Commission Tycoon a Review from the Inside

By the time you have read to the end of my Commission Tycoon Review, you will know why I am so excited about this new software for viral traffic, that was released on 22 January 2020. Is Commission Tycoon worth purchasing? Yes, certainly, but let me tell you more.

Commission Tycoon is a program that gives you step-by-step affiliate training, that reveals how to generate viral traffic and automatic sales 24/7. The training promises to give the user the highest commission in the easiest and quickest ways.

Introducing Commission Tycoon. What will you learn inside?

Commission Tycoon a Review from the inside Commission Tycoon products

  • Product Name: Commission Tycoon
  • Creator: Wayne Crowe
  • Owners: Paul Nicholls, Wayne Crowe and Anthony Mancuso
  • Website URL:
  • Price: Starting at $12.95 plus upsells totaling $695 but several down sells as well
  • Overall Rank: 90 / 100

Introduction to Commission Tycoon

This is a brand new product that was launched on the Warrior Affiliate Network by Wayne Crowe, together with Anthony Mancuso and Paul Nicholls. The creator of the course is Wayne Crowe and you will find loads of positive testimonials from Wayne’s students that have already implemented his strategy.

Wayne runs a Mastermind Coaching business that will cost you $500 per month, to be a student in his coaching group. Proof that this system works, has already come from beta testers and his private coaching students.Commission Tycoon review

Commission Tycoon is a 4-part proven system for getting hot leads and bank $173 or more per day. It guarantees to take your subscribers from $0 to profit, with massive shortcut for beginners and newbies.

  1. Set-up .Commission Tycoon review 4 part set up
  2. Traffic – don’t have to spend any money on traffic. You will get free traffic to get started by being provided with a 100 free clicks (valued at $70)
  3. Getting hot leads
  4. Monetization

This is some information from their sales pages:

  • Commission Tycoon works and they show you success stories and proof.
  • It gives you a step-by-step money making system which breaks down everything, so it is perfect for beginners.
  • Inside Commission Tycoon, you get access to training, multiple traffic methods, “Done for You” lead generation system and a simple way to monetize your leads and traffic.
  • You get free traffic, not just a traffic method, to get you started, without having to spend a cent on traffic.
  • You can scale this up as big as you want and Commission Tycoon will show you how to do this quickly.

Commission Tycoon is a system to generate leads and sales. Viral traffic will continue to build and snowball, without you having to create anything yourself. Wayne gives you everything – Templates, landing pages, platforms, pages to use and how to set them up and shows you where to get traffic.

It is perfect for beginners and newbies as the step-by-step system for making money, breaks everything down. Go the best teacher if you want to learn a new skill, and Wayne Crowe is the one in this area.

The actual product

Commission Tycoon is the front end and is on offer at $12.95 (on a Dime-Sale). It is a brand new 4 part system for getting traffic, then turning traffic into hot leads and earning daily income from those leads.Commission Tycoon review

Front end should be all you require to succeed, as long as you put in the time and effort. Wayne has been teaching this system to his students for more than three years, and the beta results are looking very good indeed. The front end will be used to set up everything.

Apart from the front end offer, there are five upgrades, that are all upsells. So a main product and then upsells, that they refer to as upgrades.

On the outside it is called Commission Tycoon, and on the inside the training is called Traffic Domination. It is an in-house product with in-house traffic from Wayne Crowe. Let’s take this Commission Tycoon Review to the next level.

Traffic Domination System – how it works

The focus is on how to generate and build an e-mail list, thereby turning traffic into hot leads, to consistently make a passive income. Step-by-step video training that shows you how to set up everything in less than two hours. Then you’ll discover multiple traffic methods that will quickly have hot traffic flowing that are ready to buy.

Apart from step-by-step video training, you also get access to a quick start cheat sheet.

Once you join Commission Tycoon, you will access to the member’s area and the training videos.

11 Training modules – 11 videos

Each video is very well documented with very specific instructions that you need to follow to make it work. You have to watch each and every video to the end before you can move forward. This is to ensure that you have understood everything. Each step has its own video and its own page and you can bookmark them to return to them.

There are action buttons below each video that you have to click as part of setting up. Once you have completed all the actions required in each video, a button will appear above the video, that will allow you to move forward to the next step. This “forward” button will not appear until the end of the video.


Step no.1commission Tycoon review step 1– How it all Works 

This is basically an introduction and shows you how it all works. Also, it invites you and shows you how to join the Facebook page for the group. This first video of 4 minutes will show you how everything works. Wayne recommends that you work through each video.

A Link for the Facebook group, is inside the member’s area, with thousands of member’s inside.

