What Is The Best Social Media Marketing Software: Missinglettr Review

Starting a blog and wondering what about social media scheduling tools to share your posts? Want to know what is the best social media marketing software? Automated social media marketing software from Missinglettr fits the bill perfectly.

Content marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to drive traffic to your website. Sharing and resharing on social media is important, but it takes a huge amount of time. And that is where Missinglettr comes in and can save you a ton of time.

Missinglettr is an exciting, relatively new tool for bloggers and content creators. It can help you to improve your social media content marketing campaign and take it up a notch. Put your social media marketing on autopilot with Missinglettr.

I have been using the automated social media marketing software for social marketing, so will share with you what I have found.

What Is Missinglettr?

Missinglettr has what is the best social media marketing software to grow your audience

Missinglettr is a social media management tool that automates all the tedious social media management tasks.

It is an all-in-one social marketing platform, that turns your content into engaging social media posts. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool is saving time, as well as growing organic traffic for content creators and bloggers.

The automated social media marketing software creates and schedules branded social media content, while you can be busy doing something else. It is a done-for-you content curation solution. It finds the best influencers in your niche, thereby helping you solve distribution issues.

Missinglettr takes all the hard work out of social media marketing for bloggers. The best content curation software is a game-changer. It monitors my websites and automatically creates a social media campaign.

I receive an email when the campaign is ready for me to review. So, I just need to select the hashtags, images and quotes that I want to use. Schedule your social sharing months in advance with Missinglettr.

How Does Missinglettr Work?

When it comes to what about social media scheduling tools, Missinglettr is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is register and connect your social media profiles and then configure a few campaign settings.

Through artificial intelligence software, Missinglettr runs on autopilot and creates a year’s worth of social media posts. It uses a combination of your own blog posts and curated content from other blogs in your niche.

Missinglettr automatically discovers content that is popular and already loved by your audience. It is seamlessly shared across all social media platforms. Missinglettr save you tons of hours, because you will not have to manually curate content for your social media posts.

One dashboard connects all your social media channels, including FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google My Business. Currently Pinterest is not available, but it is in the pipeline and they are working with Pinterest to get acceptance.

Outgrow your competition with Missinglettr. It grows brand awareness and thus, growing your business.

If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to streamline your social media marketing, it is definitely worth looking at Missinglettr.  What about social media scheduling tools will coordinate your social strategy

Features of Missinglettr

Missinglettr is much more than just a social media scheduling tool. It creates campaigns out of any content such as blog posts, videos and ebooks, and gets content in front of more people.

The range of features is designed to help content creators drive meaningful traffic and engagement for every published piece of content, by creating automated social media campaigns.

Due to the features of Missinglettr, it can create a social media strategy on its own. So, let’s take a closer look at the unique features of what is the best social media marketing software, to leverage growing your social presence.

Drip Campaign

Drip campaigns turn every blog post on your site into social media content. The AI technology goes through your posts, find hashtags, images and quotes to use to create content for social sharing.

Wording for each post is auto-generated and quotes are chosen by Missinglettr from within your blog content. It offers a variety of ways for the quote to be framed. You can either go for their suggestion, or edit the quote and template the way you want it to look.

As you publish new content, Missinglettr will find it and automatically prepare a campaign for you to review. Older blog posts can be added, so it is a great way to repurpose older blog posts and keep them in front of your audience.

Thus, it leaves you to create content for your blog, while Missinglettr will take care of social sharing.

Drip campaign is created with what is the best social media marketing software

Built-in Calendar

This feature allows you to create a marketing schedule. Here you can review scheduled posts, as well as get an overview of your drip campaigns and curated content.

Calendar does more than just schedule posts. It also helps you to review your drip campaigns and keep track of curated content.

The multi-purpose calendar is intuitive and really easy to use. It has a drag-and-drop feature and in a matter of minutes, you can start scheduling, reviewing, editing and creating content.

When I look at what about social media scheduling tools, this is the perfect tool for any blogger that wants to get better at content marketing.


The analytics tool gives you insight into how you are performing on social media. In the analytics dashboard you can monitor your social content that is being sent out. This enables you to keep track of social metrics that matter the most.

Missinglettr show you which social media channel is best for your business and audience and tells you their location, browser and operating system.

Analytics shows you where your clicks are coming from and the best times of the day to publish. So use what is the best social media marketing software, to schedule times for when your audience is online.

All the campaign metrics can be viewed in one central place. The big advantage is that you do not need to log into your different social media accounts to view the metrics. You can access all the data within Missinglettr.

Missinglettr analytics shows where clicks are coming from and time of the day.


The best content curation software is an optional add-on and with curate you can easily find engaging content. It fits within your niche and you can share with your audience.

