Prosperity of Life: is it a Scam or Real?

I was invited to join Prosperity of Life, but alarm bells started ringing for me when I investigated them further. I was dubious that they are actually a pyramid scheme, which made me feel very uncomfortable about signing up.

In this brutal review of Prosperity of Life: is it a scam or real, I will break down the company, their products and costs and your compensation plan. I will also look at what I like about them and what I don’t like, so that you can make an informed decision for yourself whether it is a scam or real.

  • Name: Prosperity of Life
  • Owners: Shane and Rachel Krider
  • Website:
  • Price: nearly $28,000 in total with upsells, plus $153 ongoing monthly costs

Prosperity of Life – who are they?

Prosperity of Life is a network marketing company involved in self-improvement, personal development and wealth creation. They talk about life coaching that will transform your life, together with team building. If you join them, they promise that you are getting a complete business in a box.

The owners are Shane and Rachel Krider (a husband and wife team) and the co-founder is Gregory Strom. The business is now based in Phuket, Thailand. Prosperity of Life Founders

Shane is the lead transformation coach, Gregory is the media and content producer and Rachel is the business building coach.

Shane Krider also started Liberty League International, which in 2009 was declared a pyramid scheme. When he was forced to close Liberty League International, he started Prosperity of Life, which is almost exactly the same as Liberty Leaugue International was.

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But let’s take a look at their products and compensation plan that you can decide for yourself if you want to join this pyramid scheme in disguise.

Their Products – master of destinies coaching training

  • 17 Day Personal Prosperity System – 17 day Beyond Freedom Evolution. This is a home study course consisting of six topics: PoL 17-Day System
    1. The six Higher Faculties of Mind
    2. Internal vs External Reality
    3. The sixth sense Zone
    4. Collapsing the Field
    5. Love and Gratitude Compass
    6. Seeing the Subliminal

The 17 Day Personal Prosperity System is described as being an intensive crash course, whereas the Master of Destinies is the plan that will give you the “bigger picture”.

  • Master of Destinies – it consists of seven stages that coincide with the seven phases of transformation:Prosperity M1
    1. Know for Yourself
    2. Departure
    3. Desicion
    4. Action
    5. Foundation
    6. Sovereinghty
    7. Influence

Master of Destinies is the backbone of Prosperity of Life education and comes in four modules or packages: M1, M2, M3 and M7.

So let’s have a closer look at what each module consists of:

  • M1 is the first module and includes the first four stages namely 1) Know for yourself, 2) Departure, 3) Decision and 4) Action, together with recordings from the first three live seminars. M1 is a robust, twelve months, home-based digital course that is supposed to lead you to greater success and higher achievements throughout your life. It is regarded as a course to be taken over a full year. The cost: $2,285. Prosperity M2
  • M2 Sovereignty Live is an intensive wealth creation masterclass which is now a five day seminar (it used to be a three day event). Currently two live events are held per year and the cost is $7,950.
  • M3 Influence Live is an intensive masterclass on concepts of advanced personal development and coaching techniques. It is now an eight day seminar (previously five days) and is also held twice per year at the astronomical cost of $12,950.
  • M7 is the recorded content from additional M2 Sovereignty Live and M3 Influence Live seminars which will set you back $4,590.
  • M7 Fast Track is a combination of both M1 and M7, with a cost of $6,250, so saving yourself $775 if you buy the two together. Prosperity of Life M7 Fast Track

Then, apart from the ridiculously expensive products that you need to buy yourself, you also need a Starter Kit at $49.95.

In addition, there is a monthly cost of $153 that you have to pay. This gives you access to Lead Manager, Conference Call System, Lead Vortex Pro and Online Business Manager.

Other far more well respected personal development coaches sell their training for far less, than these over-priced events.

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Three ways to participate:

  1. Lead by being a Network Director: This has the potential for maximum earnings by doing three things:
    1. Selling courses or training and seminars.
    2. Recruit new members to your network to also sell.
    3. Enrolling business or life coaches.
  2. Teach by being a Life or Business Coach will concentrate on person-to-person transformation.
  3. Learn by being a Student or Client where your priority is your own transformation.

