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If you want to rank for your post or product on Google, Bing or Yahoo, you need to be writing content and descriptions that will fill the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) criteria. The foundation of any SEO is targeting the appropriate keyword, which means you need keywords tools for SEO and Jaaxy is that amazing online keyword research tool that you need.

You need superior tools to beat your competition, and Jaaxy is the top keywords research tool that will put you ahead of the competition. But is this the best fit for you? Let us have a look.

Why do you need Keywords Tools for SEO?

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and competition these days, it is very fierce. That means you want keywords with low competition, but with a high search volume. The topic with the biggest search volume, doesn’t always mean that it will bring the best audience to your content. If there is too much competition, you might not be ranked, so it is more important to be found by fewer people, than not to be found at all.

The foundation of SEO is targeting the right keywords. How do you find keywords for websites the proper way? Jaaxy has features that makes the keyword search process faster and more accurate, while at the same time fun. It is the top keywords research tool and Jaaxy will make you keyword and competition research a breeze.

With Jaaxy you have the data for traffic, competition, QSR, ranking and domain availability for billions of search terms. If you want the most powerful and robust keyword research tool, giving you the most accurate results, then Jaaxy is your answer. Keywords tools for SEO will take the hard work off your hands and make it much easier to decide which keywords to use.

You can try your own keyword search on Jaaxy for free. Jaaxy gives you thirty free searches with no time limit. That gives you the opportunity to test it for free and see if it is for you, so go ahead and try it for free. Simply perform a search below to START your research.

What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a very powerful keyword tool. It is an online application, so there is no software to download and install. Top keywords research tool It was developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers.

The idea with a keyword search tool is that you enter a topic or keyword to find out about the competition and the potential amount of traffic. The problem with most keyword tools is that it is not specific enough. Jaaxy has all the features to delve deep and give you the most options.

Jaaxy was developed by Kyle and Carson who also founded Wealthy Affiliate and SiteRubix.

Ranking: 95 / 100

Jaaxy at First Glance

Whether you are a newbie and just starting your niche website, or doing research for your next blog post, Jaaxy can help you. Jaaxy collects search data from Google, Yahoo and Bing and displays it in a simplified manner that you can understand and use it. It provides information on keyword competition and much more.

You can create your own lists of saved keywords and phrases and uncover niches.

Site Rank enables you to track and monitor rankings for any website in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Jaaxy provides not only important information about competitive keywords, but also has many other useful features.

I will walk you through all the features and tools of Jaaxy, together with the plans (including the free plan), pros and cons.

The three most important metrics when researching a niche, are these:

  • How much competition does the keyword have.
  • How much traffic can you expect the keyword to get.
  • Does the keyword actually make sense.

So let’s look at what the top keywords research tool offers, who is it best for and the important subject of pricing. You will see whether it is right for you or not.

What Jaaxy is really for

  • Finding keywords with low competition that makes it easier to get good rankings.
  • Learning how much competition there is for a keyword.
  • Brainstorming new ideas for keywords and niches.
  • Finding out how much traffic you might get if you rank for a specific keyword that you choose.
  • Discovering niches with high traffic that can be exploited.
  • Saving keyword lists and organize them according to topic.
  • Keyword metrics will be unveiled to help you improve your SEO.
  • You can build to-do lists for your projects.
  • Helping you to decide if you should target a specific niche or not.
  • Finding out what is popular and trending on the web at a particular time.
  • Search for domain names to buy and then sell later.
  • Find affiliate programs for your keywords and niche.
  • Figure out if you can make money in a specific niche
  • Site and post rankings are shown.
  • Use the Alphabet soup technique to find more keyword suggestions. Jaaxy keyword tools for SEO

How the Jaaxy Keyword Tools for SEO works

So let’s go through the crux of Jaaxy and show you how to use it. Jaaxy allows you to research specific keywords and understand their popularity in the search.