In the same way makes it easy for other curate users to share your content with their audience.

Missinglettr will suggest other people’s content to share, but you can edit and change it to suit your style. This is a great feature if you don’t have time to find content to share with your audience.

It helps to build trust. Split should be roughly two-thirds to three quarters your own, and a quarter to a third other content that is not yours.

Custom URL shorteners

All the social media created by Missinglettr, has a link back to your blog, using a URL shortener. As default, Missinglettr uses their own URL shortener (lttr.ai) as it helps to track and analyze your campaign performance.

You can use a different provider like bitly, PixelMe, replug or any others you prefer.

Brand Customization

Missinglettr creates branded imagery to go with the social media content created. To stay on-brand, you can customize existing templates. You can change the font, font size, alignment, colors, weight and the background.

With the background you have several options:

  • Automatically extract images from the blog post.
  • Add a custom image.
  • Choose an image from a gallery.
  • Or use a plain colored background.

It just takes a few clicks. Dynamic images that change automatically for each campaign, can also be done.

Medium.com Integration

Missinglettr has integration with Medium.com, where content can be shared to boost the exposure and reads

If you have a Medium account, you can automatically republish your blog post using Missinglettr. To get started, you just need to connect your Medium account. Your blog post will automatically be republished on Medium, thus opening up to a whole new audience. This way you can maximize the impact and ROI of your blog posts, without harming your SEO.

Client Approvals

If you are a social media content manager for clients, you can do it through Missinglettr. You provide the client’s email address, and they will receive an email to approve or reject the campaign.

You can also edit it according to your client’s instructions.

Still wondering what is the best social media marketing software? I found it in Missinglettr. But let’s explore Missinglettr and have a look at what your dashboard looks like.

Exploring Missinglettr

When it comes to what about social media scheduling tools, Missinglettr is extremely effective. So let’s have a closer look.


Your first step is to set up your profile and connect all your social media accounts. When you connect your RSS feed or YouTube channel, Missinglettr will automatically detect when you publish new content. Otherwise, you have to add a URL manually.

If you do not know the RSS feed, just put in the URL for your site and add /feed, so for my site I used ecoworldonline.com/feed. I have 2 websites and I could add both of them. Just add and remember to “SAVE”.

Once your URL is submitted and detected, Missinglettr will show you the last few posts, and you can set up a campaign.

If you have written guest posts for other sites, you can promote it as well. Just enter the URL of your guest post, and it will automatically create an engaging social media campaign.

Missinglettr automatica schedule and setting up dates for posting


Side Bar

When you hover over the sidebar, you will see the dashboard where you have access to campaigns, curate, schedule, analytics and settings.

Under settings you can customize dates and times, fonts, templates and everything you want to change. You have control over templates to suit your writing style.

There is a Facebook community and a Help Center as well, both places where you can ask for help.

Setting Up New Campaigns

When a campaign is ready for you to approve, you will receive an email. Just follows these simple steps to set up your campaign:

Misssinglettr schedule content and media

  • Default setting for a campaign is 12 months evergreen, but instead of selecting an “evergreen” campaign,What about social media scheduling tools has options for posting frequency you have other options. You can select 6 months evergreen, or select 2 weeks or 2 months campaign. The 2-week blast for instance will give you 7 posts spread over 14 days. Shorter blast are perfect when you are running a special offer or having a sale. It would also apply to anything seasonal like Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter, that it not suitable for an evergreen campaign.
  • Next select hashtags: there are 10 suggested hashtags that you can select, reject or add some of your own. Hashtags that are selected are rated out of 5 for popularity, so when you decide which ones to use, you can see how likely they are to be successful.
  • Select media and upload image or video. You can crop, edit, delete, upload new images and add stickers if you want.
  • Select quotes : quotes are snippets from you blog post and are automatically generated from content (9 posts in evergreen campaign, so need 9 quotes). With the quotes it gives you more text suggestions and you can pick your favorites. Delete and added more as you wish.
  • Click on Build Campaign: Each post is customizable and designed to match your brand. You can click on the arrows next to images, quotes and speech bubbles to customize the post for each day.
Use what are social media marketing tools to customize posts
  • After you have reviewed the post, you are ready to launch. Click on “confirm this is my content or somebody in the team”, before you can launch.
  • Launch campaign. Nine posts are spread out over the 365 days of the year. This drives engagement and traffic back to your blog.

You do have the final say in what gets posted, so you are in full control of what is shared.

Driving traffic to content is hard, and it takes time to manage social strategy. Consistently need to post and promote. When you use Missinglettr best content curation software, it makes that a lot easier and quicker for you.

So let’s look at the price plans for Missinglettr automated social media marketing software.