So what is Your Compensation?

There are three profit centers:

  1. Big upfront profits and bonuses.
  2. Leveraged income.
  3. Residual income.

Profits and bonuses range from $500 to $8,000 per sale. These are the commissions that you could potentially earn

  • M1 Master of Destinies – $1,828 commissionProsperity of Life M3
  • M2 Sovereignty Live – $5,000 commission
  • M3 Influence Live – $8,000 commission
  • M7 Recordings – $3,672 commission
  • M7 Fast track – $5,000 commission

Wow, that is a huge amount of commission that you can earn with each sale.

But, there is a TRICK!

To be able to get these commissions, you have to fulfill certain criteria.

You need a “recruiter” or “sponsor” that introduces you to Prosperity of Life. When you request “more Information”, you have to provide a telephone number and a time that you can be contacted. It is only after a telephone “interview”, and if you have “passed the test”, that you will be sent any information.

After joining Prosperity of Life, you need to start recruiting and get more people to join at these hugely inflated prices. The commission from the first two sales that you make, will be passed up to your sponsor. These two sales are your qualifiers and you have to qualify at every level with every product.

So yes, at every level or stage, the first two courses that you sell, that commission will go to your recruiter.

If you don’t buy the products yourself, your recruiter will earn the huge commissions. To advance in the company, you will have to attend the events, at a cost of several thousand dollars to yourself for each seminar or event. Every member has to qualify at every stage.

So say for example that somebody that you have recruited, buys M1 (and you have already passed up two sales), then you will get $1,828 commission. If that person continues and buys M2 before you have bought it, then the commission of $5,000 will go to your sponsor.  Yes, you HAVE to buy the product yourself and pass up two sales, before you will earn the commission for the product. Prosperity of Life, is it a scam or real? It is certainly a rip-off in my eyes.

Who is the product for?

Anybody that has several thousand dollars just sitting in your account or burning a hole in your back pocket.

What I like about Prosperity of Life

  • Personal development and well-being are very closely linked to wealth creation and financial prosperity. The programs will give you ideas about self-development.
  • Prosperity of Life do give you useful training on advertising, both free channels and paid strategies like Facebook and YouTube.

What I don’t like about Prosperity of Life

  • It is almost impossible to sell the products because of the high costs involved. So who makes the money ? THE OWNERS.
  • The only way you will make money with Prosperity of Life is to continuously recruit new people to also buy their over-priced products.
  • You have to buy the products that you want or need to sell yourself.
  • The products are extremely expensive.
  • They are not “upfront” with their product or information – so what are they trying to hide?
  • I was told that I will have to spend a minimum of €600 per month on advertising, but realistically it would be more than a thousand euro’s per month to have any effect.
  • You need to spend a lot of time on the telephone to follow up the leads that you then get from your advertisements.
  • So more costs for all the international calls you will be making.
  • Very pushy and overly positive sales videos.

Behind the Scenes is their publicity material and it includes a lot of case studies, showcasing exotic locations, people telling you how much they are making, and flashy lifestyles to entice you to join.

My Personal Opinion

Personal development is beneficial, but it is the way in which Prosperity of Life is doing it, that had alarm bells ringing for me. They do have a product – on-line courses and events, but the only way in which you can earn with them, is to continuously recruit and bring new people into the company. Personally, to me, that is pyramid selling in disguise. Prosperity of Life

The secrecy surrounding it all when you respond to the “Learn More”, they don’t send you the customary email with information. No, you have to give them a time that they can call you and discuss it all. It made me very suspicious about the product and I was wondering what are they trying to hide.

You almost get “interviewed” to establish whether you are “good” enough for them and if you will “fit in”. You have to answer the questions correctly before they send you more information.

It worried me when Shane said in one of the videos that this is his third business. He was quite vague about the reasons why the first two were closed or dissolved. The closure of the second business had something to do with splitting from his business partner. What he wasn’t truthful about, was that Liberty League International was closed down because it was pyramid selling.

Would you join a company whose owner has run a pyramid scheme? I certainly wouldn’t and that is why I joined Wealthy Affiliate and I recommend you look at my review about them.