Step 2: How to get your free bonus clickscommission Tycoon step 2

A 2-minute video that tells you what to do to get $70 worth of free clicks. A click means somebody else is going to mail their list to your affiliate offer, until a hundred people have clicked through. So not 100 emails sent, or 100 emails opened, we are talking about as many emails sent and opened that would require a 100 clicks.

So with 100 free clicks, you will be getting about $70 worth of clicks. So clicks are visitors to your page and you can use these visitors to build your list.

Step 3 – get your squeeze pagesCommission Tycoon review step 3

learn how to do properly in this 11 minute video. This is all about list building and the importance of email lists and setting up your squeeze page.

It is a really simple copy and paste system and you will have access to the software for 75 days. Page builder is where you can build squeeze pages.

Step 4: connect your autoresponder – Commission Tycoon review autoresponder

For this to work, you are going to need an autoresponder. It is essential for the system to work to deliver high quality traffic and solo ad traffic like sources. In this 10 minute video Wayne takes you through all the steps.

Step 5: grab your free e-mail swipes

a 2-minute video in which you learn about your Done for You e-mail swipes.

Step 6: Sign up for the Affiliate networkcommission Tycoon Review Affiliate network

which is the Warrior Plus affiliate network. In an 8-minute video you learn how to do it all. Because you bought into the program, you don’t need to worry about getting approval to become an affiliate of theirs. Traffic Domination is Wayne’s affiliate network.

Step 7: set up your systemCommission Tycoon Review setting up your system

The 20 minute video that tells you how to set up everything that has been covered in the previous steps. This will bring everything you have learnt in the previous training, together, and is a very important part of the training.

From learning how to grab your links and incorporate into your squeeze pages, then publishing and testing it, this is a very important part of the traiing.

Step 8: Buy traffic and start making sales.

A 5-minute video. Most people don’t know how to get traffic and then fail. You can buy traffic, or clicks, but you don’t have to. It will speed up your success and earnings though if you do.

Step 9: refer others to earn commissions.Commission Tycoon review earn commission

You can also earn commission through offering the free list building training, so you will learn that here in another 5-minute video.

Step 10: Free and easy earnings

a 7-minute video covers more on how to leverage the power of this whole system. It also takes you through the process of using Facebook testimonials, after making purchases, to make a passive income.

Step 11: Advanced training & 100 Free Clicks Commission Tycoon Review step 11 advanced training

a 2-minute video that tells you what to do to get your 100 free clicks. Through that you will also continue to build your list.

The advanced training is a separate video that runs for 2 hours and 15 minutes and will take you onto the next level of e-mail marketing.

The Upgrades / Upsells

OTO 1: Done For You Subscribers get access to Done for You items like e-mails, videos, complete affiliate campaigns, reviews, bonuses and more money-making material. Templates are done for you and is ready for you to use. This will give you a kick start as it will help you to do everything.

OTO 2: Traffic Masterclass Commission Tycoon review results

Wayne Crowe held a closed door live event near London, in the UK, towards the end of 2019. Entry was by invitation only at a cost of $500 per person. Additional costs like flights and accommodation was on top of that.

This is a replay of the recordings of the live speakers, all about traffic. Some of the world’s top online earners were speakers at this event and they reveled their best secrets for getting traffic and how to make passive income. It covers traffic methods and strategies not to be missed. The only chance to get this replay, is by joining Commission Tycoon and buying it as and additional package.

I would highly recommend that you get this upgrade if you can afford it. This is described, by the creators, as the most valuable of all the upgrades.

OTO 3: Super Affiliate System

It is very important to set things up in a very specific way from the start, to be an affiliate. It will give you high conversions. It is described as the most thorough super affiliate training available online. This system is limited in supply.

OTO 4: the $5K System

The price of this is normally $495 on its own, but as part of the launch and the upsells, it is available for only $297. It will show you how to create your own internet based income to give you a minimum of $5,000, but up to $10,000 per month. It’s a coaching video and gives you the best chance to succeed.

This is a big shortcut to getting earnings of at least $5K per month.

OTO 5: Reselling / License Rights

Get license rights to sell Commissioner. Means the license rights to the funnel, so if you want to sell Commission Tycoon yourself, you get access to it. You keep 100% of all the commissions, while Commission Tycoon handles all the delivery and support. So you can promote the product yourself. The rights to sell Commissioner is certainly worth getting.

Remember that the upgrades are optional and you do not have to buy them. You must decide if it fits into your budget and if it will suit your needs. Lots of testimonials from Wayne’s students that have successfully used his Commission Tycoon system.