Missinglettr Pricing Plans

There are 3 plans available to suit your budget: Free, Solo and Pro. There is a 14-day free trial for the paid plans. During the free trial, you will have access to all the features of the plan.

  • The free plan has limited features with only 1 social media profile and 50 scheduled posts.
  • Solo Plan: for small but experienced bloggers $19 / month.
  • Pro Plan: for professional bloggers and large teams $59 / month. Under the Pro plan up to 9 social profiles can be added and have 3,000 scheduled posts.- so if scheduled at a given time, if you post 10 that day, then can schedule another 10.

Price plans for Missinglettr automated social media marketing software

There are 2 add-ons and the cost is over and above the cost of your plan:

  • Curate is an additional cost of $49 / month. Curate will find valuable content in your niche, and make it easy for other businesses to find your content too, and share. Although without curate you will still be able to share content in your niche, you won’t be able to promote your own content to other curate users. It is an add-on that is highly recommended to increase your exposure.
  • Agency Add-on: for large agencies and large teams $147 / month. Try Missinglettr for what is the best social media marketing software

Pros: What I Like About Missinglettr

There are many benefits to using what is the best social media marketing software:

  • It has a clean interface that is very user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Perfect for anybody that is new to social media automation.
  • Your social media campaign is put on autopilot. I find at the moment is that I don’t have to think about social media posts happening in 180 days time.
  • It lets you schedule posts for an entire year.
  • Templates are customizable, so you can keep your post consistent and on brand.
  • Customer support has been great and any of my questions via email has been answered promptly and with lots of detail.
  • Hashtags can be saved for future use.
  • Natural language processing is used.
  • With plans starting at $19 / month, it is very affordable, even for solopreneurs.
  • A free 14-day trial is available, which is great if you want to give them a try. You do not need you credit card to sign up.

Cons: Where Missinglettr Can Improve

This is where the automated social media marketing software can do better:

  • The analytics data is not as powerful as some of its competitors.
  • No live chat is offered.
  • Would like to see interface with Pinterest. If you would like to have an interface with Pinterest, Crowdfire does have social sharing to Pinterest.

If you would like to evaluate other social media sharing tools before you make a decision, then you might find this review on What is Crowdfire about, helpful.

You might also find this post on What is Social Media Lead Machine, helpful.

Recap How Missinglettr Works

  • Connect a content source to Missinglettr.
  • The software will detect when you publish your next blog post
  • Missinglettr will create a social media campaign.
  • Go into Drip Campaigns where you can review it and approve it. This way you can make sure that you are happy with the social content that is sent out.
  • Once you have approved the campaign, posts will gradually be dripped out to your social media profiles.

In just a few clicks, you can turn a single blog post into a year’s worth of social content.

Don’t be scared to keep on posting. People see a post once, and then forget about it if you do not share it again. Having a presence will make a difference. If you post infrequently, it limits opportunity to exposure.

Final Thoughts On What About Social Media Scheduling Tools

If you want an affordable way to manage your social media scheduling, then Missinglettr fits the bill. Beginners will find it easy to understand and the AI is good enough to engage your followers.

Analytics data is enough to do the job, even if it is not as detailed as you might want.

Missinglettr does support other languages. If you have special characters that is not supported, contact the support team and they will fix it for you.

Good news is that you do not have to make an immediate commitment. There is a 14-day free trial of the paid plans, as well as a free plan. Try out either option to see if Missinglettr is the right automated social media marketing software for you.

You do not need your credit card to sign up. Use my link to get the special discount deals:

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  1. Dealing with social media is one of the least favorite tasks for small businesses. It’s extremely time-consuming and it’s hard to tell whether or not efforts are effective. Thanks for the review about Missinglettr social media marketing software — I know a lot of people who are looking for a better way to manage the social media beast! It does look like a pretty good solution, but how does the cost rank compared to other options (like the ones with more robust analytics)?

    • Hi there, Missinglettr is better priced than other platforms like Semrush, who has better analytics. IUsing the best content curation software can certainly help you to automate your social media sharing. 

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    I am new to blogging and trying to bring more traffic to my website, I also have an Instagram account that I would like to use to promote my blog! 

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    • Hi Alex, the 14-day free trial will let you “test drive” the automated social media marketing software. Please let me know how you get on. Liné

  3. Sounds interesting – So if I start with the free plan I can only use 1 social media profile ? The AI goes through my blogs and  will create evergreen campaigns on my chosen social media profile and I imagine 50 scheduled posts on the free plan would run out pretty quickly urging people to buy the 19dollar monthly plan – which is still reasonable . I would need help with Instagram for instance although you mention that it is not  available on pinterest yet . Certainly creating content does take up a noatload of time so a software that effectively helps to reduce this time would be very useful .