Another question that Shane skirted around was – why does Prosperity of Life not really have a presence in the USA? It was not actually answered, but a vague response about the countries that they are in. Personally I think it’s because it is bordering on being a pyramid scheme, which is illegal in many countries, including the USA.

My Verdict

So Prosperity of Life: is it a scam or real? I don’t believe that it is a legitimate and sustainable business opportunity. If you don’t feel comfortable with something, then don’t do it. I investigated further with Prosperity of Life because it didn’t sound right and true to me.

If you want to join a legitimate on-line business, then click here.

If you do have any questions or comments, then please leave them below and I will get back to you.



30 thoughts on “Prosperity of Life: is it a Scam or Real?”

  1. I personally don’t involve myself with business offers that has to do with referrals because regardless of the commission, it’s always impossible to get people to join such group because of the stress. The products Prosperity of Life are selling are useful and nice but what is the essence of a product that can’t be sold in no time, it’s too expensive and it’ll restrict customers form buying it. They have nice payment offers and commissions but to get them is like impossible. I won’t recommend Prosperity of Life to anyone or engage myself in it. Thanks for sharing this informative and educative article. 

  2. Wow it is sooo expensive indeed!! How do they succeed???? Thank you for this helpful review! I wouldn’t join them it is so pricy. The name ‘prosperity of life’ sounds religious… Wealthy Affiliate is so transparent and human. The owners are so down to earth and reachable. It is inexpensive and you get so much material and help!

  3. Wow it is sooo expensive indeed!! How do they succeed???? Thank you for this helpful review! I wouldn’t join them it is so pricy. The name ‘prosperity of life’ sounds religious… Wealthy Affiliate is so transparent and human. The owners are so down to earth and reachable. It is inexpensive and you get so much material and help!

  4. Oh! One needs to be very conscious to being involved in such a platform as this. Actually they have a worthy products but then, the high costs attached to their sales and the product cost is just not visible to make a worthy sell. I love to get myself actively involved in whatever I do but them, this prosperity of life really seems like a platform I would regret if I ever join because of both the cost. I am not thrilled whatsoever to alligne myself with a platform as this. Thanks

  5. Hello. Thank you for this review on Prosperity of Life.  I have been in the online business market for a while.  It’s always sad to see companies trying to take advantage of people who are just trying to make it in life.  Pyramid schemes and others such as MLM’s should always be approached with caution.  I believe that if it seems to easy to be true then it probably is.  Thank’s again for this because it saves me the time of having to look into these guys.  Any information is always welcome.

    • Pleasure Christopher, I was looking at joining them but there were too many things that made me feel uneasy about the company and what they have to offer. All glitzy promotional material, without telling you what you actually get in the courses

  6. I think a proper definition of an MLM is a program that is involved in pyramids but hides behind a product for sale and this is exactly what prosperity of life is into. I think that one cn easily look for inspiration for free online without having to pay as much as is charged by this mlm scheme. I have heard about this one before but didn’t bother trying it as I don’t want to be ivolved in MLM anymore. Nice review here.

    • That is such an apt description of Prosperity of Life, an MLM that hides behind a product, but is actually a pyramid scheme in disguise

  7. Hello there, thanks for sharing thiss wonderful information. There are so many people who would go into such business bybinly knowing a few things about this company which is majorly the development aspect of it. However going by the price of this business, first its quite on the high side compared tonsoem other which I have seen, and I am completely against the idea of recruitment before  one make money. Nice being here.

  8. Oh, my GOD! The price is quite expensive. Based on my experience, most of the people who are looking for additional ways to make money are the ones who already struggle with their finance, so $153 per month + Upsells is going to be very challenging for many.

    It is always advisable to look at the creator’s history before joining any company and the information you shared about Liberty League International is an eye-opener.

    €600 per month on advertising??? no way. The cons outweigh the pros and I can see a lot of red flags with Prosperity of Life and Prosperity of Life is NO-NO for me.

    Also, the success rate with the MLM business model is very low.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more Paul. This is a company that seems to target those with funds that they can afford to loose, while they still have to pay out huge monthly costs. Scam is what I think.

