How Legitimate is MLM?

The Multi Level Marketing (MLM) business model, is a model in which the company has a contract with independent distributors to sell and promote the company’s products. The distributor at the same time has to recruit customers, and sign them up to also become distributors.

So how legitimate is MLM and what is MLM business Opportunity? We will look at MLM compensation models and can you make money with MLM companies. Read more about what are Multi Level Marketing companies and the differences between the types of marketing in this related post on What is Affiliate Marketing?

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How to Avoid Multi Level Marketing Scams

The best way to avoid a scam, is to know the truth about a company or product. Here we will be looking at the many secrets that even the supposedly the best Multi Level Marketing companies (commonly known as MLMs) are trying to keep from us.

People often see MLMs as a risk free opportunity, but here you will see the many multi level marketing scams that you must avoid.

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14 Signs of How to Know a Scam

Scams are not new, they have always been around, but you need to be aware of how to know a scam. There are hundreds of different scams out there, from investment scams to fake products and holidays, work from home scams, prize draws, lotteries, dating site scams, the list is endless.

Specially now during Covid 19 lockdown many people feel scared, which makes them vulnerable to scammers. When people are feeling scared, they act differently, and might therefore throw their usual caution to the wind. How to know a scam

You often get sold on hopes and dreams of what you might or could be making. A lot of hype with people that are successful and therefore you should be joining to achieve the same. A lot of high pressure sales and tactics to try to force you into action that you might regret.

Unfortunately, where there is an opportunity, there are vultures that will prey on the innocent and vulnerable people.

Always use your common sense and trust your instinct. If you are not sure or feel uncomfortable about something, then don’t join them or send money.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

You have heard about Affiliate Marketing but do not know what is Affiliate Marketing? So what is the difference between Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing? Not to mention the difference between a pyramid scheme and network marketing.

There is some very confusing terminology, and a maze of different names, for products and principles that are essentially the same. Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing, Cellular Marketing, Consumer Direct Marketing, Referral Marketing or Home-based Business Franchising. These are different names, but they all have the same principle, so are basically the same thing.

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