Product price

The Front End Done For You Money Making Package costs $12.95. In the price range of less than $13, it is regarded as low cost and you are being assured that it will be quick to bring you results and start making money online. Commission Tycoon Funnel

There are five upgrades that are all upsells:

  1. OTO 1 : $37 Done For You package
  2. OTO 2: $197 Underground Traffic Mastery Academy
  3. OTO 3: $67 Super Affiliate Classroom
  4. OTO 4: $297 $5K Affiliate shortcut ($100 discount)
  5. OTO5: $97 Reseller / License Rights

So a total of $695 in upsells, although there are also down sells available on the upgrades. These are also available for a limited period of time.

These became available to me when I declined to buy the upgrade, and then the next screen gave me the lower price, that I then used to purchase the upgrades. But it is only available for a limited period of time.

  1. OTO 1 : $37 Done For You package – down sell at $27
  2. OTO 2: $197 Underground Traffic Mastery Academy – down sell at $147
  3. OTO 3: $67 Super Affiliate Classroom – down sell at $37
  4. OTO 4: $297 $5K Affilòiate shortcut ($100 discount) down sell at $247
  5. OTO5: $97 Reseller / License Rights down sell at $47.

Special offer for the launch period. To get Commission Tycoon at the lowest possible price, buy now. You cannot go wrong.

Who should buy Commission Tycoon?

commission Tycoon review

Who will benefit from buying this product or joining?

  • Perfect for beginners that are not tech savvy, but also suitable for experienced affiliates
  • For those that are fed-up of spending more money than making it.
  • Have another job so have limited time to invest in building up a business.
  • Want to get hot leads without a major financial investment.

There is proof that it works with lots of success stories from Wayne’s students.

Product support

There is an active private Facebook Group that you join during the first training video. Wayne will support you through the training and also tell you who specifically to contact within the Facebook group to answer specific questions.

Facebook group is there to support and encourage you. Ask questions when you get stuck, and there is always somebody that will help you. It also gives you the opportunity to help others.

When I got stuck on certain bits in the training, I could have a private messenger exchange with Wayne who helped me and reported some of my issues to the technical team. 

                  ===== Access the training here ======

Posts within the Facebook group shows you that many people have made money.

Key Benefits

  • You get a system that works. Commission Tycoon review money back guarantee
  • Commission Tycoon breaks down everything in this step-by-step money making system,
  • It is ideal for beginners.
  • Get free traffic, not just a traffic method. Will also send you actual clicks to help you to get started. So free traffic to help you get started.
  • 100% risk free as there is a full 30-day money back guarantee. It gives you security and time to make sure that is works for you.
  • Save lots of time and effort with the Done for You emails and packages.
  • It is very easy to understand and follow the training and system.
  • You can earn money in a very short period of time
  • No previous experience or technological skills are required
  • Commission Tycoon can easily be accesses from any mobile device, making it very easy for the user.

What I don’t like:

  • As soon as you do sign up, you have the page with the upgrades and very hard sells for the upgrades.

My Final opinion of Commission Tycoon

I joined Commision Tycoon because I needed to get a kick-start to building my e-mail list, and also learning about squeeze pages and autoresponder. I have been hugely impressed by the program and the support. In a very short period of time, I have already learnt a huge amount and I ready to make a passive income.

I am pleased to see that you after doing your own research and now that you are at the end of my Commission Tycoon Review, you have to agree with me that you cannot go wrong in giving this a try. And with the no risk 30 day guarantee to have you money back if you are not happy, you cannot go wrong.

In a nutshell, this is a full system that all ties in. Each step ties into the preceding and following steps.

Quick summary of Commission Tycoon

    • Product Name: Commission Tycoon
    • Creator: Wayne Crowe
    • Owners: Paul Nicholls, Wayne Crowe and Anthony Mancuso
    • Website URL:
    • Price: Starting at $12.95 plus upsells totaling $695 but several down sells as well
    • Overall Rank: 90 / 100


I hope that this Commission Tycoon a Review from the inside has shown you that it is a legitimate system.Commission Tycoon review

I am so impressed with this system that I have invested in it, and I would recommend that you do the same. With their 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose, so at least try it for yourself.

If you do have any further questions or suggestions, then please leave them below and I will get back to you.

26 thoughts on “Commission Tycoon a Review from the Inside”

  1. Commission Tycoon sound spromising. I am usually not a fan of done for you systems, because many do not live up to expectations or they promise too much. but Commission tycoon looks like a solid company. How long have been using this? I think that is great that in case of a problem you can private message directly with Wayne. That speaks very highly of this platform. Your review is very thorough, and I am glad to come across a positive review of a platform online. There aren’t many nowadays 😉

    So, for 12,95 I can sign up, but in order to get more benefits and start earning with Commission Tycoon, is it necessary to buy the upgrades too? If the websites are done for you, is it possible to also use your own (already existing) websites with this system?