I am working on a blog about recycled plastic and what it can be used for, so this is how I will be starting my keyword research. Below you will see the sample that I put into the keyword search “recycled plastic”. So let’s look at the categories and results that this keyword gave me:

Keyword tools for SEO

Ideally you want to have a QSR of less than 100 and Avg of more than 40, but let’s see what it all means.

    • Keyword: this is the phrase that people type into the search engine to find what they are looking for. The metric gives you example of longtail keywords and phrases when you put in your keyword.
    • Avg. Average is the number of searches that individuals conduct for that keyword, during each month.
    • Traffic: this is the estimated number of visitors that you might get to your website, if you rank on the first page within Google.
    • QSR: Quoted Search Results is basically your competition, how many other websites are targeting that exact same keyword.
    • KQI: Keyword Quality Indicator. This is to help you decide which keywords are good to target and which ones are not.  green = great, yellow = normal and red = poor (but there is no indication as to how this is calculated)
    • SEO: this is the metric that scores the keyword, based on traffic and competition. It measures the difficulty to rank for a keyword, which is very useful to understand why SEO is important to your website.
    • Domains: these are the website domain names that are available for that keyword or related keywords. It is rich in finding untapped niches. Domain search helps you find available domains in an instant. When you do a keyword research, Jaaxy will reveal which .com, .org and .net domains are available for that particular keyword. This way you can buy domain names and build up a domain portfolio that you can sell at a later stage.

You can own these domains within the SiteDomains platform at Wealthy Affiliate.

So when I analyze my keyword, is gives me an AVG of “834” and a QSR of “236”, which means that competition is high, with 236 sites competing and an average of 834 people per month would search for that keyword.

So I will be better off using something like “recycled plastic picnic tables” or “recycled plastic rocking chair” which has less competition. As I mentioned previously, it is better to have low competition, but you still want to be found, so if the search amount is too low, is not good.

Jaaxy domain names

Keyword tools for SEO

More Unique Features of Jaaxy, the Top Keywords Research Tool

Within Jaaxy you will have access to not only keyword searches, but also Alphabet Soup, Saved Lists, Search Analysis, Brainstorm, Affiliate Search and much more.

1. Alphabet Soup

Jaaxy through Alphabet Soup offers unique keywords. It is a special tool that helps you to find thousands of related keywords and phrases for your research. The technique is that you type in your keyword and add any letter from the alphabet, either before or after your keyword, and hundreds of suggestions will be revealed.

Alphabet Soup is the same idea that you have with Google when you start typing in a word. Google auto suggests all sorts of options and words to follow.

So for instance, if I put recycled plastic into alphabet soup, it provides me with lists of my keyword +a, +b, and all the letters of the alphabet through to z. These are some suggestions:

Jaaxy top keywords research tool alphabet soupThese are just some suggestions for recycled plastic +b. So it has given me a raft of other possibilities to explore and I can do a search on each of these suggestions. Alphabet Soup is increasingly important to find longtail keywords with high buying intent.

2. Saved Lists

When you do a keyword search, select the keywords that you want to save and save it to a list. That way Jaaxy will create a saved list for you that you can refer back to time and again. You don’t have to write them down or try to remember them all.

3. Search History

This means you can go back and look at all the keywords you had previously searched for. So even if you don’t have a saved list for a keyword, Jaaxy will remember and you can revisit all your searches. This is a great way of getting more ideas for your content and blogs.

4. Search Analysis

This is where you can research what your competition is ranking for. If I put in upcycling (that I want to rank for), I can see what is on page one of Google and what those websites rank for. Jaaxy search analysis



5. Affiliate Programs

This is a feature that will find affiliate programs in your niche. The results are taken from Commission Junction, ClickBank, Link Share and Digital River. But there are many more affiliate platforms like ShareaSale, Rakuten and more, so you can do a Google search for affiliate programs + your niche, and find even more that way.

