sales funnel system can be set up in a short time, to run on auto pilot and earn you thousands.

Social Media Lead Machine consists of a 79-page PDF lead magnet and a masterclass. The detailed PDF blueprint has loads of information that an experienced marketer can use to implement strategies.

However, if you are a beginner, you will have to buy the Social Media Lead Machine masterclass to get your business off the ground.

What you are promoting is the same Social Media Leads Machine, which is the typical sell and resell packages that you also get with programs like Perpetual Income 365 and the high ticket program The Infinity Project. It is not true affiliate marketing, you are just pushing one product.

There are major red flags in the unrealistic revenue claims, time for implementation and Done For You systems. Looking for a much better alternative to this?

You might find this post on what do I need to become a successful affiliate marketer, helpful. I owe all my success to this affiliate marketing training platform, Wealthy Affiliate.

Best Alternative To Social Media Lead Machine

If you are a newbie to the concept of affiliate marketing and don’t know how or where to start, or you need help in your affiliate journey, look no further.

I’ve got you covered on how to build your own beautiful website and generate organic traffic and earn passive income online.

My top recommended program will give you access to:

  • Step-by-step training on building a profitable online affiliate marketing business.
  • A proven strategy to work smart and earn passive income.
  • Supportive community, including additional training.
  • Ongoing training and new resources publishes on a daily basis.
  • My personal help and guidance. Sign up for FREE .

best alternative to what is Social Media Lead Machine

If you have any questions or experience with what is Social Media Lead Machine, please leave them in the comments below and I will answer them.

26 thoughts on “What Is Social Media Lead Machine? Is Blake Nubar A Scam?”

  1. Wow! You’ve done all the work for your readers who want to know more about Blake Nubar’s Social Media Lead Machine. I am new to affiliate marketing, so I have only just recently heard of funnels and squeeze pages, but this post explained so much to me. 

    Most of us really dislike being mislead into believing that something we are purchasing inexpensively is the “entire package”, only to discover that bigger purchases are required to actually get the tools needed to achieve success. SCAM is the best descriptor for it. 

    I feel incredibly fortunate to have come across Wealthy Affiliates. My website is up and running, looks great, and I’m receiving invaluable training. To top it off, I love the WA community with all the helpful feedback and connection to others going through the same process. The owners have been in the business for years, and it shows! Plus, they really care about their members. 

    Great post! I’ll be back to visit. 

    • Although Upsells are very common, it is something that most people dislike. Social Media Lead Machine is a legitimate program, but I don’t like the unrealistic earning claims and hidden costs. Wealthy Affiliate is my no 1 recommendation, so it’s great to hear that you’re enjoying the training with them. All the best in your online journey. 

  2. I think anyone planning to grow their business must consider programs like Social Media Lead Machine because there are not so many legit opportunities available online. Secondly, because it’s affordable. Even if you pay for base product and two upsells, it’s still affordable for most people. Because if you don’t use social media for your online business, it will be very difficult to grow your business. In that case you have to rely on search engine traffic which may not be stable for everyone.   

    • Social media is a very important marketing platform and Social Media Lead Machine can help you to get more leads. It might not be for everyone, and anybody wondering is Blake Nubar a scam, he is not and his program is legitimate. 

  3. The course seems great, but as you say there are always those upsells that make it all unaffordable again. I wish things were transparent from the beginning of the funnel. The extra cost for Clickfunnels also makes it unaffordable for newbies.

    Do you say you have to stay pretty active on Social Media in order to make a success of this sort of advertising? I find I spend most of my spare time building my website, and not sure how much more time I could devote to this unless it was truly on autopilot once set up.

    • I agree that transparency is very important and many people dislike upsells. To make a success of what is Social Media Lead Machine, you need to be very active on social networks. I hope it helps. 

  4. As a newbie to affiliate marketing I find your review very instructive. Selling the same system accompanied by high claims to financial success does not interest me and I’ll certainly be wary of similar other ‘easy’ money making schemes. However, there is always something to learn: The process of creating a sales funnel and moving the target audience through it is intriguing and grabs my attention. I believe the overall process is similar to the marketing process adopted by many legitimate online businesses.

    Thank you for the informative article.

    • Social Media Lead Machine is a legitimate program and one can learn from all the resources in the PDF blueprint, including setting up funnels. 

  5. I have never heard about Blake Nubar, I will have to give him a look as I am always trying to keep tabs on the actors of the make-money-online world. Out of curiosity, have you been able to find other people able to get their refunds? Whenever I find an online opportunity, I always check places like Trustpilot or BBB to see what people are saying and if I see a bunch of complaints regarding not getting refunds, I always run the other way lol.