    • Hi Christine, I have just completed my training with them. You don’t need to buy the upgrades, the Front End of $12.95 will give you what you need to start building lists. I am using my own existing website, so no need for another website. 

  2. As an affiliate marketer, your major problem is actually getting quality targeted traffic to your offers, or to whatever you’re trying to send traffic to.   If you don’t have any traffic, you can’t make any sales.   Especially when the traffic is not even niche-based to your offering.and commission tycoon is the best I have used and I am still using it and I tell it NO SCAM

    • I agree that quality targeted traffic is the big issue for online entrepreneurs. I am pleased to hear that you are also having success with Commission Tycoon.

  3. Free traffic is always a boon for any business online. Sounds like you’ve hit on a good one, Commission Tycoon seems like a pretty legit program. Thanks for doing a review on this as I would like to learn how to build traffic. Also, the 30-day money-back guarantee, usually shows that the Creator has faith in what they have developed.

    There are so many scamming programs out there, it gets hard to tell which ones good and which ones back. It’s reviews like yours that help us to decide where we’re going to invest our money. I will be looking into this program further as I feel it will benefit me being online.

    • Hi Eric, I have been doing the training with Commission Tycoon and can already see the difference with my traffic, so I recommend you give a try. As you say, with the 30 day money back guarantee, there is no risk.

  4. I have recently one across loads of make-money products and I have to say that I’m very skeptical of DFY systems. But it appears that  has a good reputation and the students of his strategy seems to be reaping rewards already despite the fact that product was launched less than a month back. I like that there’s a lot of focus on traffic generation. I’ll be sure to give it a try. Thanks 

    • Thank you Michael and you are welcome. Please let me know if you need help joining the program. All the best, Liné

  5. Thank you for your review on Commission tycoon. I came across this training the other day and have ti find what is it all about. I have always wanted to build the email list and I am happy that it works for you. We will see how it goes, I love the fact that they have the money back if I don’t like it. 🙂

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing such amazing article marked with brevity expression I was actually doing some research online when I come across your article I think you have showed us success story with proof which breaks down everything abount commission tycoon and it has been really helpful to me I already saved these post and i will surely do a recommendations on it’s

  7. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here. I must confess i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable information’s about this great program one would need to know before engaging in this and i do think it’s a great way for monetization. Thanks for sharing, well done.

    • HI there, thank you for your kind comments. If you want to build and expand your list, then this is the training you need. We have weekly Question and Answer sessions and a very active FB group to help you along as well. All the best, Liné

  8. Hey nice review you have about Commission Tycoon there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. I have heard little about Commission Tycoon from a friend. Having stumbled into this article, I have gotten a better perspective of its framework. I am much interested in it’s traffic generation and training, because I really needs it to attract more sales to my products, I will definitely do well to sign up to earn it’s numerous advantage

  9. It is always really painful when one ends up spending more money with the intention of making more but ends up not making any. Anyways a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and beautiful review on commission tycoon, it’s really a nice program that’s really easy to understand even without any formal experience. It’s result oriented.

    • HI there, It is a very easy program to follow with ongoing training and support to build your list. I’ll be happy to help if you let me know. Liné

  10. Commission Tycoon seems like an affordable training course but I haven’t heard of it and have to ask myself why when I spend many hours researching the web for new ideas. Don’t panic It’s not a negative it just means I think you have a great niche there. The website is fantastic and I really understood about upsells and down so I feel reading your website really interesting and great to learn from. I have to say it’s the best laid out website for review that I have seen this weekend and I have looked at many. I will be looking at this in more detail this afternoon. Well Done, I love it.

  11. There is a program out there that trains you in generating viral traffic and automatic sales 24/7? Then I am really lucky to find your review about it, because traffic and sales are what my online business is lacking off. I am still struggling with building my email list, even after reading dozens of articles about it. I guess Commission Tycoon is what I need – and the fact that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee gives me a freedome to try it without stressing about making the wrong decision. 

    • Hi there, I joined them because I didn’t have a list and wanted to learn how to do it. The training is very easy to follow and implement and I have benefited from it. All the best, Liné

  12. Thank you so much for providing your honest feedback on this product.  I can see good value as a beginner in this space as well.  It is well laid out to provide you with everything that I would want and need.   

    I appreciate the detailed breakdown that you provided not only in the content but the pricing loopholes.  I am glad that they have the 30 day money back option as that just aids in their credibility.  

    I know that paid traffic will generate faster results and the key to making guaranteed passive income is by building a list of raving fans.  I can not wait to incorporate this into to my marketing plan. 

    • Hi Sam, I joined because I didn’t have a list and wanted to learn how to build one. I have found the training easy to follow and have benefited from it. I am sure you will enjoy it, Liné


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