    • During the 14-day free trial, you have access to all the features of the Pro plan. This gives you the opportunity to test it for yourself. So you can connect all your social media profiles to start with. During the free trial you can see which ones drive the most traffic, so if you want to stick to the free plan, you now to keep the one that drives most traffic.

      With scheduled posts, it is what you have in the queue. So if you have scheduled 50 posts, and 5 of them are posted, you can schedule another 5 to bring you up to the total of 50 again. I hope that helps. 

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    • Missinglettr is different to a social sharing plugin. A plugin will share a new blog post to your social media profiles, but only once. Missinglettr will automatically select hashtags, images and quotes from your content, and than automatically share it to your social profiles. So you don’t have to create the posts yourself. 

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  6. Thanks so much for such a comprehensive review on the Missinglettr platform. I have to admit that although I fully understand the value of Social  Media to my business, its one of my least favorite tasks. Also when I have tried automation in the past I have used sites like Hootsuite and and just found it too expensive in the long term.

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    Thanks again for a great review, I really appreciate the depth you went to in showcasing this tool.

    • I have indeed benefited from using the Missinglettr automated social media marketing software and if you use the special link, you get 50% off any plan for the first 3 months (this doesn’t include a trial). Curate makes it easy for other curate members to also share your content, so it increases your exposure. 

      Those that use curate, say the additional cost is well worth it, but it would depend on the size of your business and your budget. 

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    • The automated social media marketing software from Missinlettr, has made it a lot easier for me to share on social media. I am sure you will find it is easy to use and affordable. And if you use my special link, you can get 50% off any plan for the first 3 months (this doesn’t include a trial). I hope it helps. 

  9. This is very interesting. So far I have taken a manual approach to social media for my business. Results are sporadic and actually sometimes surprising but mostly disappointing. Every time I work through the checklist I use when I publish a post and I get to the point where it says, post on FB, Twitter, etc, I groan to myself. So something that does all the hard work is tempting indeed. Though I would only want to start with the no-cost approach, since I only have one site, however, only one social media profile would be rather limiting. I think I should check this out. Best regards, Andy

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    • Hi Diana, I have certainly found that Missinlettr is taking the hard work out of social media sharing for me. If you are wondering what about social media scheduling tools and how can they help you, Missinglettr is indeed helping me. All the best, Liné

  11. We all know the role that social media plays in online marketing. When you publish a new blog post, you want to promote it right away on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media accounts.

    But as crucial as it is, social media scheduling is a huge time suck. And you’ll need to dedicate manpower for posting social media content. Rather than allocating resources to other aspects of your business, your time and employees will end up working on your social media campaigns.

    It’s even worse for solopreneurs who already have a lot on their plate as it is.

    So what then is the solution?

    Missinglettr might be what you need. This online tool helps its users automate social media posts. And in this Missinglettr review, we’ll tell you how it can help you improve your social media content marketing campaign and take it to the next level.

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    • Hi Lorenz, Anybody that is looking to automate their content marketing and wondering what about social media scheduling tools, can benefit from using Missinglettr. And it is indeed great that they have a free trial and a free plan to try the best content curation software. All the best, Liné 

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    • Hi Jim, Missinglettr is working with Pinterest for integration, so it is in the pipeline. I also use Pinterest a lot, so would like to see that. By I have noticed an increase in my Facebook and Instagram traffic. And to trial it either for free, or $5 for a month, is well worth and very affordable. I am sure you will find it easy to use, Liné

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    • Hi there, I have 2 websites in 2 niches and each has their own social media profile. I have connected both websites and the different social media accounts to Missinglettr. With the Solo plan you can connect 3 social media accounts and with the Pro plan you can connect 9. So you can set up different social media accounts for your different niches and connect them all. All the best, Liné

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    • Hi Jenni, the free trial will give you access to all the features of the Pro plan, so you can see which of you social media platforms perform best, and then choose that. To start with the free plan and just post on Facebook, is indeed a very good starting point. All the best, Liné

  20. Looks like Missinglettr is a great social media marketing tool for bloggers and content creators. This tool uses Artificial Intelligence to turns your content into engaging social media posts. It monitors your websites and automatically creates a social media campaign where you have to just need to select the hashtags, images, and quotes and that’s all the rest is taken care of by Missinglettr itself. It has lots of unique features like the Drip campaign creates a new campaign every time a new post is posted, a Built-in calendar to maintain a schedule, The  Analytics tool for measuring your performance, An optional add-in called Curate that gives you engaging content ideas, and many more. The Dashboard and sidebar hold all the menu and features of Missinglettr where you can customize according to your needs. At last, the most interesting part is the pricing where you can avail the 14-day free trial for paid plans. The free plan lets you connect one social account and 50 schedule posts where the Solo and Pro plan costs you $19 and $59 per month. The solo plan lets you connect 3 social accounts and 500 schedule posts and Pro 9 Accounts and 3000 posts. Thanks, Aly for this nice piece of information.