  9. Oh this is very good. A very good review i have to say. Over time, i have found that not so many people can agree that MLM programmes are worthy and they say it is not ideal because it is rather very slim for people to make money through it. I am happy to see that you can give an insight on one of this. Unfortunately, this one doesnt have much to offer and for a very high price. Nice post here and thanks for this warning.

    • Hi John, I agree that most MLM businesses do not look after their people and it is only really the owners that make money at the end of the day

  10. Hello; Prosperity of life, from my understanding, is an outrageous insult to those who are seeking to prosper in life. After spending so much money, these people expect to take the proceed of your two first recruits?

     Besides, after you pay your money, a telephone conversation will determined whether you are qualified for their business?

     To me, it is plain that the people who they are looking for are some kind of ideots, who get money lightly, and it becomes a problem for them to keep the lightly come money. I am not sure those kinds of ideots exist in society, therefore, I would not want to be associated with the Prosperity of Life.


    • I totally agree with you Dorcas, it’s only the owners that prosper while trying to fool everybody else. When you look at their promotional material, it is all a hype which made me think: Prosperity of Life: is it a scam or real?

  11. Good afternoon Line,

    I read your life story and like that you have traveled quite a bit, just like me. Living in other countries for sure widens your horizon.

    In the beginning of your post about Prosperity of Life I nearly stopped reading. Are they out of their minds? Awful that they get people in their net, those prices are killing.

    I have been with 5 MLMs in my life, some bad, medium and some good. That you have to remain active to qualify each month for a commission is normal but the price and method of Prosperity of Life are far and beyond normal, it is abusive.

    What they teach in their courses is probably good but this knowledge you can obtain yourself with reading books about the different subjects. Now really, what are these people thinking?

    Thank you for your post, this Prosperity of Life is a rip-off.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hi Taetske, I think living amongst different cultures makes one more aware of the differences and then companies like Prosperity of Life that targets expats and try to rip them off. 

  12. Damn!! I wished i found your website before I enrolled in last month. I was at a low point in my life and now looking back, they loved that part which made me look so vulnerable and bought the package. Everything her you’ve shared open my eyes to what they are really doing. I don’t know how to about cancelling it and I hope they don’t take money out my account. I will take a look at your recommendation.


    • Hi Jordan, I was also at a low point and didn’t like the way in which Prosperity of Life was exploiting and targeting expats. Alarm bells were ringing for me so I researched them and didn’t like what I found about them

  13. Hi,

    So Prosperity Of Life, sounds like potentially it is a very good personal development product. I agree if you have a lot of spare money available you may well see a lot of benefit from that side of things. Based on your review, what it doesn’t sound like is a sustainable business opportunity. If you have the spare money available and want to achieve personal development, then great sign up. If you sign up and know other people who will get value, you may make a bit of extra cash back from your costs but I don’t see it as much more than bringing your costs down slight, by signing others up.

    • Hi Nate, If you have spare cash to spend on personal development, then attending a seminar by Tony Robbins would be cheaper. Personal development is great, but one needs to be realistic about value for money, and Prosperity of Life is not value for money

  14. Hi Line,
    This is a really useful article. I’ve seen a lot of these schemes/scams and had almost given up on making money on line until I read your alternatives to Prosperity of Life and other such schemes.
    The alternative option you describe, Wealthy Affiliate is almost unbelievable in it’s low cost compared with the thousands of dollars asked by all the other schemes I’ve seen, But having looked at it I can see that it offers a genuine platform for making money on-line through real work rather than by scamming people.
    Extremely enlightening and encouraging. I’ll be taking this further.

    • Hi Adrian
      There are so many scams around but Wealthy Affiliate offers you the opportunity to do training and building your own website, all for nothing. And then if you like it, it costs you peanuts to stay, compared with many of the other companies.

  15. Hi Line,

    This is a great article! I’ve seen many of these schemes/scams that promise the earth but at a cost that is prohibitive to most people and which, once you get through the garbage, are usually pyramid schemes.

    I’m hugely encouraged that the alternative you recommend is so reasonably priced and appears to offer success through quality work and learning how to build a website that helps its readers rather than rips them off.

    Ret assured I will be taking this further.

    Many thanks



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