Can You Make Money with Oriflame Business Opportunity?

Oriflame is Europe’s largest beauty company that sells directly to customers. The Oriflame cosmetic range and Oriflame skin care products, are high quality beauty products that are inspired by nature and powered by Swedish science. There are more than three million independent Oriflame brand partners that sell the Oriflame beauty products in more than sixty countries.


Oriflame Sweden

I was recently approached by an acquaintance to become an Oriflame Brand Partner, so I did my own research on the company that makes some of the best anti aging skin products, and this is what I found. This review is about the Oriflame business opportunity, and not about the Oriflame beauty products. These are the aspects that I will cover: Oriflame beauty products

  • Overview of Oriflame Sweden
  • What is the Oriflame business model?
  • Oriflame skin care products and Oriflame cosmetic range
  • What is the Oriflame business opportunity?
  • How much does it cost to become an Oriflame Brand Partner?
  • How do I make money selling Oriflame skin care products?
  • Compensation: The Oriflame Success plan
  • How much can I earn with Oriflame?
  • Do I get training with Oriflame?
  • What I like about Oriflame
  • What I don’t like about Oriflame
  • Is Oriflame MLM a pyramid scheme? is it legit?
  • Is this a good way to make money and final thoughts
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Overview of Oriflame Sweden

Oriflame Holding AG is a multi level marketing (MLM) company that primarily sells beauty and personal care products. The Swedish company was founded in 1967, so they have been going for more than fifty years. It was started by two Swedish brothers, Jonas and Robert af Jochnick, and their friend Bengt Hellsten. Oriflame beauty products

The first Oriflame cosmetic range that was launched in 1967 and consisted of skin creams, mascara and lipstick and were based on Swedish herb and plant extracts. No testing was done on animals. Oriflame distributors are called Brand Partners and an Oriflame Brand Partner sells the products and recruit more team members.

Oriflame is a private company that is well respected for their quality products. More than a hundred scientists are in the global Research and Development (R&D) team, developing innovative products.

Share your passion for beauty and become an independent beauty consultant. Oriflame is present in more than sixty countries globally with over three million beauty consultants.

If you enjoy selling beauty products, you can do it with affiliate marketing and build your own website, so that you are not limited to selling products from just one brand.

What is the Oriflame Business Model?

Oriflame uses the business model of Multi Level Marketing (MLM). Multi level marketing is also known as network marketing, and the basic concept is that the company has a direct contract with independent distributors, who then sell and promote their products. The distributors are at the same time encouraged to recruit new distributors to join their team, and also sell the company’s products.

You can then earn from the sales of your own personal recruits, as well as from the team. As with all MLM businesses, you are limited to selling the range of products that the company produce and offer. The Oriflame business model is evolving and is now largely comprising an online model.

Evidence has shown that 99.6% of people who join a Multi Level Marketing company will lose money. Network Marketers are switching from MLM to Affiliate Marketing and this is the platform they are switching to.

Oriflame Product Range

Oriflame product rangeThere is a portfolio of approximately 1,000 nature inspired, innovative Swedish beauty products. The Oriflame product range has 6 different categories, namely skin care, wellness, color cosmetics and make-up, personal and hair care, fragrances and accessories.

Oriflame Sweden claim that they only use natural and vegan friendly ingredients in their products. Although they cater for male and female markets, most of the products are for women.

You are provided with your own on-line store and digital tools. Products are high quality and safe. Catalogues for the Oriflame beauty products are distributed in 40 languages. There is a skin expert diagnostic app to help you recommend and sell the Oriflame skin care products and routines.

Products are available on Amazon, thus making it even harder for an Oriflame brand partner to sell products.

What is the Oriflame Business Opportunity?

The Oriflame business opportunity gives you the chance to start your own business and connect with other people. Success in the Oriflame business depend on the amount of Bonus Points (BP) you earn each month.Oriflame business starter kit A Bonus Point value is assigned to every Oriflame product.

How do I start? After joining, Oriflame will set you up with your own Personal Beauty Store (PBS) to promote and sell the products. There is no need to keep inventory or carry stock, as Oriflame will ship all your orders. You will also have access to Launchpad, their leading on boarding tool for the industry.