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    • Hi Mike, the good thing with Missinglettr is that you do have a free trial, and it certainly takes all the hard work of creating social media posts away. All the best, Liné

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    • Hi there, with the curate add-on, you can indeed share content from other blogs, and other curate users can also share your content. I hope it helps. All the best. 

  24. What a fantastic review on this software, Missinglettr. I have not heard of it before, is it like Hootsuite? Based on your review it sounds like just what I need as a blogger myself. It has always felt so tedious to write all kinds of social media on top of blog articles so this would alleviate that work while furthering my brand!

    • Missinglettr is indeed similar to Hootsuite. Any blogger that is wondering what about social media scheduling tools to help them with social media sharing, will benefit from the automated social media marketing software.

  25. Wow- Missinglettr looks like a great all in one marketing solution!  I am often overwhelmed when it comes to marketing because there are so many different ways to go.  Creating a years worth of posts would save me tons of time. I am amazed at this technology.  I often find myself spending so much time and energy on my articles that I don’t make the effort I need to for marketing. I know not to rely entirely keywords to get traffic. I love that there is a free option just to be able to check it out initially. Thank you so much for this awesome review!

    • Missinglettr is indeed saving me a ton of time. It takes a lot of time to do social media sharing, and with Missinglettr it takes all the hard work out of it. It is well worth starting with the free trial and see what a difference it will make. All the best, Liné

  26. Hello

    I enjoyed your article on The Best Social Media Marketing Software. You provided a lot of vital information, and I like that. This Missingltr software sounds exciting and like something we as bloggers could benefit from. I had no idea how I was going to start connecting my content to my social media. I’m glad you introduced us to this beneficial software. I am going to check it out. I especially like the fact that it creates media campaigns for us automatically. That does save us a whole lot of time to focus on other things. Awesome article!


    • Hi Virginia, I certainly find that Missinglettr is saving me a lot of time, so would recommend that you give it a trial. All the best, Liné

  27. These days there seem to be too many internet marketing tools to keep a tab on all. It is the first time I’m hearing of Missinglettr. Your review makes it worth checking out. The fact that support for Pinterest is not integrated can be a deal-breaker for most of us who use it for marketing purposes.

    • Missinglettr is working with Pinterest to get the collaboration approved. I am certainly finding that Missinglettr is saving me a lot of time when it comes to sharing to social media. All the best, Liné

  28. Hi, I have looked in to AI tools before and feel they dont always hit the right notes but I can’t say this for the tool you write about here as I havent used it. I found that you sometime struggle to get the quality that you would otherwise get when writing yourself as the ‘Expert’. Eitherway I think you have done a great job here of highlighting its features and I may look at trialing this out to see what it can do.

  29. The part of being an online entrepreneur I least like to do is handing over my time to social media to drive engagement. I’m constantly on the lookout for new tools which can make the hassle of social media management more manageable. Your comprehensive review of Missinglettr makes it seem like a promising tool! I’ll give it a try to see if it fits my needs.

  30. This article is amazing! I had no idea that there were tools that can help you in online marketing and campaigns. I think I’ll give Missinglettr a try since you’ve built it up quite well. I’ve always found managing social media campaigns quite hectic and this might relieve a lot of work off my shoulders. The plans are affordable and the UI looks amazing! Kudos to you and your amazing work.

  31. Missinglettr, such a catchy but confusing name. When I saw it at first, I thought it was an error from your end. Not until I read through the article and got to know what it is all about and how it can be very beneficial. From what I can understand, this is a very great tool for marketing ones business through social media marketing. I will surely see how I can make use of this software for my business.

    • Missinglettr is indeed an great automated social sharing tool that can save you a lot of time to market your content. I am sure you will find it easy to use and beneficial to your business. All the best, Liné

  32. You’ve inspired me to sign up. How can I go wrong for just $5 and get Curate included? This tool should cut my time down from hours to minutes and improve my ability to be consistent with releasing my posts to social media. I’m new to social media and recently realized that there is a default setting to post only to friends. So this tool will help me catch up on all the posts and pages that I’ve written and only my friends have seen. I love the ability to use it to manage content for clients as well. I plan on marketing my management skills and this will make me into a superhero.

  33. Thanks so much for this helpful review of missinglettr. I definitely need to find something to help with social automation because it is a time-consuming beast of a chore. I am going to need something that works with pinterest too though, so I’m not sure I want to get too vested in something that is still going to leave a big piece missing. Thank you so much! 

