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Welcome to Passive Income Earners. As an-expat and work from home mum for many years, I will be helping passive income seekers to make money online. Whether you are in employment, a work from home parent, retired or approaching retirement, how to make a passive income is becoming more important. With the right tools and training, it is also easier.

An online business is portable and I would like to help you to achieve the financial freedom that passive income can give you.

Once Upon a Time…

I was born in South Africa many moons ago. After graduating from university,Me with our granddaughter I spent about five years working from home, running a small hand weaving studio. I then moved to the UK where I worked in finance until my two boys came along.

We couldn’t afford the high childcare fees and we both felt that it was very important that I should be at home with our babies. As an expat I was without the support network of family that many people have.

But we needed the income, so I once again started working from home. I was doing a combination of hand crafts that I was selling, and also selling Usborne Books. After nearly seven years I returned to the corporate world and once again finance.

After more than seven years of working in finance, I left it all again. We decided to leave England and move to Italy. Due to the language barrier at that point, it was extremely difficult to find local employment.

Once again I started working from home doing hand crafts and selling Usborne Books.

Fast forward several years…

As a work from home mum for many years, I know how important it was for the development of our boys that I was with them. When kids are sick you don’t need to take a day’s leave or unpaid leave to look after them.

I have always been interested in sharing knowledge and ideas with others. We can all learn from one another and it broadens the mind. Specially if somebody asks a question and you have to research the answer.

It is a very satisfying feeling that one gets if you know that you have helped somebody else. This could be to learn something or to achieve their goal. If you would like to join me inside Wealthy Affiliate, you can register here to create your FREE starter membership. This is where you get expert training and support from the community, for people like yourself.

I sold English books in a non-English speaking country for more than seven years.  So I know how hard and difficult it can be to make a living carrying heavy books around.

I started looking for ways of working online as I wanted to do something that is more portable. I realised that there are better ways to earn a living. So I started looking at how to make a passive income. This is giving me the opportunity to earn money, even when I am spending time away visiting my family and seeing our granddaughter in Australia.

Where I am Today My happy place

I started Passive Income Earners to help others to achieve the freedom and flexibility that earning online can give you. You don’t need to know it all before you start, but the important thing is that you do start, and this is the best place to start.

And it is important to have FUN while doing it.

With nearly four billion people around the globe that has access to the internet, the potential to make a living while working online is a reality.

We have lived in different countries and language can be a big barrier when you are living where your mother tongue language is not the main spoken language.

To work from home and earn passive income online, means that you are not restricted to the geographical area where you live. I would like to assist you in achieving that. Please visit my other website, https://ecoworldonline.com/ where you can explore eco friendly and sustainable living. You can also see some of my hand crafts.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions on how to make a passive income, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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  1. Hi there, After a tumultuous couple of years, many of us are considering life changes; for many of us, that includes the possibility of starting our own business…

    While this is a major undertaking in and of itself, there are some specific considerations for those living in apartments and townhouses – from establishing a home workspace to the legalities of running a business from your apartment.

    Could I put together an article on this topic for your website? The article will be geared towards aspiring entrepreneurs to provide tips on starting a business in a smaller, rented space.

    Let me know if you’re interested in an article and I’ll get to writing it.

    Christopher Haymon

    • Hi Christopher,
      I am open to guest posting with articles that are a minimum of 2000 words. If you can produce that, you are welcome to email your proposal.
      All the best,

  2. Dear Line,

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    The visitors who come to your website would be ideal buyers of our products.
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    Much appreciated,

    Affiliate Manager

    • Hi Bharti, Thank you for reaching out and I have now applied for your affiliate program.
      All the best, Liné


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