    Man, glad I caught that part where you also need to pay for click funnels, not really something you should be promoting to beginner marketers, as they are highly unlikely to possess the capital to invest in such expensive software. You really need to start out cheap at first in this lifestyle, just throwing money at things will not speed up your first commission, it really is all about methodically learning and taking apart the business in the beginning. Not to diss click funnels but seriously…beginners don’t need to be paying for that!

    Out of curiosity, does Blake Nubar use an affiliate link for click funnels in his course?

    • Blake Nubar certainly is an affiliate of Clickfunnels, so he will be earning from those signing up with Clickfunnels. Trustpilot is always a good resource and customers have had refunds, but it is not easy to get. 

  6. This is a clear, objective review of the Social Media Lead Machine program.  I am an affiliate marketer always looking for something to boost my ability to get leads and direct them to my sites or my youtube offerings.  It sounds like getting the ebook and evaluating the program after study is the way to go.  I agree that $137 is a lot particularly when one already has an online business up and running.  Thanks for this review.  I think  the information gained through the ebook will be very helpful.  I will use your link.

    • The ebook is packed with tons of information that could help beginners and experienced marketers. It is worth checking it out. 

  7. Having set up a click funnels account in the past –  the time investment alone is not something to gloss over. It clearly works for many people, but there is something misleading about using language such as easy and quick. I appreciate your alternative suggestion and in follow-up have seen much more favourable reviews to support your recommendation. Thank you. 

    • I agree that using terms like quick and easy can be very misleading, specially when it comes to setting up an online business. Social Media Lead Machine Blake Nubar program, is legitimate, even if expensive and not for everyone. 

  8. Wow, Social Media Lead Machine Blake Nubar sounds pretty legitimate; I’m always cautious about what program I get into. But I also love to learn from other different sources and integrate them into one and compare and contrast other learning programs out there. But equipped with the knowledge of marketing and affiliate marketing overall, it’s great to always have that in the toolbox because you’ll be fully equipped to build more six to seven-figure businesses.

    • Anybody wondering is Blake Nubar a scam, will find that Social Media Lead Machine is a legitimate platform that can help you earn money online.  

  9. As the saying goes, when something appears too good to be true, it probably is. That is the impression I for after reading your review of Blake Nubars Social Media Lead Machine.

    On the surface, it sounds great setting up a system to win you more leads for your business. However, when I see a program that is weighted more in favor to benefit the course creator than their customers, I wonder about their ethics. 

    Thanks for sharing the pros and cons of this course. 


    • Although Social Media Lead Machine is a legitimate program, the advertising is misleading and it is not as easy to achieve the results that Blake Nubar is talking about. So some might benefit from the program, but it is not for everybody.

  10. This platform reminds me of another one I was part of for a couple of years, but this one seems like it might actually work and not just waste or consume your time while providing no value due to the members not sharing each other’s content. Thank you for sharing this piece with us. Looking forwards to trying it out!

    • Social media is a very popular way of sharing content and building a following and traffic. Blake Nubar’s Social Media Lead Machine can help you with with sharing and getting traffic. All the best. 

  11. This is great to know! I actually have never heard of Blake Nubar before. You highlighted everything very well and covered his program in depth. I will keep him in mind for the future. Thanks for the reference! Have you personally tried his program? Right now I’m with wealthy affiliate and am loving all the knowledge and resources that I have at my fingertips.

    • Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate platform and my no. 1 recommendation for training and making money online. Blake Nubar’s Social Media Lead Machine can help you to make money online, but you need experience to get the full benefit from the program. 

  12. I always find that if there are really outrageous claims  to success there’s something not quite right.  Upsells put me off as well and make me more inclined to think it’s a scam or there’s something wrong.  Thank goodness for reviews and the internet.  I’m definitely not going to be signing onto any of Blake Nubar’s items any time soon.  Steady and secure is more my thing.

    • Overhyped claims about a program can make it appear to be a scam. Rest assured if you are wondering is Blake Nubar a scam, or his Social Media Lead Machine, it is legitimate. I hope that helps. 

  13. Wow Line , I am so pleased to read one of your articles. Wonderful, you clearly explained in detail who Blake Nubar, is, what he does and his strategy to success. Upsell is common even when people pick up takeaways they are upsold.  These  key points you bought up  “You might not realize it, but every time you are commenting, sharing and posting on Facebook, you are generating organic traffic back to your profile page.

    However, if your profile is not optimized to capture and convert traffic, then you are missing out on free potential online sales. And this is what Blake Nubar is converting to leads and sales” says in a nutshell what Blake is about.  

    I don’t think he is a scam either , just a very strategic business man with a product that is helping others.

    • Marketers can indeed benefit from using Social Media Lead Machine and optimizing their social sharing to increase traffic. 


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