    • Missinglettr is working with Pinterest to get collaboration, so it is in the pipeline to have that included. You could sign up to the completely free plan and then reassess when Pinterest is added as a platform. Hope it helps, Liné

  34. I am very new to blogging so this is all foreign to me. Thank you so much for a comprhensive review on missinglettr social media software. It has opened my eyes to all the possibilities available to me as I continue to write content for my  blog.

    Does missinglettr create the hashtags or does that only work with the curate add-on?


    • Hi there, Missinglettr creates the hashtags, but you can also create your own. Curate is for sharing other peoples content and for yours to be shared by others.I hope it helps.

  35. Thank you for your blog reviewing this Social Media software Missinglettr.  I found it very eye opening.  I didn’t realize how far they’ve come in automating this type of marketing.  I’ve been blogging for a good while now and always found  most social media platforms to be very useful but also very time consuming.

    This software looks like it can really save a tremendous amount of time.  Thank you for sharing this.

  36. Hi Line, Missinglettr social media marketing tool, offers all the features we need to automate and share our content effectively on social media platforms.

    The best thing is, it lets you create an entire year worth of content from each of your blog posts in just a few minutes. You can automate your content marketing by turning your blog posts into engaging social media campaigns and sharing them on your social media accounts on autopilot.

    In my opinion, if you are putting the time and energy and resources into writing blogs but not fully utilising them, Missinglettr is most likely for you.

  37. I love creating content, but I resent the idea of being on social media most of my waking hours to do the admin. Like most ordinary people I have a full time job that requires me to put down my phone and attend to my clients. Remembering my logins and passwords for all my SM accounts is also a nightmare considering we need unique passwords for everything nowadays. So I have been like a mouse on a wheel for years creating content that goes nowhere . Could Missinltr by what I have been looking for? You explain it so well only I can’t see if I can add my YouTube profile.

    Thank you for your review

  38. Hi Line.

    Thank you for the graat artical. Posting on social media is something I don’t like doing, and will neglect to do for this reason. Of course, I know is necessary for this industry. I had never heard of Missinglettr before but is something that has sparked my interest. With the plans, it says how many social platforms. Does this mean, say with the free plan, That you could only post on say Facebook and no others? Thank you

    • Hi there, with the free plan you can post on one platform and you select the one that you want to use. I hope it helps. 

  39. Thank you for reviewing Missinglettr.  I have a fairly new website and is currently thinking about incorporating a social media software. What I like about it is that you have an opportunity try it  and it seems way cheaper than other social media software. What I would like to know is it worth even though it is cheaper when compared to other social media marketing software? I was wondering when would Pinterest be available on this Social Media software. I have have had some suggestions from friends but some seems time consuming but this looks very easy to configure. 

  40. This is a detailed review of the platform which gives indepth info about the different features and uses.

    The pricing plan was also included, so readers can make an informed decision. However, it would have been more effective if you had compared the price with similar social media management tools. Failing that, links to other sites would allow readers to do easier comparisons than having to search for them. That level of transparency also inspires confidence and trust that you are not simply pushing this tool (perhaps because you have a vested interest in it), but are actually giving a fair and unbiased review.

    Nevertheless, as a social media manager, I have found the contents of this article quite helpful and I have definitely decided to do a test drive with the free trial. That’s how good your review was.

    • Thank you for your comments. This was a review of Missinglettr and their features, rather than a comparison between different social sharing software platforms. There is a reference to a review on Crowdfire, another social sharing software, at the end of the review. So I am sorry if you missed it at the end of the review, or didn’t read it to the end. I am pleased to hear that you found the review good enough to test drive Missinglettr.

  41. Thank you for this amazing review firstly. One of the least favorite duties for small businesses is dealing with social media. It takes a lot of time, and it’s difficult to know whether or not your efforts are successful. Thank you for the Missinglettr social media marketing software review; I know a lot of folks that are seeking for a better approach to manage their social media beast! It appears to be a good solution, but how does the price compare to other alternatives?

    • Missinglettr is an affordable social media sharing tool and better priced than many other similar tools. If you would like to evaluate other social media sharing tools before you make a decision, then you might find this review on What is Crowdfire about, helpful. 

  42. Missinglettr looks like a very useful tool to add to your marketing arsenal. I love that you can set it up to generate posts automatically, and that it has the analytics tool so that you can see how your traffic is doing and where it is coming from.

    I also love that there is a free version to try first, and the upgrade is very affordable, especially if it gets to save you time in your social media campaigns.

    • Missinglettr is a great social media sharing tool that can help to increase your traffic. It is awesome that you can try it out for free. The plans are very affordable and certainly value for money  

  43. Hi Line,

    Being a fellow Content creator, managing social media campaigns sometimes seems to take time out of your focus- thar is creating content. However, social media exposure is extremely important for content marketing. 