You can buy a catalogue to explore products more and share with your contacts. They have a number of beauty and business apps, including the SkinExpert diagnostic app. This will help you to recommend and sell the premium, clinically proven skin care routines.

With a MLM company like Oriflame, you are limited to selling only their products, so at the end of the day, you are just a sales representative for Oriflame. I do not want to be selling to my family and friends, and I also don’t want to be limited in making money from one company, so I do this.

How Much does it Cost to Become an Oriflame Brand Partner? Oriflame starter kit in the UK

How much it will cost you to join, depends on the country in which you live. Some countries, like China and India, prohibit companies from charging a joining fee or buying a starter kit, which means you can join them for free.

Most countries though have a minimal charge for joining as a consultant.

If you are in the UK, the joining fee is £19, and £10 annual membership renewal fee. This gives you your own Personal Brand Store (PBS) and you have access to events and training in beauty and business.

You have the option to upgrade your membership at the start and for an additional £20, you can buy the Premium Business Starter Kit. This option is only available within the first 30 days of becoming an Oriflame Brand Partner.

So the Premium Business Starter Kit will cost you £39. Thus you are out-of-pocket before you have even made your first sale.

To join Oriflame as a new member, you can register through an existing Oriflame Brand Partner that you know, or if you don’t know anyone, you can register online.

How Do You Make Money with selling Oriflame Skin Care Products?

Earn commission on sales and build a team and get discount off your personal orders for yourself and your family. Oriflame Brand Partners can make money in two ways:

  • Order products at a reduced price and sell it to your customers at catalogue price. You can earn up to 20% commission on your customer orders.
  • Invite others to join Oriflame. Start building a team of people selling beauty products and you can qualify to earn cash bonuses on their sales.

You can save money on beauty products that you buy for yourself or family member. A new catalogue is available every month, with special offers and new products.

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Can you make money selling skincare products? Let’s have a look at the Oriflame compensation plan, called the Success Plan.

Compensation: The Oriflame Success Plan

Whenever you place an order through your account, you earn Bonus Points (BP) and you also earn BPs on the orders that your team place. Your personal BP and group BP are added and forms the basis for qualifying at various levels.

When you have a team with at least 4 direct recruits, and your team achieve sales of 1,000 BPs, you can be promoted to Group Manager. This is the start of the Oriflame management opportunity.

Levels are categorized as a consultant, manager, senior manager, director, senior director, gold director, senior gold director, sapphire director, diamond director, senior diamond director, double diamond director, executive director, gold executive director, gold executive director, sapphire executive director, diamond executive director, president director, senior president director, gold president director, sapphire president director and diamond president director.

Each level has its own cash rewards and benefits. You qualify for different levels, depending on the BPs and the more BPs you have, the more you earn. The image below demonstrates the Oriflame Success Plan. Oriflame Success Plan for compensation

To qualify for the consecutive levels, you need to earn a very big number of BPs, which is not possible to earn on your own. It is therefore essential for you to recruit and build a team to benefit from the group BPs.

How Much can I Earn with Oriflame?

How does the Oriflame success plan work? There are certain requirements that you need to do every month to qualify for your commissions and bonuses.

  • Every month you need to place a minimum order of 100 BP, which counts as your personal BP. If you cannot place a monthly order yourself, you need to have at least 2 recruits who will place 100 BP orders in the same month.
  • Your success depends entirely on the performance of your team, so you have to encourage and guide them to perform.
  • The BPs earned by your team members, will be added to your personal BP, to then establish your group BP.
  • Your group BP level will determine the level at which you qualify every month. As you expand your network of team members, your income increases.
  • You receive bonuses if your team members qualify for higher levels, so you are encouraged to continually recruit new team members.

Depending on the currency you are selling the Oriflame cosmetic range in, the catalogue gives the BP of products.

Earn 20% commission of customer orders, but you can earn more if you recruit and build a team. Depending on your level, you could then make up to 30% on your customer’s orders.

The annual report for 2019 does not disclose how many Oriflam Brand Partners were active, or how much you can earn with the Oriflame business opportunity.

