How Legitimate is MLM?

The Multi Level Marketing (MLM) business model, is a model in which the company has a contract with independent distributors to sell and promote the company’s products. The distributor at the same time has to recruit customers, and sign them up to also become distributors.

So how legitimate is MLM and what is MLM business Opportunity? We will look at MLM compensation models and can you make money with MLM companies. Read more about what are Multi Level Marketing companies and the differences between the types of marketing in this related post on What is Affiliate Marketing?

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Is Amway a Scam or not?

Amway, like many other Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing companies, have received a lot of bad press over several years. Which makes one wonder is Amway a scam or not? Can you make money with Amway? Let’s have a look at Amway and also why I stopped Network Marketing and started Affiliate Marketing.

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