    Missinglttr comes at the right time with campaign selection and scheduling the post. This is auto-pllot working ti market your content even when asleep.

    It is a great tool for blogger like me and I will use your link to subscribe to one the plans.

    Great review!



    • Hi Rohit, I am sure you will find that using Missinglettr will free you up to create content, while Missinglettr is taking care of the social sharing of your content. All the best, Liné

  44. Hi Lin 

    Social media marketing is not my favourite thing to do anytime soon. Whilst you are creating amazing content for your own blog or website. The last thing on your mind is to also create content for several other platforms. Missinglettr Certainly takes the guess work, time and additional effort out of the equation. 

    I do like the way Missinglettr automatically selects hast tag content from the work you have already done. Actually I like most of what this service offers. I think I’ll read your review again and sign up for the trial offer. Excellent read, thank you immensely Lin


  45. Hello, Line.

    Your Missinglettr review is excellent. Missinglettr sounds fantastic automation too. I was looking for a reliable social media automation tool. I didn’t know much about this tool before reading your review, but now I have a better understanding of it. I will definitely look into this tool as a viable option for myself and will test it out soon. Thank you very much for this wonderful contribution. It was extremely beneficial.

    • If you want what is the best social media marketing software, then I can certainly recommend Missinglettr as an easy-to-use tool. 

  46. Thank you for reviewing Missinglettr. At least now I know where to turn in order to engage Social Media. You have ably shared with us your experience with this Social Media Marketing Software and in my view, it is the software to use to effectively engage Social Media. Social Media is a hard field to market anything to, yet it is vital owing to its multiplying factor i.e., you market to me and I market to my followers and then to theirs and so on.. Having this tool is very vital. Secondly, you have hinted at the fact that Missinglettr does support other languages, which I find quite good. . Finally, the 14 days trial and registration, all for free shows how Missinglettr, is confident of their program and more that their focus is on the satisfaction of the clients. Once again thank you for this review.

    • Missinglettr indeed supports several other languages. Being able to sign up for free and trial the software, is awesome. All the best.

  47. Sharing on social media takes so much of my time. I am convinced that Missinglettr is a best helpmate. I have 3 websites, all new, with less than 50 articles each. Can I still benefit from Missinglettr? Or should I wait until I have posted at least 50 articles?

    Thanks for sharing this informative review.

    God bless you

    • You can certainly benefit from using Missinglettr, even if your sites have less than 50 posts. Sharing on social media with Missinglettr can give you exposure and generate traffic quicker. All the best. 

  48. When writing out a new blog post, you want to share it instantly on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media accounts. This saves so much time and effort. Imagine having to share and post to each and every social media platform you have an account on 1 by 1! This literally saves you all the headaches and does it all automatically for you. You can try this out for 14 days to see if it’s for you or not which I thinks a great deal.

  49. Thanks for the review about Missinglettr social media marketing software. Managing social media platforms has been a very difficult task for me of late. Sometime I find it hard to keep my schedule of posting new content.

    Missinglettr is sure offering me an answer to my problem – posting content on schedule. I will surely check it out so that I can concentrate on other areas that need my attention.

  50. It is very important for all bloggers to use perfect tools to grow their businesses online, and I think Missinglettr is one of the best social media management tools that automatically creates engaging, relevant content for your social media pages. Missinglettr uses artificial intelligence to adapt to the needs of your business and create content on your behalf in a fraction of the time.
    One of the problems many individuals experience when they are engaging in social media is the inability to engage with followers who do not speak their language. Missinglettr makes this possible by translating posts into other languages. 
    Thanks for sharing this important information in detail.

    • Missinglettr is available in several other languages, which makes it much easier for content to be shared in diverse language groups. All the best, Liné

  51. I thoroughly enjoyed this article about managing Social Media with Missinglettr software. If you have different social media accounts it can become exhausting really quickly.

    I like most of the features of Missinglettr such as scheduling posts, and the drip method, and I especially like that this software takes the headache out of staying on top of your website plus staying connected with social media.

    Thanks for adding the last bit about Crowdfire as an option for Pinterest users.

  52. I have been looking around for a social media poster and Missinglettr seems to be all that I have been seeking. It is affordable, simple to use, user friendly and does the job as good as many that are much more expensive. I’m so happy to have found this review. I will be giving it a go and will come back and let you know how I got on using it. Thanks for the great recommendation.

  53. Hey Line!

    I had zero idea these tools existed when it came to social media marketing, I feel silly being the one logging in to all different accounts and posting. This stuff is amazing and I’m glad I ran into this post and find all the tools Missinglettr has. You completely opened my mind to a new step in the marketing of my sites, thank you very much for this information.