6. Site Rank

This is the built in feature that tracks your rank. You can track your own site, or your competition. This is my ranking on my one website. Jaaxy top keywords research tool site rank

Brain storm

What I like about Jaaxy: The Pros

There are many benefits to having Jaaxy, and essential to have keywords tools for SEO, which is why I use it on a daily basis. Jaaxy keyword tools for SEO

  • You get incredibly accurate data.
  • It is revolutionary in finding keywords with high traffic and low competition.
  • Extremely fast.
  • Results are calculated in seconds, using a hub of powerful servers.
  • Data is taken directly from Google, Bing and Yahoo and combined with its own data.
  • No software to download or install.
  • Because there is no software to install or download, there is no purchasing cost for software.
  • Any updates or upgrades are done on the back end, so you always have the latest version without having to wait for upgrades.
  • It is an online application, meaning you can use any type of computer, PC or MAC.
  • Jaaxy is easy to use and there is almost no learning curve to use it.
  • It is a very friendly interface.
  • Mobile friendly for smartphone, tablets etc.
  • You do not get distracted with useless information and unnecessary stuff.
  • Support is reliable and fast.
  • All levels of internet marketers, online business people and those that are buying and selling domains, can use Jaaxy.
  • It offers a huge amount of training materials and videos and free training is available with Jaaxy.
  • Save yourself some money and join Wealthy Affiliates and get Jaaxy as part of your membership.

Jaaxy provides you with powerful features to make the process of keyword research much faster and more accurate, while also fun.

What Jaaxy can Improve: The Cons

There is always room for improvement when it comes to online tools. These are the areas where Jaaxy can improve:

  • The search can only be done in English, there are no other language option. (but you always have Google Translate that you can use as an option as well)
  • You cannot select your target search area, whether it is local or global.
  • The lowest plan might be too expensive for those that are just starting out (to overcome that, join Wealthy Affiliate and become a premium member of Weathy Affiliate and you get Jaaxy membership as part of it).
  • You won’t use or need some features that are available with Jaaxy.

Who is Jaaxy for

  • It is perfect for newbies as the results and data that are delivered, are actionable and useful. You will know exactly which keywords to target.
  • It is an awesome tool for affiliate marketers of all levels as it finds great low hanging keywords and niches.

Is there Support and training?

There certainly is. Jaaxy is a very easy and intuitive tool to use and grasp, but there are several tutorials and videos to help you as well. Jaaxy top keywords research tool

What is the Cost of Jaaxy Plans?

To get the top keywords research tool, Jaaxy has paid plans and free tiers, so you can choose a plan that suits your pocket and budget.

There is a free option, so if you are not quite sure and just want to test the water, then you have nothing to lose by trying the free version. Jaaxy is priced at three levels: Starter Plan (free), Pro and Enterprise and this is what is included in each plan.

Jaaxy top keywords research tool plans

You do however have a different option if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Jaaxy is available as part of Wealthy Affiliate, as the owners of Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy are the same. Jaaxy complements the tools that are offered and available within Wealthy Affiliate. Jaaxy keyword tools for sea plans with WA

Please read my review about Wealthy Affiliate if you would like to learn more about joining WA and save yourself some money. You can always upgrade to a paid plan if you feel that your business requires it.

My Verdict and Personal Opinion

When it comes to keyword research, having a keyword tool is essential. I hope this review has shown who why Jaaxy is the top keywords research tool. It is far more than just a keyword tool, it is a whole suite of keywords tools for seo. Create your free account here. Top keywords research toolI would love to hear your thoughts on Jaaxy, so please leave your comments and questions below and I will get back to you.

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  1. This review is so detailed and explains pretty much everything we need to know about Jaaxy. I am new to online business and this tool has helped me in the past. When I used it properly and as described in your article, My google rankings were up.  Thank you for this review



    • Hi Yoana, I use Jaaxy easy day and really think it is the top keywords research tool. Great that your Google rankings increased when using it. All the best, Liné

  2. I have made use of several keyword tools and I have to say that this Jaaxy research tool is the most simplistic and yet powerful I have ever come across. Maybe there might be others out there that might be better but I have not come across them. 