Do I Get Training? Oriflame Academy training

Yes, the Oriflame Academy training courses will help you develop your business and managerial skills.

Tools like the latest online technology has training, online application and e-learning to help you succeed. There is a variety of beauty and business training with top-notch digital tools.

You have access to training, workshops and coaching to help you succeed and reach your goals. You can join international business conferences and training events where your success will be recognized.

What I Like about Oriflame Sweden

  • You are your own boss that can manage your own time with flexible hours.
  • Make extra money in your own time and make money on your first sale.
  • Work from home – you have the freedom to work from where you want and choose your own hours.
  • No need for inventory.
  • You can get a good discount for yourself on products that you use, and some are even free.

What I don’t Like about Oriflame Oriflame beauty and skin care products

The Oriflame MLM business model is outdated. With so many other online opportunities available these days, a MLM business is far more time-consuming and expensive to operate than most people realize.

  • Some complaints from brand partners are that online advertising to bring in new customers, is limited to FaceBook.
  • Expect to earn very little if you are doing it part-time. So part-time is not worth it at all.
  • Although the ingredients are natural, they are not organic.
  • Animal derived ingredients are used in some products, so not all are vegan friendly.

I worked for Usborne Books at Home, a MLM company, so I understand the frustration that distributors have when they no longer have family members or friends to sell to, and struggle to recruit another team member.

Instead, build your own free website and sell beauty products to people that are already interested in products that you are promoting.

Is Oriflame a Pyramid Scheme? Is it Legit?

Oriflame Sweden is a legitimate company and is not a scam in the legal sense of the word, but the business practice is a pyramid model. It is based on networking and the more consultants you have in your team, the more business volume there is that you can earn from.

The hard part is to try to maintain a steady income with MLM. You can build a team, but if they are not making sales, your commission will drop. Team members quit because they are not making money, so you have to continue recruiting.

Final Thoughts

The decision is up to you as to how much time you want to spend on promoting, sharing and selling Oriflame beauty products. The beauty and cosmetic industry is huge and growing on a daily basis.

If you enjoy helping people look and feel younger, then selling top rated products like Oriflame skin care products and the Oriflame cosmetic range, can be a fun hobby, or even a business.

Many of the products are really expensive and if you do not want to be limited to offering beauty products from just 1 company, then look at the beauty niche in affiliate marketing. No monthly minimum orders are required to qualify for override commissions.

I do not think that selling Oriflame beauty products and cosmetics, is a good way of making money online.

My #1 Recommendation

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If you have any questions about the Oriflame success plan and the business opportunity that they offer, or have experience being an Oriflame Brand Partner, then please leave them below and I will get back to you.

24 thoughts on “Can You Make Money with Oriflame Business Opportunity?”

  1. Thank you for your detailed review. Oriflame brand is quite popular and their product have good  opinions on market. Yet, I don’t believe that their operating model is most effective and will give good enough ratio earning vs time spend. MLM marketing is quite old concept and I do believe there are much better ways to earn money online – especially related to affiliate marketing.

  2. I found this article to be very interesting since I was an Avon representative for 15 years.  Avon is similar in the fact that the only way to truly make money is by having others under you in the sales force.  I tried that route but most of the recruits quit within a short while since they were not making any money.  Throughout most of my 15 years in the beauty industry, I sold to my friends and the money that I made from their purchases paid for my purchases!  The beauty industry is a very competive area with thousands of products to chose from.  I quit selling because the products were becoming so over-priced and not exclusive to one company, that it was hard to justify staying with the program.  I would not recommend Oriflame either at the 20% earnings level since the competition is just too great.

    • Interesting that you left Avon MLM because you were not making money. I also worked for a MLM company and most new recruits left after about a year as they were not making money. The Oriflame business opportunity is a typical MLM setup where you continually have to recruit new team members.

  3. This was actually an educational process to be able to tour this site. I will explain why.

     It gives you a very detailed, lengthy, and informative review of this company and how it can work for you. My thoughts are that being very familiar with MLM opportunities there are some positive aspects that stood out to me as I reviewed this. 

    The history of the company which includes when they launched and how long they have been a thriving business was a huge plus for me. I was amazed that I have never heard of this company until now.