  54. This was great information. Thank you so much for sharing. I had never heard of this, and just about every question I had, would be answered in the very next section for me. I definitely want to give this a try. I loved that you included your pros and cons, along with the pricing plan options along with the costs of the add-ons. I appreciate you putting the time in and sharing what you’ve learned with the rest of us. 

  55. I’m in the early stages with my blog, but always looking at alternative ways to help generate social content for traffic purposes. But, as you know, it’s such a time-consuming task. For me, doing all the social posts actually feels like a chore some days. Learning more about what Missinglettr has to offer certainly looks like it could be just what I’ve been looking for. This could be exactly the help I need for fresh content while saving me countless hours. It’s too bad that Pinterest isn’t compatible at the moment, but maybe some day it will be. Thanks for breaking down all the details about Missinglettr!

    • Social sharing is indeed very time consuming, and that is where Missinglettr can help you tremendously. Even though Pinterest is not currently supported, it is well worth using for all the other social media channels. 

  56. Wow, I had no idea that there was a tool out there like Missinglettr that could automate my social media marketing tasks! This sounds like a game-changer for content creators and bloggers. According to the article, Missinglettr uses artificial intelligence to turn content into engaging social media posts and schedule them for months in advance. It even helps with content curation by finding the best influencers in your niche. I’m definitely going to check this out and see if it can streamline my social media marketing efforts.

    • Missinglettr has been a gamechanger for me when it comes to sharing social media content. It saves a huge amount of time, while creating content that is creative and also finding curated content to share. It is well worth trying the free trial to see if it fits your needs. 

  57. Hi there! As someone who has experience with social media marketing, I found your article about Missinglettr to be very informative. I had never heard of this software before, and it sounds like it could be a valuable tool for automating the creation and scheduling of social media content.

    One question I have is whether Missinglettr is limited to certain social media platforms, or if it can be used across multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

    Overall, your article did a great job of introducing the features and benefits of Missinglettr, and I appreciated the examples you provided of real-life success stories. I look forward to potentially trying out this software myself and seeing how it can improve my social media marketing strategy. Thanks for sharing!

    • As mentioned in the review, one dashboard connects all your social media channels, including FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google My Business. Currently Pinterest is not available, but it is in the pipeline and they are working with Pinterest to get acceptance. I hope it helps.

  58. Thank you so much for writing this brilliant post! I must say as a new blogger, the idea of expanding into social media seemed very scary and long for me! The fact that this program generates it all for you automatically is like music to my ears! I am definitely going to be looking into this! Have you been using Missinglettr? Honestly so excited to start reaching out on social media now! What is your favourite feature about this software? Thank you!

    • I have been using Missinglettr for nearly two years now. The ease of sharing the posts that have been generated by the Missinglettr software, is my favourite feature. It is well worth trying it for yourself. All the best, Liné

    • I have been using Missinglettr for a few years now and I love the fact that I do not have to think about social sharing as Missinglettr does it all for me.  

  59. Hi, I would just like to say thank you for this post, I have learned so much in the past few days as a newbie and this platform will definitely help me with my endeavors, just a few questions, what is the cost after the 14-day free trial? What is the overall experience using the platform, in other words, for a person just entering this business, how easy is it for them to navigate their way around and get to do what they set out to do?

    Even with these questions, I am going to give it a test drive and experience it for myself.

    • Missinglettr is extremely easy to use, and the cost depends on the plan you decide to take out. But you could just stick to the free plan if that is all that you require. I hope it helps. 

  60. I recently had the opportunity to read the article on “What Is the Best Social Media Marketing Software: Missinglettr Review” from Passive Income Earners, and it left me thoroughly impressed. The author’s insights on Missinglettr as a social media marketing tool were not only informative but also inspiring. The review provided a comprehensive analysis of Missinglettr’s features and functionalities, highlighting its ability to streamline social media marketing efforts. The automated scheduling, content creation, and campaign management features showcased the platform’s potential in optimizing social media presence. I found this review to be a valuable resource for businesses and marketers seeking to enhance their social media marketing strategies. Thanks for a great post and helpful information!

    • Automated scheduling is one of the features that I like most about Missinglettr. It saves me a huge amount of time, while managing my social media campaigns. 

  61. Hi Liné,

    I enjoyed reading your review of Missinglettr. It sounds like a powerful tool that can help content creators save a lot of time and effort when it comes to social media marketing.

    I’m particularly interested in the drip campaign feature, which sounds like a great way to keep my content in front of my audience over time. I also like the fact that Missinglettr can automatically find hashtags and images to use in my social media posts, which can save me a lot of time and effort.

    Overall, it sounds like Missinglettr is a great option for content creators who are looking for a way to automate their social media marketing. I’ll definitely be checking it out!

    • I have found Missinglettr to be a fantastic tool to keep me up to date on sharing my blogs on social media. 


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