    I have used this tool to find a lot of low competition keywords that have helped me to rank in google. What I really like about it is its simplicity. I am even also able to follow some of my keywords to know how they are doing in terms of ranking in google. 

    Trust me when I tell you that not a lot of keyword research tools do that. For newbies online they would really benefit from using this tool when building out their website from scratch.

    • Hi Manuel, I certainly agree that keywords tools for SEO are essential for ranking and Jaaxy is the top keywords research tool that is available. And yes it is powerful yet simple to use. All the best, Liné

  3. what a wonderful review you’ve got here on Jaaxy the top keyword research tool.. jaaxy is indeed one of the best amazing to to help you in your blogging. with the help of Jaaxy you could get unique keywords to create a unique post…  hope you do find it useful, have a great day

  4. I must say that this is really a beautiful band fascinating review on jaaxy, the top keywords research tool. Keywords Nate indeed very important for every online business. Anyways this is really a detailed filled review about jaaxy. I think jaaxy is really really nice and is really good for newbie.

    And since it’s produced by Kyle and Carson, i am 💯 percent sure it’s a cool and reliable program.

    • Hi, I find Jaaxy invaluable when doing keyword search. One really needs  keywords tools for SEO if you want to rank.

  5. Jaaxy is amazing. Honestly the best keyword search tool I’ve used. It’s so easy to get decent low hanging fruit keywords to establish posts that will enable you to get ranked in google. Without Jaaxy it would be much harder for this to be accomplished. Brilliant tool for SEO and obtaining rankings

    • Hi Kyle, I personally find Jaaxy the best keywords tools for SEO and awesome to know that you are also benefitting from using it. All the best, Liné

  6.  thanks a lot for sharing such an informative review on jaaxy top keywords research tool…This review is so detailed and explains pretty much everything we need to know about Jaaxy. I am new to online business and this tool has helped me in the past. When I used it properly and as described in your article, My google rankings were up.

      Thank you for this review…have a great day and stay safe

  7. Thank you for this in depth review. It is really useful for people looking for a keyword tool that has everything you need in one place. I use Jaaxy for each blog post that I write and my keyword research would be impossible without Jaaxy so I highly recommend it.

  8. Keywords are the base to drive traffic to your content. Without an insight into a keyword, your efforts can go waste. A keyword research tool comes handy when you need to research them in your area of interest thereby ensuring to drive traffic to your site. The whole foundation of the online content business is based on keyword.

    Jaaxy keyword research tool comes handy with basic keyword research as well as advanced ones with Alphabet soup where one can check on long tailed keyword. It provides quick statistics on QSR and SEO ranking probability.

    Besides, the Affiliate program it offers is great. Everyone would love to use such a robust keyword research tool and you are paid for referring your loved tool to others!.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    • I use Jaaxy all the time and would not dream of writing a blog post without doing keyword research. It is a very robust tool and great that it also has an affiliate program.

  9. I really enjoy using Jaxxy and thought I used almost everything on it. However, this article has shown that there are some things such as the alphabet soup that I should use a lot more of. 

    As you mentioned that the market place for getting know is so competitive and this is the perfect tool that can help google recognize you and your website.

    Your article is well written and will help so many others.

    Thank you 

    • Jaaxy is a very robust tool that I use on a daily basis and I will certainly not work without doing keyword research for my posts. I can definitely recommend Jaaxy.  

  10. As a blogger, I know that keyword is very important to get my post ranking on google without really have to pay. So, I am on the hunt for a very good platform that can help me get the right keywords and also the ideas (sometimes you just ran out of the ideas.) Jaxxy looks promising. I love the layout that is very simple to use and can find the low hanging fruit keywords. The alphabet soup is perfect for when I need the ideas. Will give Jaxxy a try and take it from there. 🙂

    • I love using the alphabet soup in Jaaxy when I am brainstorming and looking for different ideas. I can certainly recommend Jaaxy as a brilliant keyword search tool.


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