    I also enjoyed the WA plug and advertisement to get others to join. I think that is implemented nicely into the site.

    In conclusion, it is a very strategic process to have all of the other MLM companies and the links to join at the end. Tupperware, Herbalife, NU-SKIN and others.

    The education on obtaining passive incomes and the many ways in which you can do so. I thoroughly enjoyed it and congratulations on a great site!

  4. Thank you so much for the informative article about Oriflame!  I agree that many of their products sound really good, and the fact that they have been around so long helps show me that they are a legitimate company.  However, for someone like me, who does not have the best people skills when it comes to selling, I agree with you, that this is not the best way to make money.

    • Oriflame skin care products are good but I think there are better ways to earn money than with the Oriflame Success Plan.

  5. Thanks for sharing this, until now I have never heard of Oriflame but am assuming that it similar to Avon although more upmarket. I must admit that I am with you and wary of MLM and Pyramid schemes although I do know you can make money through them (I was part of a similar company many years ago).

    Business opportunities have moved on greatly in recent years and I personally prefer affiliate marketing as a way of earning extra income or a full-time living. It is still good to hear/know what is about though.

    • Oriflame Sweden is similar to Avon in that they are both MLM companies. Oriflame beauty products are natural, but I don’t recommend the Oriflame business opportunity 

  6. This is a very comprehensive review on the Oriflame business opportunity and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I have to say that I’m not at all in favour of MLM/Pyramid schemes they promise so much and very rarely deliver on the promises. There are much better options around for working online. I have joined your recommendation and so far that is working out very well! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    • I worked for a MLM company and will not recommend it. Working online with affiliate marketing is a far better way of earning passive income. 

  7. I really am impressed with your article on Oriflame beauty products, from my past experience any program I paid to start was a waste of my time. Affiliate marketing is free, you also are much safer than any other start-up business. Thank you for sharing all about this company, you were so kind to recommend affiliate marketing over this type of business.


  8. I quite agree with your viewpoint on the Oriflame business opportunity. It is a legitimate business and has grown across the shores and continent of the world. I am in Africa and I have been introduced to Oriflame, but I would rather sell affiliate products for multiple skincare company than sell a single product for one company. I looked at your recommendation and saw its Wealthy Affiliate. That is the best place to learn and practise affiliate marketing 

  9. Thanks for sharing this information about Oriflame Sweden and their business opportunity. As an MLM, while not illegal, is very risky as you’ll probably end up paying a lot more to buy inventory than you end up making unless your company is in a very popular niche. I have a friend that’s actually doing quite well in an MLM that sells weight loss and energy supplements. Anti-aging and beauty products are also a very profitable niche, if they are affordable. If I were into doing business with MLM’s, I would look into this company myself.

  10. I have never heard of this Company but,  if it is MLM I don’t think I would be interested I have seen these  companies make big money but you don’t, I have join a couple in my lifetime and got burned on them, the people at the top are the winners? the people on the bottom they are looser? most people will not join a MLM Company they think it is a scam if it’s not.  

    • I agree with you that it is those at the top that make the money and it’s not worth it working for a MLM company 

  11. Wow that’s awesome! I was a member of the Oriflame company. And I was a very successful promoter. Had over 100 people in my MLM network and yes I made money with Oriflame. This was during my high school time and it was so good to have all the cosmetic pieces available all the time. 

    The internet model of the Oriflame company of course didn’t exist back then and it’s good that they spread online too. 

    • More than 100 in your downline is a very big team and most people struggle to get a team that is big enough to be earning money. It would be interesting to know why you stopped being an Oriflame brand partner. 

  12. I didn’t know Oriflame was still about. Here in the UK it was never very popular, it worked as a party plan business then. I went to only 2 parties for it and then it seemed to die out in our area. This was many years ago. 

    I did not realise it had migrated to online only. As you said, MLM is no longer a popular method of making money as the majority of p[eople lose rather than make any money.

    Good post, thank you, was great to hear about a ‘blast from the past’ as they say.

    • Oriflame is indeed still very much around yes, but essentially online. MLM is an outdated business model and it is very difficult to make money if you are not constantly recruiting new members.


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